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English Learning Apps | 6 Best Android Apps for Beginners

Are you looking forward to finding out some of the best English learning apps for your kids? then you are in the right article, where we have discussed some of the beginner-friendly English learning apps that will help to boost your kids English speaking skills in a few days, by just practicing at the comfort of your home.

According to a survey, nearly 73% of the kids have access to using a smartphone for fun and entertainment purposes like playing games, watching videos, etc. As the upcoming generations mostly rely on technologies, it is surely a good opportunity for them to explore those at least starting with a smartphone.

But wait!! what if we train our kids to operate such gadgets for constructive or learning purposes, I mean to say, if we teach our kids how to learn from a smartphone then this is surely a great job and definitely will add more value to their studies.

As English is a global language, it is a little tough to master it. Thankfully we have apps for our smartphones that can do this job pretty well for us.

So let’s explore the top 6 best Android apps to learn English right from your home using your smartphone now.

Top 6 Best Android Apps To Learn English:

1. Hello English

Hello English is the most recommended app for learning the English language because of its 100% free interactive lessons with conversational English, grammar topics, vocabulary, and much more. This app works offline as well with the feature of 10,000 words dictionary that helps you learn & pronounce new words daily.

You can learn the English language for free from 22 languages that include Hindi, Indonesian, Arabic, Thai, Odia(Oriya), Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Punjabi, Chinese, Turkish, Portuguese, and others.

Hello English: Learn English
Hello English: Learn English

2. Duolingo

Duolingo is changing the way people learn languages, it’s free & provides solutions to learn 30+ languages including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, English, and more.

“Far and away the best language-learning app”- The Wallstreet Journal.

You can practice your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills while playing a game. It’s effective, 34 hours of Duolingo are equivalent to a semester of university-level education.

Duolingo is one of the most popular English learning apps you can find over the internet, and it’s truly that effective to learn the English language for free.

They also have a very good website where you can test your English speaking skills, and get certified too. This certification is accepted by over 3000 popular institutions worldwide.

Duolingo: Language Lessons
Duolingo: Language Lessons
Developer: Duolingo
Price: Free

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3. Learn English Daily

It is a very good app to improve your English skills, but it is not for total beginners. For people who already know to speak basic English, they can opt for this app.

It is a simple learning app, that gives special attention to English Pronunciation & everyday language.

Learn English Daily
Learn English Daily
Developer: KHANH LE
Price: Free

4. Memrise

Memrise is one of the most popular language-learning apps, it is actually a community site that uses a lot of different teaching methods. This application has offline support too, and there is a lot of content available there to practice your grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

This application is a little more expensive than others. But you can try it if it is worth it for you.

Memrise: speak a new language
Memrise: speak a new language
Developer: Memrise
Price: Free

Watch the below video to understand how Memrise works.

5. HelloTalk

HelloTalk is an app that lets you learn a language by chatting with native speakers online. It supports 150+ languages and there are also 10 million+ members to chat with.

It is actually a global language learning and culture exchanging community. With HelloTalk you can connect with real people and exchange culture, language, and much more around the globe.

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6. Tandem

Similar to HelloTalk, Tandem is also a language learning community worldwide with nearly 5 million+ people of different countries, which helps them to interact with each other and exchange languages with the features like video call, voice call, audio & text messages.

This app supports more than 150+ languages and also even offers professional tutors.

Final Words:

Most of the apps we have tried to cover in this article have some different features. Some of these apps are free to use, and some also have a paid option there to opt for. Find the best one that is suitable for your requirements and try it free for a couple of days.

If it is really helpful for you, then you can try a paid option there for more features.

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