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7 Must-Have Gadgets Every YouTuber Need For Professional Videos

Must have gadgets for youtubers

Whether you have started your own YouTube channel or planning to start in the near future, you must need a bunch of gadgets to shoot professional quality videos so that you can put your channel in a good stand, with a good set of subscribers and also able to attract more viewers with the enhanced video quality. Now-a-days most of the peoples are starting their career as a YouTuber as online earning is now in a boom in most countries.

To grow your channel decently with limited resources it may take a few time, but to stand out from the competition of your niche, professional video quality with clearly audible sound is the best you can put into your videos, believe me.. its a must need because no one will love to watch a video from your channel with poor video and audio quality.

If you are serious about your YouTube career , take it as a business – my personal opinion. Learn to invest few bucks, so that you can beat your competitors and attract more visitors easily from the scratch. If you seriously can’t invest a penny for now, just start with your minimum resources or even with your Smartphone camera, grow slowly, invest in yourself, then upgrade your equipments later.

Note : Gadgets can only help you to shoot professional quality videos, however content is still the KING.  So always try to put valuable contents which attracts more viewers on the long run.

Now coming to the topic, let’s cover few gadgets for YouTuber, which is a must have if you planning to shoot professional quality videos.

7 Must Have Gadgets For YouTuber

  1. Camera
  2. Tripod
  3. Gimble
  4. Microphone
  5. Laptop
  6. Lights
  7. Accessories


First thing first, having yourself a good quality camera, you can able to produce some high quality stunning videos which can help you stand out. choosing a decent camera with good specifications and into the budget, there are some confusions which may occur while choosing the one that best suits you.

gadget for youtuber | canon 200D camera

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Holding the camera for a long time and pointing to a same position is quite difficult if you do with your hands, this also can cause unstable videos which is not useful at all. So to overcome this problem, a tripod is a must need, let me clear you one more thing, tripods are also different types there are certain hand-held tripods also known as tabletop tripods and full length tripods also known as professional tripods.

A professional tripod is quite heavy and strong as compared to the other one, but what makes it more valuable is, it is adjustable you can adjust the height as per your need.

Manfrotto MKCOMPACTADV-BK Compact Advanced Tripod

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Gimble (Gimbal) is a specific kind of accessories, which is a must-have especially if you are shooting outdoor, it’s most beneficial for vloggers. This handy gadget is one of the best gadgets for YouTuber, it can let you take rotatable video footage by mounting your camera on to it.

watch out the below video to understand how a gimble works ?, and how it can be useful for you.

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The audio quality plays a major role for every video you produce, so its necessary to have a good quality microphone with you always while creating a content, crystal clear voice can be a much better way to engage the viewers, you cannot ignore this accessories in any manner at all.

zoom h1 n mic for youtuber

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Its not only a laptop, you can even replace it with a PC. Remember that having a good configuration computer with you is the best decision ever to edit your videos before uploading it to your channel. There are lots of editing software available in the market to easily do this job for you, but they need a good set of hardware to run properly.

hp 15 laptop

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Most of the YouTuber ignore the light setup to save their money, its a common mistake and should be fixed from the very first day. Imagine a video without proper light conditions, its just only a scrap piece of content. Professional quality videos require more lightning environment, if you are always shooting outdoor, this accessories may not be that useful for you, but for indoor setup, high quality lights are always needed. You can add different colorful lights to your surroundings for a better effect if you want.

umbrella light stand for youtuber | gadgets for yotuber

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Accessories can be anything, it may be a card reader that you need to transfer the video files from your camera to your computer or even a USB data cable that can be connected directly to the camera port from the laptop. These accessories help you to interlink devices in between or to set up your home studio.

  • Camera Accessories (External Flash Light, Additional Memory card, Straps etc..)
  • Green-screen Backdrop
  • Laptop Accessories (External Hard Drive, USB Data Cables etc..)
  • Light Accessories (RGB Lights, Reflectors, Light control Remote etc..)
  • Microphone Accessories (Microphone Stand, Noise Filter etc..)

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Conclusion :

To make your own professional studio setup, there are tons of gadgets and accessories available in the market, you can add anything that you want to your shopping list as per your budget, the above-mentioned gadgets & accessories are from my own research by collecting most of the YouTuber’s choice list.

Lastly, I will recommend you to go with the content quality, because it is the quality content which will help you to grow in this profession ( quality video footage is an added advantage ), learn, research & create some genuine and amazing content on your niche, grow slowly with the minimum equipment you have. After having a good set of audiences upgrade your gadgets slowly.

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Any question/suggestion ? don’t forget to leave a comment below. If you think this article 7 must have gadgets for YouTuber will be useful for your other YouTuber friend, share on your social media handles now.

All the best towards your YouTube journey !!

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