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Starting with a vision to deliver the latest technology and gadget updates, GADGET SKOOL is trying to improve its presence by delivering quality content to its reader consistently.

your support and suggestions will always deliver a big impact to grow with you in the industry.

We always try to provide solutions based on our first-hand experience, after using the product/services for quite some time. But in some cases, due to the unavailability of certain resources, we have to rely on the public feedback available online or offline.

All our articles are checked, tested, and proofread by industry experts who already have a good experience in the particular field.

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The Man Who Started! Alone:

Let me introduce myself quickly, I am Chinmay Kumar Panigrahi, a guy who has been truly passionate about technology & gadget-related stuff from his childhood days.

When I started growing with my formal education, my curiosity also grew about such stuff.

I planned to pursue my career in engineering and also got admitted to MCA(Masters in Computer Applications), while studying in my college days, I had several plans to create something on my own, except for the traditional job I was being offered.

I joined a few companies as a PHP developer, then switch my career to the Digital Marketing domain later, I was placed as Search Engine Optimization Manager, after a few years of experience in the DM field.

But, one fine day I realized that I need some more space; my own space. A space where I can dream big, do big, free from anything in this world, what I always wanted for.

I started my research about being an Internet entrepreneur, later I tried and failed in various fields in the Internet world, and what I got finally is the word Blogging.

I am a quick learner and always interested in new kinds of stuff, so without any further ado, I started a blog, and it failed.

Then, as usual… I QUIT!!

The Idea Behind This Blog:

After a few more years, I have again seen a spike in the field of Digital Marketing trends, mainly blogging. This time I had a concrete decision, to run a blog of my own, rather than just doing the client’s work.

But in the past years, what I learned about blogging & SEO are all gone dead, I started to learn everything from scratch and moved further slowly; step by step.

In the beginning, I was not sure about any niche, but as my passion is always about the technical stuff, I started this all alone, with just a handful amount of resources.

Throughout the journey, I collaborated with some expert tech enthusiasts from Telecom, IT, and Computer Science, who have a real passion for technology and they mostly are from well-qualified technical backgrounds with engineering degrees from top-level universities.

As featured in: Republic Bharat & Patrika.


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