Best Short Video Creator Platforms that Most Digital Influencers Use in 2022

Best Short Video Creator Platforms

Short video platforms are now capturing the content marketing sector in unprecedented ways. These new-age video platforms are altering the traditional ways of storytelling, selling, and advertising, as well as producing online celebrities. Every year, the mobile video consumption rate increases by 100% due to the guaranteed growth in engagement, exposure, and conversion. Recognizing that … Read more

Best Android Browsers | Google Chrome Alternatives in 2022

Best Android Browsers | Google Chrome alternatives

If you are curious to know about some best Android browser applications or looking forward to finding an alternative browser of Google Chrome, then we will discuss the top browsers available for Android devices in this blog post, just stick to the article to know more details further. As we know that, Google Chrome has … Read more

Top 5 Best Lightweight Android Browsers in 2022

Best LightWeight Android Browsers

Most of the time we get stuck installing a heavy & bulky browser application to fulfill our browsing needs and later ended up with a lagging experience on our Android device. Bulky applications not only consume a good amount of virtual memory but also occupy a decent space in our device which directly affects the … Read more

Top 5 Best LIVE Wallpaper Apps for Android Phones (3D/4K/4D)

top best 3D live wallpaper apps for android

When you put a beautiful live wallpaper on your smartphone screen, it looks stunning and beautiful. This is why LIVE wallpaper apps are always in demand. Although there are hundreds of 3D Live wallpaper apps available on various app stores to choose from, it is indeed a difficult job to find the best one around … Read more

10 Best News Apps in India for Trending News and Events

best news apps in India

Finding the right source of news articles is a quite challenging task in today’s digital world, there are 100’s of fake news apps that update wrong information to mislead common people’s attention. Almost all the popular news publishing agencies nowadays have their digital presence with their official website and mobile apps. So in this article, … Read more

MX Player Alternatives | 5 Best Media(Video) Players for Android

Best MX Player Alternatives

MX Player alternatives: MX Player is one of the most preferred media/video players among all other competitors in its segment, it has more than 500,000,000+ downloads in the Android play store. The MX Player developers team always tried to put their best efforts to provide additional features & support to the application as always from … Read more

5 FREE Volume Booster Apps | Improve Sound on Android

best Volume Boosters for Android | best sound booster apps for android

Volume booster apps: Looking for the best & free volume booster application for Android? then stay tuned with this article where we are going to share the top 5 applications which will definitely help you to boost your Android device volume. Sometimes our device limits itself from amplifying its volume while playing any media where … Read more

Top 6 Best Photography Apps for Android (2022)

best photography apps for android

Photography is a serious hobby for those who actually love this creative field. There are different types of photographers depending upon their expertise & skill sets, some of those types are, portrait, landscape, indoor, outdoor, candid, etc,… This trend of photography has evolved a lot in the past few years where digital cameras came into … Read more

Top 7 Best Screen Recorders for Android (HD)

screen recorder apps for android | Best Screen Recorders for Android

Do you love to record live gameplays so that you can show the video to others, or maybe you are a content creator who might love to create video tutorials, tips & tricks? then you mostly need a screen recorder application to easily carry out your real-time screen recording jobs. Finding the right screen recording … Read more