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Airtel caller tune: How to Set up, Activate, and Deactivate for Free in 2023

Airtel caller tune setup: Thinking of setting your favorite music track as your Airtel caller tune, but don’t know where to start? In this article, we have discussed all the necessary steps, that can help you in setting up your preferred Airtel Hello tune, in just a few minutes, without paying a single penny.

Regarding holding the telecom sector’s total market share, Airtel is rated second, after Jio. Millions of customers use the company’s various prepaid and postpaid services.

Airtel consumers can select from multiple plans that come with options like music streaming, unlimited voice calls, OTT subscriptions, and data benefits.

Wynk Music is among the best online music streaming apps. Millions of users love it to stream their favorite music tracks, download music & set up their hello tune service.

Customers of Airtel are given the option to set free caller music. Users can select their caller tune from thousands of songs available in the Wynk Music smartphone app for Android and iPhones(iOS).

With Airtel Hello Tunes, every call takes on a beat, and you can now give your callers a wide variety of tunes in place of the default one. Following the Caller, season, mood, time of day, etc., you may choose a custom song using this capability.

With Airtel’s Wynk Music app, users can easily configure a caller tune. From a collection of millions of songs, you can pick your favorite.

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What are the Benefits of Setting a Caller Tune or Hello Tune?

✅ An in-app service connected to Airtel Wynk Music is called Airtel Hello Tunes.

✅ Both prepaid and postpaid clients can use Hello Tunes without paying any additional fees.

✅ Users of Airtel have an unlimited number of times to establish or modify their caller tunes.

✅ An active caller tune is valid for one month and needs renewal, thereafter.

✅ After setting up the Hello Tune, the users trying to call you can listen to your Hello Tune.

How can you set up Hello Tunes on Airtel Numbers for FREE?

Setting up your preferred caller tune on Airtel mobile, using the Wynk music app is one of the easiest processes, and you can do it for free. Also, you have various options to manage your caller tune and choose from the collections available. Apart from that, you can preview your own caller tune, before publishing it.

You can set the Airtel Hello Tunes on Airtel Numbers by following the steps given below.

👉 Turn on your phone’s data and ensure you are connected to the internet.

👉 Go to the Play Store and search for the “Airtel Wynk Music” app.

👉 Click on download, then download the application, and install it.

👉 Open the application, and enter your Airtel registered mobile number.

👉 You will receive an OTP after you submit the number.

👉 After logging into the app, go to the Airtel Wynk Music home screen.

👉 Tap on the Search bar, and enable the “Search songs with Hellotunes” button.

👉 Now, search for your favorite music & Play the one you wish.

👉 While the music player is running, you will find a card right below the music player.

👉 Tap on the Hellotune option, next to the Download button, from the menu.

👉 Now, the music player will preview the Hellotune and provide you with different tracks to choose from.

👉 Select the one you desire, and click the Set Hellotune button at the bottom of the preview window.

👉 Now, choose for whom are you going to assign this Caller tune. Select All callers/Close friends only.

👉 Finally, tap on the Set Hellotune button, and publish your caller tune.

*The Callertune/ Hellotune service will be activated shortly, and you will receive a confirmation message for the same, with other necessary details.

Note: Your Hello Tune service will be activated for the next 30 days, from the date of activation. You can again set your hello Tune after 30 days. If you are willing to change the Hello Tune, you can change it anytime by following the same steps. Now, I think you must have got your answer to “How to set caller tune in the Airtel Wynk app?”

Still confused? Watch the video below:

Airtel Caller tune activation for free

Airtel Caller Tune Setup Using Tollfree Number (Without Wynk Music App):

If you’re not using a smartphone, then also you can set your desired Hello Tunes by dialing a Toll- Free number. You can follow the steps to do that easily, without using the Wynk music app.

  1. Open your phone dialer and type the number “22788“.
  2. By dialing, You will be redirected to an automated call system (IVR).
  3. Follow the IVR menu instructions and select a song.
  4. To confirm and set your song as the Hello Tune, press * (Star) and 1 (One) button simultaneously.
  5. This way, you can set your favorite Caller tune in Airtel without Wynk music for free.

How Can You Set the Airtel Caller Tune by SMS?

You can also use the SMS services to set your caller tune or Hello Tune. You can follow the steps guided below, to set your Airtel caller tune:

  • Launch your messaging app on your phone.
  • Once the app is opened, type “CT START” and send it to 23123.
  • Then search for your song ID.
  • Once you get your song ID, type “CT SONG ID” .”Then send it to 23123.
  • After all these steps, you will be at the final stage.
  • You will be asked for confirmation, then you have to reply with Y/Yes and then send it to 28466.
  • In this way, your caller tune will be activated shortly.

Airtel Caller Tune Number Setup by USSD

We have learned all the procedures for setting up the Airtel caller tune using the Airtel Wynk music app, Call, and SMS. Let’s understand how you can set the Airtel caller tune number using the USSD code.

  • Open the dialer on your phone and dial *22788# on your device.
  • Then follow the on-screen instructions to reach the Hello Tune window.
  • Then, you will have to select option 1.
  • Then reply with Y/Yes to confirm and set it as your hello Tune.

We have discussed some of the alternative methods, using which you can set your Airtel caller tune even without using the Wynk music app. If you have access to the Wynk music app, then it is better to set & manage your Hello tunes very easily, additionally, you have the option to choose from thousands of music tracks without any extra effort.

📌 Takeaway: I personally prefer to manage my caller tunes using the Wynk music app, because it is very easy, convenient & quick to do so. Also, I will recommend you try the Wynk music app yourself and set your caller tunes for free.

If you don’t have access to the Wynk music app, or you are using a featured phone, where it is impossible for you to install the Wynk music app, then you can definitely go with the alternative methods discussed above.

Now, we have discussed all the possible ways how you can easily set up a caller tune in the Airtel mobile network, now let’s have a look at the steps on disabling your hello tune in case you don’t need it in the future.

How to Deactivate the Airtel Caller Tune?

Deactivation of your Airtel caller tune is as easy as the activation process, but it is a little bit different from the earlier one, so have a close look at the steps and the alternative methods mentioned below.

Deactivate Caller Tune from Airtel Wynk Music App

To deactivate Caller tune from the Airtel Wynk music app, you have to follow very simple and easy-to-follow steps, as discussed below:

👉 First, Launch the Airtel Wynk Music app on your smartphone.

👉 Go to the hello tunes section, and select your music.

👉 You will see a three-dot at the corner of the music.

👉 Tap on three dots, and you will get an option to “STOP Hellotune.”

👉 Then, Tap on “STOP Hellotune,” and your services will be discontinued.

It may take a few minutes, to receive the confirmation message for the deactivation of your caller tune, so once you have completed all the necessary steps, just have patience, and wait for the confirmation message.

How to Deactivate Caller Tune by a Toll-Free Number?

The Airtel tune deactivation number is given below in the steps. Follow the procedure to deactivate your Airtel caller tune, by dialing the toll-free number easily.

  • Open the dialer on your phone and dial 543211808.
  • Then follow the IVR menu to discontinue the service.
  • In this way, your services will be deactivated.

How to Deactivate Airtel Caller Tune by SMS?

Another method is to deactivate the Airtel Caller Tune or Hello Tune Services by using the SMS services, follow the below-mentioned steps to understand it clearly.

  1. Launch the messaging app on your phone.
  2. Then type “STOP” and send it to 543211.
  3. Finally, your service will be deactivated very soon.

How can you Deactivate Airtel Caller tune by USSD Code?

The last and the easiest method to deactivate the caller tune service on Airtel mobile is by using the USSD code, also it is fast to do so. Follow the steps given below:

  • Open the dialer and dial *678#.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions, if any.
  • Your Airtel tune will be disabled soon.

These were all the possible ways, by which you can disable Airtel caller tune or hello tune services. You can try any of the methods according to your choice.

How can you set the name caller tune in Airtel mobile number?

You can also set your name in caller tune; It’s a straightforward process. Follow the steps below and your desired services will be activated instantly.

  • Open the message box on your phone.
  • Type: “SMS NT <SPACE> <First Name>” and SMS it to 543215.
  • Then follow the steps, and your services will be activated.

There are more than 4500 names in the company’s name catalog. These names are the most common in India. Your name must be on the list to choose from. In this way, you can activate your service quickly.

How can you set Airtel caller tune services in Airtel Postpaid?

Whether you are using prepaid or postpaid services, you must follow the same steps. The easiest option is to install Wynk Music App and select any hello tune among 40 millions+ songs.

You can also activate the service using SMS, Toll-Free number, and USSD. Now, you can choose from any of the options given above.

Airtel Hello Tunes Codes list Hindi songs:

To set a Hindi song as your Airtel Caller tune, call the number 543211 for free and follow the voice prompts. To find the unique code for the music you want, you can check the Airtel Thanks app, or the Caller Tune library on the Airtel website.

Once you have the code, follow the voice prompts to set the song as your Caller tune.

What are the Airtel Caller tune charges?

  1. If you are calling on 543211, then it will cost Rs. 3/ minute.
  2. Caller tunes subscription per month is Rs. 36/ month.
  3. You will have to pay Rs. 90 for a 15-day active caller tune subscription.
  4. If your device has unlimited recharge enabled, you can download the “Airtel Wynk Music app” to set an Airtel caller tune for free. There is no need to pay any additional charges for this service.

Final Words:

We have listed all the possible methods to activate and deactivate caller tunes for free in the Airtel mobile through this article. Multiple options are available to set your desired hello tune or caller tune services. You can avail of them by following the steps above in the article.

We hope you have got all the answers to your queries. If there are still any queries, check out our FAQs section below. It will clear all doubts for sure. Thank you for reading our article till the end. Stay updated with our articles for more tech-oriented solutions.

What are Hello Tune or Caller Tune services?

The Hello Tune or Caller Tune is a service offered by telecom companies that lets you choose a song or Tune to play when someone calls you. Instead of the regular ringtone, the music you picked will play for the person calling you.

To set it up, you need to call a specific number, use a phone app from your service provider, and choose a song from a list of available options. This service adds a personal touch to your phone calls.

Can all Airtel users take benefit from caller tune services?

Yes, Every Airtel user can benefit from caller tune services. You can avail of this benefit in several ways. Scroll the page up to get your desired solution.

Can I get a free Airtel caller tune or Hello tune service?

Yes, You can avail of the Airtel Caller Tune or hello tune service for free if you have an unlimited recharge pack. To avail of this benefit, go to the Airtel Wynk Music app and follow the steps above to set your Hello tune for free.

What is the validity of a Caller tune?

The validity of the caller tune is 30 days. You can extend them from the Airtel Wynk Music app.

I cannot set Caller tune on my number; why?

If none of the options work for you, then you should reach out to the customer care executive on 198. It happens when you have activated DND, or your number is blocklisted.

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