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5 FREE Volume Booster Apps | Improve Sound on Android

Volume booster apps: Looking for the best & free volume booster application for Android? then stay tuned with this article where we are going to share the top 5 applications which will definitely help you to boost your Android device volume.

Sometimes our device limits itself from amplifying its volume while playing any media where a boost to the media volume is really required, it might be for the increase of headphone volume on Android or even for the device loudspeaker volume itself, we need an external third party app to get rid of such situations.

In this article 5 similar Volume Boosters for Android OS are mentioned which might be useful for you.

Disclaimer: Playing audio at a High-Volume on your device may damage your hearings permanently or blow your speakers. We are not responsible for any damages by using any of these apps either at any means. Install these apps at your own risk.

Top 5 Volume Booster Apps for Android:

Note: The applications listed below are not in order/ priority, you may choose any one or multiple apps and find the best one for you as per your device compatibility.

1. Super Loud Volume Booster

Super Loud Volume Booster application is able to increase your device volume up to 60% more, compared to the default volume of your Android device. This application also has an in-built bass booster with clear & vivid music output.

Features of Super Loud Volume Booster:

  • Boost the volume of your device with just 1 touch
  • Can be able to boost the volume of both the headphone & loud-speaker
  • Bass-booster helps to amplify the bass with a more realistic output
  • Best quality sound booster with no root

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2. Equalizer Pro

With the most professional preset sound effects and 3D virtualizer, Equalizer Pro provides a great bass boost along with improved sound quality for your Android devices.

Features of Equalizer Pro:

  • Provides stereo surround sound effect
  • Customized presets with 5 band music equalizer
  • Bass boost & virtualizer effects
  • Volume amplifier with music visualization spectrum
Equalizer Pro—Bass Booster&Vol
Equalizer Pro—Bass Booster&Vol

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3. Volume Booster GOODEV

Simple, small, and free-to-use volume booster app for Android, GOODEV is the most used sound booster application available on the Google Playstore. You can be able to increase the volume of your favorite music, video, and audio by installing this app on your device with some easy-to-use controls available.

Features of GOODEV Volume Booster:

  • Works well only with Android version 4.4 or higher, devices below to the mentioned versions are not well supported in some cases
  • The simple interface provides a volume control slider to adjust the boost
  • The volume booster automatically turns off when you place the volume slider to zero
Volume Booster GOODEV
Volume Booster GOODEV
Developer: GOODEV
Price: Free

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4. Volume Booster Pro

Whether you are listening to music, watching movies, or enjoying your favorite shows on any Android device, Volume Booster Pro helps you to increase your device volume if the media has little sound or your device is stuck with its maximum limit to amplify.

It pushes the device volume up both for headphones and external speakers too.

Features of Volume Booster Pro:

  • Can be able to increase all sounds e.g: music, video, audio & games along with notifications and system volume too
  • The in-built visual sound spectrum lets you monitor the spectrums according to the rhythms
  • Also support headphones, loudspeakers, and external Bluetooth soundbars
  • Requires no root

5. Music Equalizer

The Music Equalizer app is one of the all-in-one volume booster applications for Android devices which provides, Bass booster, Volume booster & true global Equalizer.

Easily control music player or headphone sounds by instantly choosing the various presets available with just 1 touch.

Features of Music Equalizer:

  • Volume booster with music visualization spectrum and a 5 band equalizer
  • See the visualization of sound or music with a rich spectrum
  • In-built virtualizer with stereo led VU meter
  • 10 different equalizer presets
Volume Bass Booster: Equalizer
Volume Bass Booster: Equalizer

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Final Words:

Some volume booster apps can increase the volume of your device up to a little bit higher, but you may find some noise and distortions with that which might affect your hearing experiences.

If you really need an app for certain conditions then try to install one, or you can simply avoid it.

We have compiled this post regarding the top 5 free volume boosters for Android for the purpose of saving your time & energy to find out some good apps, else the play store is full of some useless apps with tons of ads only.

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Any questions/ queries? leave a comment below.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

How does a volume booster application work?

A volume booster app actually amplifies the volume it receives from the original audio source(e.g: media files) and adjusts it accordingly to provide you an audio boost.

Why volume booster apps are necessary?

A volume booster aka sound enhancer app is useful in certain conditions, where there is very little audio output from your video/audio player with the maximum sound level possible.

Is a volume booster app safe to use?

There is no clear statement that a volume enhancer app is safe to use, in some cases it might be not safe.

If you are using it for a very short period of time, then it’s fine, but don’t use it for longer sessions, it might damage your device hardware.

Do volume booster apps steal user data?

This question is quite controversial, every single app we use on our smartphone stores some kind of user data and sends it to their origin server in the background, to provide a better user experience & services.

Always make sure you have installed the authentic apps with some good user feedback, from the official app stores only.

How useful is a sound booster app in terms of Bass boosting?

Every sound booster application and its features are different, if your sound boosting app supports custom equalizer presets, then you can notice the Bass boost.

Also, you can adjust the equalizer bands accordingly to your preference for clear audio output.

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