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How to Change/Reset your JioFi Password (New Trick)

change jiofi password | reset jiofi password
Written by Poushali Sikdar

If you are a Jio user, you are well aware of the JioFi 4G Hotspot. JioFi is a portable WiFi hotspot device for personal use that can work with laptops, mobile phones, tablets, smart TV, and smartphones to access the 4G high-speed internet connections. These devices have been provided to users by the Reliance Digital which is powered by LYF.

JioFi devices are able to provide high-speed data and also have the capacity to connect up to 10 devices simultaneously at a time. So, from this, it is very clear that 10 devices can use the data provided by these devices at the same time. However, the internet speed may decrease if multiple users are using it at the same time with the same device.

Steps for Change/Reset JioFi Password :

Now, if you are already using JioFi, then there are few things that you always need to keep in mind and should do it to keep your JioFi secure. It is always necessary to lock your JioFi hotspot device with a strong and secure password to prevent any unwanted connections with your device.

Whether you are sharing it with others or not, you might want to change the password of your JioFi and if you are sharing your Internet connection with others, then you must require changing it every now and then.

The longer the old password is in use, there will more likely chances of compromising.

It is a good idea to share your hotspot only with people you want as you definitely don’t want any suspicious third parties or hackers to hook up to your network and create any problem.

You can also customize the name of the network as it is the best option to manage your password and Wi-Fi name to keep it secure. However, the steps may vary slightly depending on the device you are connected to.

JioFi Name (SSID) and Password Change

Here, we will present the step by step process on how to change JioFi password and name (SSID). The process will also work if you forgot your JioFi password but don’t know how to recover or change the password.

Quick Steps to Change JioFi Password :

  • Connect your device to JioFi.
  • Open a browser and type > http://jiofi.local.html. Now, if you are using a Jio dongle, then open > jiodongle.local.html in the search bar and hit on the search button.
  • At the top right corner, click on the login button.
  • Enter ‘administrator’ as the username and password.
  • After login, navigate to the ‘WiFi settings’ which you will find under the ‘Settings’ tab.
  • Here, you will get a list with several options including ‘Password’ and “SSID Name”. Choose those options. You can now change the password and SSID name according to your choice.
  • Once you have done, click on the “Save”. You have now successfully changed your password and SSID WiFi name.
  • Now, disconnect all the devices which are connected with your JioFi device router. You have to again enter the new password to reconnect your devices.

However, the above process is only for JioFi router, the Jio SIM for mobile has different settings.

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JioFi Password Change in a Detailed Process :

Here is the step by step process on how to reset your JioFi Password:

Watch a Video :

Steps to Reset JioFi Password :

  1. Switch on Your JioFi router device: Take your JioFi Device and hold on the power button for a few seconds or till the device is on. However, you have to be patient until the router is on and completely ready to use.

  2. Connect any device to the Router: Now, it is the time to connect either your smartphone or laptop or tablet or any other device to the JioFi router through WiFi. If you have not changed the username and password, then you will get a default username as well as password on the backside of the JioFi packing box or maybe on the back of the JioFi router. But, if you change your JioFi password previously, then you will have to enter your own password to log in and get internet access.

  3. Access the configuration page to manage settings: Now, it is the time to access the configuration page for which you have to open a web browser and enter ‘http://jiofi.local.html‘ or ‘‘ in the search bar and click the search option.

  4. Time to Login to the Settings Page: After hitting on the URL provided on the above step, you will be there at the login page. Here, you will find the username and password fields at the top right corner of the page. Type ‘administrator’ in both the username and password field and click on the ‘Login” option.

  5. Reset Your Password: Now, to change the password, you have to navigate to the ‘WiFi’ settings. Click on Network>>WiFi Configuration. You will then see a list of several options such as Channel, Status, Encryption, Password, etc. Choose the ‘Password’ and enter the password as per your choice and preferences. You can now change the password and SSID name according to your choice. It is always suggested to choose a very strong one as your JioFi password. Once you have completed, click on the ‘Save’ button. You have now successfully changed your password and SSID WiFi name.

Now, you have to disconnect your Router with all your devices and then again reconnect the devices with your new username and password. Your router and device are ready to operate with the new Username and Password of your JioFi and your internet is also safe and secure to use. Also, you will get the high-speed 4G internet connection service with your new login access until you share it with any other person.

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I hope the article was helpful for you, if you still getting trouble with your JioFi password change, then please leave a comment below to solve your queries.

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