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Top 10 Free & Best Android Apps for YouTubers (2022)

Are you looking forward to finding some information about those free and best Android apps for Youtubers?

If yes! then read this article completely, I assure you that, by the end of this article you will get enough ideas about what the most successful YouTubers use on their smartphone apps list.

YouTube is the largest video streaming platform in the world and also the second-largest search engine after Google.

Nowadays all across the world, there is a trend for YouTube, everyone wants to become a successful YouTuber so that they can earn a good amount of money and fame as well.

But in reality, getting success on YouTube is not that much easy as they think, it’s a very hard time, you have to outrank so many competitors of your niche.

It sounds tough! right? but yes, if you have good enough content and proper promotion or marketing strategy, you can become the next big face.

To help you with your YouTube journey, this article is written; in which I have mentioned a few Android apps for YouTubers which will definitely help you further.

Most people don’t think about these kinds of apps, but in reality, these apps will take you to reach your next step simply just from your smartphone.

You can simply create a lot of content on the go by using your smartphone e.g.:- Thumbnails, Logo, Video editing, Audio recording, etc…

so stay tuned to the topic.

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The Top 9 Best Android Apps For Youtubers:

The applications mentioned below are useful for the different objectives of your content creation process, so I recommend you install all of these apps for YouTube content production.

Please note that the applications listed below are may not be in order, you can use those apps as and when required as per your convenience.

1. YouTube Creator Studio

Working on YouTube? then how can you skip this one on the first of all apps? yes, this is the most useful app on the list yet.

This application is the official Android app for YouTubers (YouTube Creators).

This application will provide you full control of your YouTube channel from your smartphone instantly, without opening your Laptop anywhere, and anytime you want.

Features of YouTube Creator Studio:

  • You can monitor the channel and video performance with easy-to-use analytics.
  • Instantly respond to comments and filter them.
  • You can update video details like thumbnail, playlist, monetization settings, etc.
YouTube Studio
YouTube Studio
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

2. Canva

With over 60,000+ templates, Canva is the most popular name in the graphic design domain.

Canva helps you to create stunning and high-quality banners, posters, thumbnails, Facebook covers, and other designs too.

It is also available on smartphones and PC, so you can make, edit, and share your works anywhere with any device you want with eye-catching designs.

It’s very simple to design any graphics-related content with Canva on the go. Its built-in templates create these jobs easily and amazingly with high-quality output.

However there are also premium designs available to purchase, but I will recommend you to use the free one, they are just awesome indeed.

Features of Canva:

  • 1 million + stock photos and elements to choose from.
  • With its simple & easy to use photo-editor you can just edit like a pro.
  • Instantly share your work with all your social media accounts or download your custom design to any of the devices. (available both for smartphone & PC)
Canva: Design, Photo & Video
Canva: Design, Photo & Video
Developer: Canva
Price: Free

3. KineMaster

Once you recorded your video with your camera or Smartphone, you need to edit those before you will upload them on your channel, your videos should be of professional quality so that you can stand out.

In such scenarios Kinemaster will do the charm, it will help you to cut, trim, add, edit, delete different clips, music tracks, images, and other animation effects as you want to create your style.

KineMaster is one of the best professional video editors for smartphones, YouTubers who like to edit their videos with smartphones will definitely love this app, there are both free and paid versions available for this application,

If you have a little budget to invest, I will suggest you go with the pro version, else you can do all your tasks freely on the free version too.

The free version will let you export your videos with a watermark on the top right corner, which will look a little bit unprofessional.

Features of KineMaster:

  • Multiple layers of video, audio, images, stickers, text, effects, and overlays.
  • Precise frame-by-frame trimming.
  • Brightness, hue & saturation controls.
  • Blur, mosaic, and other effects.
  • Real-time video & audio recording.
  • Supports the chroma key.
  • Lots of animation styles and transition effects.

4. DU Screen Recorder

If any of your video content requires some kind of video screen-shot or video footage from your phone screen, then you must need screen recording software for Android to run the task effectively.

To the best of my knowledge, the DU screen recorder is the best option you can go for blindly.

Features of DU Screen Recorder :

  • Records high-quality 1080p videos instantly.
  • No need to root your phone, unlimited recording.
  • Pause and resume support.
  • Live stream support : you can live-stream your phone screen to sites like Facebook or YouTube.
  • Floating recording button helps you to manage your recording controls. You can also hide the floating notification bar for frameless recordings.
Screen Recorder-My VideoRecord
Screen Recorder-My VideoRecord

5. Lexis Audio Editor

Sometimes while shooting a video, we get some unwanted noise sounds in the background of our audio sound play, to get the clear and crisp audio output we work hard with the best possible high-quality mic or audio recorder but there are also a few factors that cannot be avoided (e.g. vehicle sound, wind blow, etc.).

Lexis audio editor is there to help us with those circumstances, we simply need to import/open the audio file, make some changes like the cut, record, or filter any noise and save it directly to the desired storage by just a few clicks.

Features of Lexis Audio Editor:

  • Cut, copy and paste any audio file.
  • Normalizing and noise reduction.
  • Change tempo, speed & pitch.
  • Audio player and recorder both available to listen to edited clips.
Lexis Audio Editor
Lexis Audio Editor
Developer: pamsys
Price: Free

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6. TubeBuddy

Now we have done with our video, which means our final video is now ready to upload, but wait! did you know that videos on YouTube also get exposure after a proper rank for a keyword so that any user searching for a particular keyword will be able to get your video on the top list?

TubeBuddy helps you to find those proper tags that are mostly needed for search engine rankings (SEO). Apart from that, you will find good keywords and other details to produce your good quality and user-friendly video content.

Features of TubeBuddy:

  • Live subscriber count for your channel.
  • Keyword research.
  • Tag explorer.
  • Video management (engagement and SEO stats for videos).
  • Comment moderation / filters.
Developer: TubeBuddy, Inc
Price: Free

Additionally, if you want to know more about various tag details and their stats you can alternatively try Tag You app too.

7. Animated Text

Animated text app can design beautiful channel name intros for your channel with just a few clicks, this application has inbuilt animation designs and various font and color options so that you can create any random animation within no time.

After you completed the design process simply export the video file and put it into KineMaster or any video editing app you are using and add that video with your content on starting.

8. Google Keep

Google keep is similar to a notepad application, which can help you store any kind of information while your content research or any keywords you want to store for later use.

Most of the time we get various topics to create content, but we are unable to cover all topics on a single day, so we need to store those titles of research in a safe place so that we can use that information later, to keep track of our content production journey on YouTube.

Features of Google Keep:

  • Create notes and lists with places, time & reminders.
  • Group notes together with #labels.
  • Change the color of notes for easy visibility.
  • Access your notes on any device by sync those on any of your devices like smartphones, tablets, or laptops (by visiting Google keep site/ Chrome app).
Google Keep - Notes and Lists
Google Keep - Notes and Lists

9. Google AdSense

Why we are eagerly working hard on YouTube? to make some passive income, some extra cash right! then we must need one app to keep track of our earnings too. This app is not needed initially though, as YouTube recently changed its policy, so one cannot monetize its channel until he meets certain criteria for the YouTube Partner Program. But if they work hard and regular with some unique and good content, it’s not very hard to beat those restrictions.

The Google Adsense app on Android will show you the detailed earnings of your channel with the details of CPC (cost per click), Traffic location, Pageviews, Page RPM, etc.

N.B:- You can only track your earnings details with Google Adsense app if you have a blog or website linked to an Adsense account, YouTube channel earnings are not available with this app anymore, you can track your earnings by logging into your channel dashboard.

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10. YouTube Gaming

YouTube gaming app is the community for gamers who mostly like to watch, share or upload gaming videos together with others. YouTube Gaming app will provide you the networking with other gamers globally so that you can do similar kinds of stuff together.

This app is only useful if you love to play/watch games mostly, that’s why I added this one as a bonus to the list, you can use and find something that may be helpful for you.

Features of YouTube Gaming :

  • Watch videos from more than 25,000+ games.
  • Chat with other gamers while experiencing live streams.
  • Browse dedicated pages and get recommended videos on the categories you love.

Note: The Google AdSense app for Android has been discontinued, for now, you can visit the official site for more info.

Final Words :

There is always a way if you have a will to start anything on your own, at any time. Most people ask, is there any possibility of starting a YouTube channel from a Smartphone? and the answer is YES!! truly, you do not need any expensive gadgets to start your channel in the beginning.

Also, if you have enough budget and want to invest in a professional studio setup you can also choose to go with the professional gadgets for a YouTube studio.

I hope this article on the Best Android apps for YouTubers will definitely help you a little to start your YouTube journey now. If you have any questions/suggestions regarding this topic, please don’t hesitate to comment below with your query.

We will love it if you are able to share this article on your social media handles so that other people near your community can be able to grab these benefits from you. Thank you for reading this, bookmark us for upcoming new articles.

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