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Airtel SIM Not Working Today? Fix Instantly with this Trick (2022)

Airtel SIM not working problem fix

Is your Airtel SIM failed to connect to the network? Is your Airtel SIM not working properly on your recently changed device? Are you having some kind of connection errors/ network issues(problems) while trying to register the SIM card on your smartphone?

This guide will help you to figure out all the most common errors related to Airtel network problems and will help you in guiding with the proper ways to set up your connection in a few seconds.

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In this article, we have focused on the Airtel users regarding their Airtel SIM not working problem with some proven and appropriate solutions which we think might be helpful for them.

If you are facing some sort of network issues on your Airtel SIM, you can definitely follow this guide to find out the right path, which will help you set up your connection properly without any further hustle.

ISP Name:Airtel India
Service Type:Telecom
Customer Support:121
Parent Company:Bharti Airtel

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Steps to Fix Airtel SIM Not Working Problem:

If your Airtel SIM card is not working today due to any reason, you can try these steps to quickly fix the problem.

  • Switch off your phone, & remove the SIM card
  • Clean the gold-plated area of your SIM card using a neat cloth to remove the dirt
  • Insert the SIM card properly in slot 1 (if you have a dual SIM phone)
  • Switch on your device, by pressing the power button
  • Go to the phone settings, and activate the airplane mode
  • Leave the device for 15 -30 seconds and then deactivate the airplane mode
  • Change the device network selection to Automatic mode
  • Wait for a few minutes until it auto registers to the nearest Airtel network
  • Change the network mode to 4G/3G Recommended
  • If your network selection is set to automatic, change it to manual mode
  • Go to SettingsBackup & ResetNetwork SettingsReset Network Settings
  • Move to an open area, maybe you’re not inside the coverage area
  • Update your device date & time to the recent
  • Update your phone software to the latest version
  • Check your validity & recharge details properly

These are the most working solutions and work well with all devices. Hope it will fix the Airtel SIM not working problem.

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Airtel SIM Network Problems and Solutions:

Airtel SIM not detecting in my device:

To fix this issue first, make sure your SIM is active and physically well in condition. Then remove the SIM card, clean the gold-plated connectors using a neat cloth and insert it again in slot 1.

This problem usually happens because of the dirt present on your SIM, in most cases if you’re using an old SIM card for a very long time.

Airtel SIM not working in slot 1:

In this case, we may assume that your SIM card is active and recently not detected due to some reasons. Remove your SIM card and place it in SIM slot 2, if you have a dual SIM handset.

You can also check your SIM card by putting it in any other handset for confirmation. If the SIM is working fine by altering the handset/SIM slot, then your device is having some kind of issues with the SIM card jack.

Airtel Network suddenly disappeared:

This is one of the most asked queries of every cellular subscriber, and you don’t need to be worried about it. Because this problem happens usually many times in a day, due to some technical upgrades or system maintenance activities.

Just wait for a few hours and you will start to receive the signal very soon. To confirm the issue, just cross-check it once with your nearest Airtel subscriber. If the same thing has happened to them, rest assured and wait.

Possible Reasons for Which Your Airtel SIM not Working Properly:

airtel sim not working
Airtel SIM Network Problem Solutions

There are many reasons for which the user cannot get any network signals, and we have compiled the most possible common mistakes for you below; do check out these things thoroughly for the right guidance.

Inactive SIM Card:

Make sure that your Airtel SIM card is active & running, sometimes while having multiple SIM cards with us, we often forget to recharge the SIM card for extended validity.

In this way if you do not have any active plans currently, you might have no signals, what you can do next is, just visit any nearest store and check if your connection is still active or not.

If the SIM card you are having is no more valid, you can opt for a new valid SIM card from there.

Low or no Network Coverage:

Have you tried to connect in a region/area where there are no active signals present? just cross-check it with another similar device having the same Airtel connection for better confirmation.

If they’re having good signal strength then proceed to the next step and if other people in your area are also having the same issues for a long time, it’s time to change the operator or you can change the living area, in this case, the alternative one is quite difficult.

Disable Flight Mode:

Have you accidentally clicked on the flight mode button? just have a look, if it is active. While flight mode is activated on a device, you will get no network signals.

Just click over the icon again to disable it, and wait for some time to check the signal strength again.

Faulty Handset:

Are you having a handset that is working perfectly? most of the time we have never focused on the device we have, just confirm that your current handset is working fine or not having any technical issues in signal receiving.

The best way to check that is to insert some other operator’s SIM card (except the Airtel one you have) into your handset or vice versa to check if you are getting proper signals with other networks either.

If you failed with this step and still have no signals with any of the SIM cards, what you can do is visit the nearest mobile phone service center for a repair, or you can alternatively try any other handsets if you have one.

If you have now got the network signals, but are still not able to establish the data connection on your device, then proceed with the next steps further.

Wrong Network Configurations:

(This step is a little bit technical, so please follow it carefully, and to add more details, we have also explained bit by bit in the next section of the article to cover it up fully.)

If you’re using the Airtel SIM card on your device for the first time, then it may ask you for some configuration settings to work properly. Just save the configuration settings you have recently received and move ahead.

Please keep in mind that, these configuration settings are different for all handsets.

That means if you again put the same SIM inside a new handset in the future, you have to reconfigure the settings again on that device as well.

If you’re using a smartphone, then make sure that you are network search is set to automatic instead of manual mode. This way the device will automatically look for the available network signals nearby, and register itself with the valid one.

Don’t want to indulge yourself, with these technical things? just reset the network settings to ease your job.

Go to Settings > Backup & Reset > Network Settings Reset > Reset settings.

Also figure out that, the network mode is set to the recommended mode(4G/3G) whichever is applicable in your case.

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Steps to follow to properly set up the Airtel SIM card:

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Now, you have checked all the possible causes and are now ready to set up your connection along with a working SIM card & working handset as well. If you are not sure about your SIM card condition and need to cross-check the SIM card for errors, then you can check the SIM card troubleshooting guide for a clear understanding further.

Now, follow all the below steps carefully to establish your connection so that you can get all the high-speed network benefits on your device.

Step 1: Open your device SIM card tray, and insert the already working & valid Airtel SIM into the slot, if you are going to use the SIM card to access a high-speed data connection, then you must insert the SIM in slot 1(if you have a dual SIM phone). Make sure you are inserting the SIM card in the right manner.

Step 2: Now put the SIM card tray back inside the slot, and turn on your device(if it is already turned on from the beginning, just restart the device). Now wait for a few seconds while the device is starting up, and ready to use.

Step 3: Move to an open area where there is a chance of good signal strength, and wait for a few seconds with patience.

Step 4: If there are still no signal issues there, try searching with the manual network search mode and wait for the available list of the networks, whenever you find the Airtel or IND Airtel in the list, click on it, and the device will start to register itself automatically.

Go to Settings > Network & Internet > Mobile Network > Automatically Select Network (toggle it off for the manual network mode).

Step 5: Update the phone software, if your device has outdated firmware still being used, consider updating the firmware along with the latest security patch for the best results always.

Go to Settings > System > System updates. (update the firmware by connecting your device to the nearest Wi-Fi hotspot).

Step 6: Now install the received settings from the network to configure your mobile data connection, just save the settings and proceed further.

Step 7: From the network settings menu select the 4G mode, if you’re using a 4G enabled handset.

Step 8: Enable the data roaming slider from the Network > Mobile Network > Data Roaming for uninterrupted data connectivity (this step is not mandatory, but you can follow this if you find it effective.)

For now, if you’re still not able to get any signals from the nearest Airtel tower, you can contact the customer care portal for the exact solution and know your device status easily.

You can contact the below numbers from any other mobile operators(non-Airtel) easily.

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Airtel Customer Care Numbers (for non-Airtel Users):

For Prepaid & Postpaid Users

CircleContact No. (for Prepaid Users)Contact No. (for Postpaid Users)
UP East99351993519935012345
UP West98970989709897012345
Himachal Pradesh98160981609816012345
J & K99060990609906012345
West Bengal99330993309933012345
Andhra Pradesh98490984909849012345
TN / Chennai98941989419894012345
Madhya Pradesh98930989309893012345
Airtel Customer Care numbers India

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Final Words:

We have covered some of the majorly known issues and their solutions, to find out a way for your problem which we think will definitely help you.

If there are still any issues, you can visit the nearest service center for a go-through process and find an appropriate solution there.

We have written the post, by compiling all the possible solutions to fix your Airtel SIM, not working problem, if you think this article will help others with their problems, then you need to share it now.

Are you having any questions still in your mind? don’t forget to comment below.

We will definitely try to solve your queries, and if the article was helpful to find a solution for you, then also mention, which step was effective for you, to overcome the situation so far.

Thank you, have a great experience. 😉

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Why my Airtel SIM is not working?

There might be an issue with your device or network settings that we already covered in this article, please try to figure out that first.

Additionally, you can check the SIM status by putting it into a different phone and observing what’s wrong. If the SIM card is working perfectly in your new handset, it’s time to check your phone properly for some misconfigurations.

Why Airtel network suddenly disappeared?

This is a common issue faced by most of the subscribers of any operator you say, there might be some network up-gradation processes being carried out by your local Airtel technical team for better connectivity in the near future.

Just wait for a few hours to get the signal back(it usually takes a few hours to days to complete the process), and if after a few hours you are still not receiving the signal, look for any nearby Airtel subscribers and gently ask them if they are having the same issue.

Make sure your device settings are perfectly ready to receive the signal, and that you have not misconfigured any settings recently.

Is Airtel having a network problem today?

No, Airtel is not having any sort of network problem, if you are having some issues check this article to ensure your device is perfectly set up to receive the signal.

Additionally, there may be a temporary downtime in your locality for some technical reasons, wait for a few hours to confirm the issue.

Why I am experiencing frequent call drops while using the Airtel operator?

This is one of the major problems of Airtel subscribers, but it mostly depends upon the congestion in the network, try to place the call again after a few minutes.

You may also experience frequent call drops or divert while placing calls to the JIO subscribers, due to the conflict between Airtel & Jio these routing errors happen usually. Hope it will clear out soon in the future.

Also, if you are trying to place the call inside your home/office premises, try to move to an open area, where you can get better connectivity.

How to Contact Airtel Customer Care?

To contact the Airtel customer support help desk, you can call 121 from your registered Airtel number. They will address your queries faster.

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10 thoughts on “Airtel SIM Not Working Today? Fix Instantly with this Trick (2022)”

  1. My airtel no.9994**3567. My recharge package was upto 16/05/2021.On 13/05/2021 night, suddenly call service and net service were cut off with a message on screen “no sim card”.I cleaned the sim card and reinstated, no use. I shifted the sim card to some other phone,no use.Since airtel shops are shut due to govt restrictions on covid pandemic , I am not able to check it with airtel dealers. Kindly advise me what to do

    1. You can call the respective customer care number of your state, to find out the exact issue.
      This kind of issue usually happens, if someone tries to swap the number.

      Also, you can check the network strength of your location.

    1. Please check, if you have any active plans yet or not?
      If you are using a smartphone, you can download and log in to the Airtel Thanks app to check your plan details.

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