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Is the 12% Club App Safe? Know the Details

The 12% Club(12 Club) app is a popular & unique financial product brought to you by the renowned fintech startup of India, BharatPe. By using this app one can invest their money for lending, which will be directly available as a personal loan to the borrowers on the other side.

It is a good app to invest money with some unique features, but a lot of queries arise on the Internet and people are curious to know about the safety of their investments.

If you are planning for any investment and want easy daily returns at a rate of interest of 12% per annum(which is way better than any FD), then you must know the safety of the investment platform you are putting your hard-earned money into.

Let’s get into the details according to our reviews about the 12% Club app.

App Name:12% Club
Application Type:Finance
Launched By:BharatPe
App Rating:4.5
Download Link:Google PlayStore

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What is the 12% Club App?

The 12% club app is a mobile application developed by the well-known fintech startup, BharatPe(India), to provide their consumers with the investment-cum-borrowing options in the field of finance.

As the name suggests, the app provides profits at the rate of up to 12% per annum on customer investments, and the same rule goes for the interests paid on the money borrowings by the consumers as well. The interest paid by the borrowers is being used to give incentives to the customers who invest.

Thus, there is a complete circular chain that follows. The app is great for small amounts of investments and works efficiently to provide the best experience to its customers.

If we talk about the app interface, the application is very neatly designed with easy-to-use options and proper navigation. So even a person with zero technical knowledge can invest their money, without seeking further help from anyone.

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Who owns the 12% Club App?

The app is presently owned by BharatPe, which is one of the renowned fintech startups of India, in collaboration with the P2P NBFCs approved by the Reserve Bank of India(RBI). Being partnered with the LenDenClub and LiquiLoans, BharatPe has entered the lending business as well.

The app is currently one of the biggest B2B fintech lenders in the country and has attained much success with a 5 million dollar monthly investment run rate and a 1 million dollar monthly borrowing run rate.

The app can be accessed easily on the Google Play Store and is pretty much feasible to download on Android and Windows platforms. It has undergone 1 million + downloads and has got over 10k reviews on the PlayStore. Further, it has got a 4.1-star rating on Google as well.

Is the 12% Club App Safe to Invest Money?

Is 12% Club by BharatPe Safe?

As the application is backed by some of the big names in the banking and financial sectors such as BharatPe, and the Reserve Bank of India, it can be said that it is a much safer app as your money is in safe hands.

One can invest a minimum of 1000 rupees to a maximum of 10 lakh rupees, and the amount can be withdrawn at any point in time by the customers, directly into their linked bank accounts.

If you want to invest and earn some good returns by just parking your money, you can easily create an account and add your money using any UPI app quickly.

But our suggestion would be, to invest a small portion of your savings and track the investment on a regular basis, because the best part of this app is, you will earn interest on your investments on a daily basis, so there is less chance of losing your investments.

The app works with well-known NBFCs that are approved by the RBI and offers a secure platform to its customers with the help of trained professionals at the other end. On top of that, there are no settlement charges while investing, and the amount is transferred and deducted from your account on a daily basis.

It works in both ways, and the reason for a lower risk premium is that the money invested by a person gets distributed among multiple borrowers, which ultimately lowers the risk.

The app acts like a mini-bank and even the banks in our country carry this risk of default. Just think about some names like CitiBank and YesBank. Who knew at the time of investing that these so-called banks would risk their money?

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Potential Security Risks & How to Minimise Those?

The app becomes a bit dysfunctional when it doesn’t provide information related to the identity of the borrowers so that the investors can invest accordingly. But this is not actually an issue since your money is being borrowed by multiple small borrowers, and hence the proposed risk is not actually a big risk.

If one of the 500 borrows you have invested in doesn’t come up with the interest to be paid, the effect actually turns up to 1/500 of the actual borrowings. Thus, the difference is very minimal, and hence, the rate of risk is minimal.

Apart from that, sometimes, there could be a security risk if the app doesn’t have enough liquidity to fund its investors because of a shortage of borrowers. This, again, can be sorted out by accessing the information about the borrowers.

There could also be a risk of widespread default. However, comparing the market size of BharatPe with other companies, it hardly matters and is not feasible to happen in the near future.

A clear solution to this problem is to invest small amounts among a fairly large number of borrowers.

How to Contact the 12% Club App Support?

If you want to contact the 12% Club support team for any queries, you can draft an email and send it to: [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Can we trust on 12% club app?

Yes, you can trust the 12% Club app, and start your investment journey easily, as the app is recognized by the RBI, your investment is in safe hands.

How safe is the 12 percent club?

While digital investments have some security risks, you can trust and invest in the 12% Club app, as BharatPe owns the app, and is also RBI approved. They have the security funds, and your money is safe.

Is 12 Club approved by RBI?

Yes, the 12 Percent Club is approved by the Reserve Bank of India(RBI) and is backed by BharatPe, one of the most popular fintech players in the market.

How does the 12% club work?

The 12% Club is a P2P(Peer-to-Peer) lending platform, which means if someone is investing the money, the other one is borrowing that money, and the interest charged to the borrower, is directly credited to the lender’s account.

How to borrow money from 12 Club?

To borrow money from the 12% Club app, you first need to signup on to the app and then provide your necessary details, once you are verified and approved, you can act as a borrower and request money as a loan.

Final Words:

When it comes to online investment options, security must be your first priority. At any point in time, a threat can occur due to a single mistake, and as a responsible user, you must protect your credentials and personal details. In this way, we can minimize the threats to some extent.

If you want to invest and explore the app further, then we request you to invest a small amount at the beginning and grow slowly, learn the app features, functionalities, and other necessary details before investing a huge amount.

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