7 Free & Best Android Apps for Bloggers

7 Free & Best Android Apps for Bloggers

Looking for those Best Android apps for Bloggers? stay tuned with this article to learn more about what it requires to build your blogging empire just from a smartphone.

Why Blogging Apps :

You can’t be available with your computer system always, but ideas are always in your mind, what you can do if you want to act upon a great idea immediately? This is where a blogging app can help you so far to execute your strategy right from your smartphone from any corner of the world within no time.

Top 7 Free & Best Android Apps for Bloggers :

Note: The below-listed apps are intended to perform certain tasks of each over another, so, please use all applications on your device to get the maximum results.

1. WordPress

WordPress is undoubtedly the most powerful and professional CMS platform every blogger loves to use, WordPress provides a very customized and easy to use dashboard for the ultimate blogging experience, apart from that, if you look from the SEO point of view, it also helps you to rank higher compared to other such CMS platforms available. It is free and can be easily accessible.

WordPress application for Android is available inside the Google Play Store which helps you manage your website/ blog content just from an Android device from any location worldwide.

WordPress – Website Builder
WordPress – Website Builder

2. Blogger

Blogger is a well-known CMS provided by Google Inc. and it is very good if you want to start a blog just from scratch, however, the SEO for a Blogger blog is not that beneficial in the long run for a professional blog, but to start it you can use it free of cost and build your first blog.

Later you can easily switch to other paid premium hostings, which supports WordPress.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

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3. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a super powerful tool provided by Google Inc. for webmasters to monitor their site performance, track visitors along with their demographics & behavior so that customizations and improvements can be made regularly.

It is such a powerful tool that has so many features that you definitely need to master if you are into blogging.

cause targeting the right audience is the most challenging task.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

4. Google Adsense

Google Adsense, the world’s most trusted and efficient program for webmasters to monetize their web content, Adsense is also available for YouTube video content also.

Many bloggers still have a dream of getting an Adsense account approval, because of their strict terms of policies, which you should have to follow if you want to become a publisher and earn a good amount of revenue from your blog.

There are also some Adsense alternatives too, but those are not either trusted or will let you get a good revenue for your valuable work. If you follow all the terms and guidelines, you can get Adsense approval easily but it needs some hard work to get your approval.

*Update: Google has discontinued its Adsense application both for Android & iOS, from now on you have to use the web version with more upcoming features in the near future.

5. Grammarly keyboard

Are you poor in English? maybe your grammar or spelling mistakes are quite terrible, believe me, most people failed to write a good piece of content for this reason, but the solution is right here.

Grammarly is a premium tool that helps you correct your spelling and grammatical mistakes by automatically adding to your keyboard, and starts highlighting your errors with the right solution, sound cool? now you have the power to rule the content marketing industry.. haha.

Grammarly is available for desktops, it’s a premium tool but you can use the free version if you don’t want to pay at the beginning. The free version has some limited features as well, Grammarly keyboard is what we discussed now for Android, for PCs/ Laptops you have to install the extension available in your browser’s app store, or you can simply download from anywhere and install it.

6. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management app, that lets you schedule your posts on various social media platforms. This application automates your frequent posting of content to all social media platforms at a scheduled time interval set by you.

As social media traffic plays a big role in blogging, you simply can’t avoid using these types of applications.

Buffer: Social Media Scheduler
Buffer: Social Media Scheduler

7. Color Note

Color Note is a simple notepad app that is useful to save some notes & texts when you have something in your mind to note down, it’s important to store such information like blog topics, important keywords, or even website URLs you just found now.

There are other alternatives that also can be used instead of this app if you want to, some of them are; Google Keep, Evernote, etc..

But why I suggest Color Note is because I personally use it always, because of its quite simple UI, easy-to-use features like Google Drive synchronization, easy arrangements of notes by different filters, password-protected files which makes it a more cool app to prefer.

ColorNote Notepad Notes
ColorNote Notepad Notes
Developer: Notes
Price: Free

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Final Words :

There are also many other apps available that will help you ease your different tasks, but the most important apps for blogging are what we discussed in this article.

If you really curious about those apps and want to explore something new, please do comment below.

Any questions/ queries related to this article “Top 7 Best Android Apps for Bloggers” ? let us know. Never forget to share our worth-reading articles with your other friends.

Happy Blogging! Follow your passion.

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