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200+ WhatsApp Group Name Ideas for your Friends, Family & Relatives

WhatsApp Group Name Ideas: Are you looking for some cool WhatsApp group name ideas to create a new group with your friends & family and can start your conversation on WhatsApp chat?

or, maybe you already have an active group of friends & relatives, but you want to change that boring old name to something classy & cool, matching the group theme. No matter what your idea is, we have featured a list of some new cool names for your WhatsApp group in this blog article, you can find these awesome group names in the category-wise format, and choose the one that best suits you.

Sounds cool? let’s jump to the list straight away, and find the coolest WhatsApp name for your group/tribe.

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Cool WhatsApp Group Name Ideas:

As a young guy who spends a lot of time on WhatsApp, I understand the importance of having a fun and creative group name for your friends. So, I’ve come up with a list of 200+ WhatsApp group names that are perfect for your squad.

Whether you’re into music, sports, or just hanging out, there’s something for everyone on this list.

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Squad GoalsGame of PhonesThe Incredibles
The Chatty BunchNo Sleep GangThe Happy Hour
The Laughing LegendsThe W-ine and W-hineThe Dream Team
The FashionistasThe A-TeamThe Chill Pill
The Gadget GeeksThe Outdoorsy OnesThe Breakfast Club
The Artistic OnesGossip GirlsThe Techies
The Party AnimalsThe Ski BunniesThe Avengers
The Water BabiesThe W-ine and D-inersThe Board Game Buffs
The WingmenThe Drama QueensThe Wolf Pack
The WanderlustsThe Glamping CrewThe Fun in the Sun
The Nerd HerdPower RangersThe Animal Lovers
The Bo-oze HoundsThe Good VibesFriends Forever
The MastermindsThe BFFsThe Bonfire B(a)bes
The Green ThumbsThe TrendsettersThe Music Lovers
The Fitness FanaticsThe Travel BugsThe Pool Sharks
The Do-GoodersThe Dancing QueensThe Misfits
The Fun SquadThe Sp(i)ce GirlsThe Environmentalists
The Mountain ClimbersThe Sports FanaticsThe Future Leaders
The Party PlannersFantastic FourThe Netflix and Chillers
The Code BreakersThe Sushi SquadThe Reader’s Club
The Movie BuffsThe FellowshipThe Fast and Furious
The Music ManiacsThe Grill MastersThe Foodies
The Fun-tastic FourThe Coffee AddictsThe Creative Minds
The Crazy OnesThe HikersThe Road Trippers
The Rebel AllianceThe Game ChangersThe Innovators
The Rock StarsThe Brain TrustThe King and Queens
The Brunch BunchThe Golden GirlsThe Food Coma Crew
The Snow AngelsThe Dive Bar DivasThe Hipsters
The BBQ CrewThe Burger BuddiesThe Wizards
The Taco Tuesday CrewThe Pizza PosseThe Running Rebels
The Yoga SquadThe Fitness FreaksThe Winged Wonders
The Sweat SiblingsThe BrainstormersThe Healthy Habitats
The Fit FamsThe Iron WarriorsThe Gym Rats
The Soul StretchersThe Gaming GurusThe Console Commanders
The Zen ZoneThe Pilates PalsThe Happy Hour Heroes
The Workout WarriorsThe Muscle MachinesThe Cardio Crusaders
The Exercise EnthusiastsThe Weight LiftersThe App Addicts
The Mobile MastersThe Retro RebelsThe PC Players
The E-Sports EliteThe Board Game BashThe Trivia Titans
The Roleplay RascalsThe Brain Games BrigadeThe Card Sharks
The Strategy SavantsThe Simulation SquadThe FPS Fanatics
The DIY DivasThe Crafty CrewThe Artistic Avengers
The Knitting KnightsThe Calligraphy ClanThe Picture Perfect Posse
The Camera CrewThe Photography PhanaticsThe Shutterbugs
The Instagram InsidersThe Photo FrenzyThe Selfie Squad
The Photography PalsThe Beach BumsThe Wildlife Watchers

That’s not all buddy! We have more to the list.

Best WhatsApp Group Names for Friends:

Last BenchersFlatmatesBro gang
UnstoppablesApna AddaSafarnama
Raatri ki YaatriTruly AwfoolsTedha hai, Par mera hai
Brother from Diff MothersInnocent girlsGamers not at work
Selfie SistersDil. Dosti. LifeNalayak Log
no name groupHi-Fi MinimalistsEnter at your own risk!
Block mastersintelligent not insideDesi Boyz
All shades of DarkYaaro Ke YaarThe Girl Gang
Nothing serious here403-Forbidden thoughtsTrouble starts now
The Meme TeamSo Called EngineersThe Chamber Of Secrets
Quarter-life CrisisGirls of NautankiGhar-Parivaar
The Trouble MakersShaitaans in DreamsText Masters
Khayali PulaaoPowerpuff GirlsNo Calls! Just Texts

Finding a suitable WhatsApp group name for your group is very simple, you can consider these name ideas, or you can add some creativity to one of these names and use it.

Also, we have categorized some of the latest name ideas for you, so that you can pick one easily.

WhatsApp Group Names by Category:

WhatsApp group names for friends who love to travel:

  • The Wanderlust Crew
  • The Jetsetters
  • The World Explorers
  • The Passport Posse
  • The Adventure Squad
  • The Road Trip Warriors
  • The Trekking Tribe
  • The Beach Bums
  • The Mountain Mavericks
  • The City Slickers
  • The Culture Club
  • The Sightseeing Squad
  • The Backpacker Brigade
  • The Cruise Control
  • The Island Hoppers
  • The Safari Squad
  • The Expedition Experts
  • The Nomad Nation
  • The Transcontinental Travellers
  • The Trip Takers

WhatsApp group names for friends who love to eat:

  • The Foodies
  • The Culinary Crusaders
  • The Gourmet Gang
  • The Flavor Fanatics
  • The Dining Divas
  • The Eatery Experts
  • The Kitchen Krew
  • The Food Coma Crew
  • The Brunch Bunch
  • The Happy Hour Heroes
  • The Cocktail Club
  • The Grill Masters
  • The BBQ Crew
  • The W-ine Warriors
  • The Mixologists
  • The Be-er Brigade
  • The Burger Buddies
  • The Sushi Squad
  • The Taco Tuesday Crew
  • The Pizza Posse

WhatsApp group names for friends who love to exercise:

  • The Fitness Fanatics
  • The Workout Warriors
  • The Gym Gurus
  • The Running Rebels
  • The Yoga Yodas
  • The Spin Squad
  • The Barre Babes
  • The CrossFit Crew
  • The Pilates Posse
  • The Bootcamp Buddies
  • The Sweaty Squad
  • The Endorphin Enthusiasts
  • The Weightlifting Wizards
  • The Cardio Queens
  • The Flex Friday Friends
  • The Zumba Zealots
  • The HIIT Squad
  • The Kettlebell Krew
  • The Hiking Heroes
  • The Fit Fam

WhatsApp group names for friends who love to play games:

  • The Gamers’ Guild
  • The Board Game Brigade
  • The Card Sharks
  • The Dice Rollers
  • The Strategy Squad
  • The Puzzle Masters
  • The Trivia Titans
  • The Video Game Vixens
  • The Console Crew
  • The Gaming Gurus
  • The eSports Elite
  • The Fantasy Fanatics
  • The Tabletop Tacticians
  • The Dungeons & Dragons Divas
  • The Mario Kart Masters
  • The Scrabble Squad
  • The Chess Champs
  • The Mahjong Maniacs
  • The Roleplaying Renegades
  • The Poker Posse

WhatsApp group names for friends who love to do DIY projects:

  • The Crafty Crew
  • The DIY Darlings
  • The Handmade Heroes
  • The Creative Collective
  • The Artistic Avengers
  • The Upcycling Squad
  • The Maker Movement
  • The Sewing Sisters
  • The Woodworking Wizards
  • The Paint Party People
  • The Home Improvement Heroes
  • The DIY Divas
  • The Yarn Yarners
  • The Scrapbook Squad
  • The Needle and Thread Tribe
  • The Ceramics Clan
  • The Jewelry Junkies
  • The Knitting Knights
  • The Crochet Crew
  • The Scrap Metal Squad

WhatsApp group names for friends who love photography:

  • The Shutterbugs
  • The Photography Posse
  • The Lens Lovers
  • The Picture People
  • The Snap-happy Squad
  • The Flash Fictionists
  • The Film Fanatics
  • The Darkroom Divas
  • The Aperture Artists
  • The Lightroom Luminaries
  • The Exposure Experts
  • The Digital Darkroomers
  • The Polaroid Party People
  • The Camera Club
  • The Selfie Squad
  • The Portrait Posse
  • The Landscape Lovers
  • The Street Shooters
  • The Instagram Influencers
  • The Photo Phanatics

Why choose a funny & creative name for your WhatsApp group?

Choosing a funny and creative name for your WhatsApp group is a great way to reflect your interests and personalities together. It’s also a way to make your group stand out and be memorable.

A fun name can also help create a sense of community and bring your friends closer together. It’s a small detail, but it can make a big difference in the overall experience of using WhatsApp with your friends.

How to create a group on WhatsApp?

Creating a group on WhatsApp is easy. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide:

  • Open WhatsApp and tap the “New Group” button, by clicking the three dots option in the top right corner.
  • Choose the friends you want to add to the group.
  • Choose a name for the group.
  • Optionally, add a group icon and group description.
  • Tap “Create” to create the group.
  • Once the group is created, you can start chatting, sharing photos and videos, and making plans with your friends.

If you have already created the group before, and just want to change the name of the group, you can do so by following the below-mentioned steps.

How to change a group name on WhatsApp?

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone/ Tablet.
  • Now scroll to the group whose name you want to change.
  • Enter the group and tap on the title of the group.
  • On the next screen, you will see three dots in the top right corner. Tap on it.
  • In the drop-down menu that appears, click on β€œChange subject”.
  • Type the new name you want to keep for the group. Now, click on Ok.
  • That’s it. The new WhatsApp group name is set for now.

You can only be able to change the group name if you’re one of the admins of that particular group, or else you have to request the admin via personal message to change the group name whenever necessary.

Final Words:

coming up with a cool, funny, and creative name for your WhatsApp group is a great way to add a personal touch and bring your friends closer together. Whether you love to travel, eat, exercise, play games, do DIY projects, or take photos, there’s a WhatsApp group name that will fit your interests and personality.

Use the ideas in this blog post as inspiration, or come up with your own unique name that reflects your group’s vibe. And remember, you must follow all the official rules for creating & managing groups on WhatsApp before doing any changes.

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