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Top 7 Best Screen Recorders for Android (HD)

Do you love to record live gameplays so that you can show the video to others, or maybe you are a content creator who might love to create video tutorials, tips & tricks? then you mostly need a screen recorder application to easily carry out your real-time screen recording jobs.

Finding the right screen recording app for Android is quite difficult, as the whole applications world is full of some useless & spammy apps, that could be potentially dangerous for you. So to save your time & effort, we have compiled a list of the Top 7 Best & Professional Screen Recorders for Android devices just for your needs.

Benefits of a Screen Recording Application:

Overall, there are many certain benefits of having a screen recording app on your Android device; by using any such app you can do more things as a content creator. But if you are not a regular video content creator who shares screen recordings of gameplays, tutorials, or any tricks for their viewers, then such apps are may not useful for you in any terms.

But in the earlier case, you have more options to explore:

  • Easily record any working screen and make it a video to show viewers what you are talking about
  • Create a tutorial video, share some tricks to perform, or even show your gaming skills in front of the world
  • Easily edit a video after recording and add some special effects
  • Highlight major elements of the entire or specific parts that are important to notice
  • Help others to understand how things work by providing them the step-by-step video
  • Easily record/add voiceover to add values and opinions to your video for a better understanding
  • Help someone remotely by doing a certain task & by sharing the video file as recorded

There are still a lot more benefits you will figure out, once you started using a screen recorder app and explore from your side, we have just mentioned some of the basic key points for your understanding.

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Top 7 Best Screen Recorders for Android:

Note: The list of apps mentioned below is not in order/ priority, feel free to choose any of them comparing the features & your device compatibility.

1. AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is a popular Android screen recorder app with more than 10,000,000+ downloads worldwide. This app does not require any root access, & very easy to use with one button start/ stop recording.

Another advantage of this application is that it is ad-free, has no watermark & also provides no time limit while recording even at HD or full HD resolution.

Features of AZ Screen Recorder:

  • No watermark even at full HD recordings, with no time limits
  • Record your screen and live stream to different social media platforms
  • The magic control button lets you control everything with a single click
  • Easily draw any symbol or mark anything with your chosen color on the screen while making tutorials
  • Pause & Resume recording in real-time and also able to record audio from the mic

2. Mobizen Screen Recorder

Mobizen is the next best Android screen recording app in the play store, the application got huge success with worldwide downloads of more than 100,000,000+.

This app provides the highest quality, 1080p HD resolution at 60fps, & 12.0 Mbps. You can improve and customize the quality of the video, with different video editing features, also you can record super clean videos without a watermark.

Features of Mobizen Screen Recorder:

  • Requires no-root (above Android 4.4)
  • Most easy to use & start just in 1 sec
  • Option to save long video recordings to external memory
  • Add intro, outro, or screen capture along with screen broadcast
  • No watermark and full HD videos with customized features
  • Available with FaceCam recording
Mobizen Screen Recorder
Mobizen Screen Recorder
Developer: MOBIZEN
Price: Free

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3. X Recorder

X Recorder is also a high-quality & free Android screen recorder app with audio recording features. With one tap screenshot & easy to use floating notification bar the app provides some good in-built features to its users.

It helps you to record smooth, clear & HD videos with no watermark, no root & no time limits.

Features of X Recorder:

  • Support all videos like Bigo, Musically, TikTok, YouTube, etc
  • Record gameplay on your phone
  • Easy to Pause/ Resume or rotate the screen while recording
  • Export full HD videos with customized settings 240p – 1080p
  • Screen recorder with audio and FaceCam
Screen Recorder - XRecorder
Screen Recorder - XRecorder

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4. Screen Recorder With Facecam & Screenshot Capture

Screen Recorder With Facecam records everything present on the screen & then edits those videos or photos to produce some unique videos. You can also record Facecam reactions while recording gameplays.

The easy-to-use floating button on the screen, lets you control the screen recorder to easily capture videos with audio. Crop, merge, slow or fast any video, add subtitles, intro or outro features are available with the video editor.

Features of Screen Recorder With Facecam:

  • Turn on/ off front camera during screen recording
  • Draw or mark anything on the screen while recording
  • No time limit for video capture
  • Record anything on your phone without root
  • Easy to use screen recorder with audio; provides clear, & HD videos

5. Super Screen Recorder

One of the best & professional screen recorders for Android smartphones is Super Screen Recorder, its free, required no root, has no watermark, and has no time limit on recordings. This application supports ads & in-app purchases.

It comes with an impressive user interface along with free video editing features like customized bit rate, resolution, frames, audio, etc.

Features of Super Screen Recorder:

  • Powerful video & picture editing with video compression
  • Convert video to GIF
  • Support both portrait and landscape recording modes
  • Easily share your videos to other platforms
  • Customized watermarks to show your brand name, by default it is off

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6. Go Recorder

Go Recorder is a simple screen recorder app that you can use for your screen recording purposes, one tap record, and easy video editing with full HD graphics making this application a unique one on the list.

Overlay Facecam window, easy social share, low memory usage recordings, and live streaming of gameplay are some of the popular features of this app. This application is free but ad-supported.

Features of Go Recorder:

  • Records smooth & clear screen videos in high resolution
  • Instant share to Facebook, YouTube, or other social media platforms
  • Add favorite background music to your recorded videos
  • Custom watermarks, magic video effects, and cute emoji are available if you purchase a Go Recorder VIP plan

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7. Master Screen Recorder

If you want to use a stable & powerful Android screen recorder with a sound recording option, then the Master Screen Recorder is just for you.

It is free and requires no rooting to use, special features like shake to stop recording, one-touch start/ stop floating button, no watermark, and no time limits.

Features of Master Screen Recorder:

  • Most stable Android screen recorder with audio
  • Easily change the video aspect ratio to widescreen, square or vertical
  • Simple interface to record videos, gameplay, live media, etc. with a powerful & customized video editor inbuilt
  • Trim/ compress/ doodle/ edit anything with simple steps, also convert videos to mp3

Note: To prevent screen recording interruption, we suggest you close all the big tasks running in the background & allow the permissions for the screen recorder app to work efficiently.

Final Words:

Almost all the screen recording applications for Android have basically the same common features, therefore please find a good one out of those listed above as per your device compatibility. We featured this list to help you easily find out some of the best apps for your recording needs to save time.

If you find this post on Top 7 Best Screen Recorders for Android helpful, please forward this to your other social media accounts & help others learn with a little effort. Also, subscribe to our notification alert to get instant access to our new posts regularly.

Any questions/ queries, comment down below so that we can help to answer you.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

In this section, we have answered briefly some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers for your help & guidance.

What is a Screen Recorder Application?

A screen recorder app is a special kind of application designed to record any device screen in real-time so that you can make a video screenshot & share it easily.

Which is the Best Screen Recorder App for Android?

There are many popular screen recording apps available for Android OS, some of them are AZ Screen Recorder, Mobizen, Super Screen Recorder, etc.. we have discussed some best apps in this article.

Can I Record Audio While using a Screen Recorder App?

yes, you can easily record audio while using a Screen recorder app at the time of recording; you can record your voice directly from your Smartphone microphone or any external microphone.

Can We Be Able to Edit The Video File After a Recording?

You can easily edit, trim, cut, & split your video files after a recording session; for that, you need additional video editing apps, or if your screen recorder app has video editing features you can perform this task easily.

Does Screen Recording Apps Require Rooting of the Device?

No, most of the screen recording applications don’t require rooting. Although there are a few apps that required rooting to run properly, you can skip those apps.

Do Screen recording Apps Has Specific Time Limits for recording?

There are tons of apps available which provide you with unlimited recording features for free, you can use them instead.

Are Screen Recording Apps Available for Free?

The majority of the apps we have discussed in this article are free, although some of the apps have a paid version to access premium features too, if you are not interested to pay, you can continue with the free version also.

Are Screen Recording Applications Safe to Use?

This question is quite complex, but make sure you have installed the app from the official App store/Play store only. This way you can ensure your safety standards more effectively.

Do Screen Recording Apps Steal User Data?

There are no valid proofs that a screen recording app steals user data unless you are using any mod APKs. Always install applications from their authentic source or official websites only.

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