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7 Best Workout Apps for Fitness Lovers

Are you looking forward to finding out some of the best workout apps for your Android smartphone to track your day-to-day progress and activities while having your exercise schedule right on track? then you are in the right article. We have discussed some exciting free & paid workout apps for you in this article.

Everyone has a dream of having a healthy body so that they can perform their best in day-to-day life. Having a healthy body not only improves your physical activities but also helps to control your emotions and mental stability to focus on things you are working on.

As smartphones are today the best handiest gadgets for almost all little tasks, so there is a wide range of fitness applications available for smartphones to track your workout tasks too. From bodybuilding to cardio exercises, most apps have some special features to manage your daily routines to make your process easier.

Today, in this article we are going to discuss some best workout apps for Android smartphones so that you can manage to track your fitness activities regularly.

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Best Workout Apps for Android Smartphones:

1. Adidas Running App

The Adidas running app is a ready-to-start running and fitness tracking app that can let you monitor your running statistics to analyze your training patterns. with the built-in GPS tracking feature, now you can easily map your routes

It’s a free app with lots of features that makes it one of the best fitness tracking/workout apps among 170m users globally. Not just a running app, it supports around 120 physical activities and tracks the progress for you, so that you can manage everything in a single app easily.

This application works with both the free & premium features, you can opt for the free version if you are not willing to pay. There is also another good application for gym workouts from Adidas, that you can also consider if you want further options/activities, this app is specifically focused on the fitness and gym workout segment: Adidas Training App.

Features of Adidas Running App:

  • Built-in GPS tracking for all workout statistics & progress
  • Easy to track duration, distance, calories burned, heart rate, etc.
  • Track everything from Yoga to cycling and bodyweight training
  • Participate in virtual races and compete globally to earn badges
  • Score activity records & set your personal goal
adidas Running: Run Tracker
adidas Running: Run Tracker

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2. RunKeeper

The RunKeeper Android app for fitness tracking is a great application to track your workouts like running, cycling, biking, or walking with the built-in GPS functionality so that you can get a clear view of the real-time activity.

This fitness application has personalized routines, and reminders to fit into your busy schedule. You can join challenges, earn rewards and share your achievements along with your community and friends.

This app also has free & premium features, while having a premium plan you can get a weekly workout schedule tailored for you so that you can have a full view of your fitness journey.

Now let’s talk about the features of the RunKeeper app below that makes it one of the best fitness apps for Android.

Features of RunKeeper:

  • Make major progress by following a training plan
  • Save, discover, and build new routes with GPS
  • Stay motivated with exclusive challenges & rewards
  • Connect with android wear, Garmin watches, & wireless headphones via Bluetooth
  • Stopwatch mode for indoor cardio exercises, and gym workouts
  • Easily share your activities with your friends on Facebook & Twitter

3. Strava

With more than 10,000,000+ active installs, the Strava app for Android has the features to track distance, cycle speed, swim pace, and calories burned.

Share the best route map and photos of you with other friends for cycle or bike rides. Set personalized fitness goals and challenge yourself to compete with other friends in your community.

Features of Strava :

  • Track running, cycling and swimming speeds & distance along with calories burned.
  • Record routes and share with the Strava feed, so friends & followers can comment and share their progress.
  • Join and connect with other growing communities.
  • Set fitness goals and get customizable training plans.
Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
Strava: Run, Bike, Hike
Developer: Strava Inc.
Price: Free

4. Google Fit

Google Fit: Health and activity tracking Android fitness app let you track your workouts from your phone or watch, so that you can get instant insights when you exercise and get real-time stats for your walks, runs, or rides.

Google Fit works with the World Health Organization (WHO) & the American Heart Association (AHA) to bring you two new activity goals that can help improve your health: Move Minutes & Heart Points.

Features of Google Fit :

  • Get instant insights along with real-time stats for your runs, walks, and bike rides. The fit will use your phone’s sensor or smartwatch sensor to read the speed, route, etc…
  • See your daily progress and keep challenging yourself.
  • Get customized tips & actionable coaching for your training.
  • Connect with your favorite devices/apps to see a snapshot of your activity history.

Learn more about Google Fit and see a list of supported apps at: www.google.com/fit

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Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Google Fit: Activity Tracking
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

5. Calorie Counter – MyFitnessPal

This fitness app provides 11 million+ foods in its database which makes it a standalone app for fitness & gym lovers.

Other features included a bar-code scanner, recipe importer, restaurant logging & food insights which make a healthier choice about the food you eat.

Features of Calorie Counter :

  • Log your exercises & steps by connecting with more than 50+ devices and apps.
  • Choose from 350+ exercises or create your own workouts.
  • Set a daily step goal and see the graph of your step history.
  • Add friends, join the community and get news feed updates about nutrition and diet plans.

6. Sworkit

Sworkit app is your virtual personal trainer with guided video workouts of over 400. You can also customize your workouts by using this fitness app.

Apart from that, the application also has various other features like guided workout plans, custom exercise intervals, ask a trainer access, etc.

Features of Sworkit :

  • Guided video workouts for your convenient use anywhere.
  • Customize your workouts with your own time limit from 2-60 mins.
  • Get guided workout plans.
  • Ask for trainer access.
  • Access to its web app.
Sworkit Fitness App
Sworkit Fitness – Workouts
Sworkit Fitness – Workouts

7. Freeletics

Freeletics is one of the most downloaded health & fitness apps for Android with more than 33 million users in over 160 countries worldwide.

With Freeletics digital coach and tracker you can easily improve your fitness level from anywhere.

Features of Freeletics :

  • A community of more than 33 million users.
  • Customized, hundreds of bodyweight workouts.
  • Train at home or anywhere at any time with a 24-hour fitness plan that covers all muscle groups & exercises.
  • Get personalized 10-30 minutes of workout coaching to your schedule and goals.
Freeletics: Fitness Workouts
Freeletics: Fitness Workouts
Developer: Freeletics
Price: Free

In this article, we have discussed the best workout apps for Android so far. If you really enjoyed this article, please forward this to your other friends right now & help them get healthy.

If you still want to know anything or have any questions related, please leave us a comment below to answer your queries.

Stay healthy, stay fit.”

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