Bluelight Filter Apps | Top 5 Android Apps to Protect your Eyes

Bluelight Filter Apps | Top 5 Android Apps to Protect your Eyes

Bluelight filter for Android: Are you in the search of some Android apps to protect your eyesight, because you are looking for long hours on your smartphone screen? Read this article to find out some of the best Bluelight filter apps for your device.

Bluelight filter apps are a must need today to protect our eyesight and improve our vision quality, as people continue to use smartphones throughout the day, it’s a common sign that our eyes will lead to strain and dryness due to the longer screen time.

Excessive screen brightness settings, especially at night time may impact your eyes and affect your sleep patterns due to the emitted Bluelight from your device.

There are several Bluelight filter apps for Android available on the Google Play store, that can help you to prevent, and protect your eyes from such types of harmful radiation to some extent. These apps help in filtering the Bluelight by adding an extra layer between the device display screen and the eyes.

Some of these apps have auto color adjustment and auto brightness adjustment settings which will automatically adjust the screen brightness for you, according to your Time Zone.

In this topic, we will discuss the top 5 Android apps to protect your eyes from blue light, if you’re having a high screen duration for your long work hours in front of a Smartphone or a Tablet.

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Best Android Apps to protect your eyes from Bluelight Radiations:

The applications listed in this article are designed to perform the same sort of work, choose the best app according to your device compatibility, & your convenience.

Note: Only use a single application and activate it to get the best effects, never install multiple applications and use them simultaneously.

1. Twilight

The Twilight app is one of the best blue light filter apps for Android that can be able to adapt your screen brightness, according to your local time settings on your device when there are sunset and sunrise.

The twilight app protects your eyes smoothly with a pleasant red filter. The filter intensity is adjusted smoothly to filter the flux of the blue light emitted by your smartphone or tablet screen.

Features of Twilight:

  • Bed Reading feature for late-night readers.
  • Control the intensity level by adjusting the slider.
  • Adjust Color temperature and screen dim functions.
  • Easily On/Off the filter when required.
  • Best compatible with the AMOLED screen also.

2. Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

Bluelight Filter for Eye Care app’s filter has a natural color that helps you read the online news, articles, and other similar stuff clearly while browsing the websites on your device.

This app doesn’t dim the screen, but rather adjusts the screen color to reduce the blue lights, that’s what makes it the best eye protection app for Android OS.

Features of Bluelight Filter for Eye Care:

  • Automatically adjust the screen brightness according to the external light environment to protect your eyes.
  • Screen filter with natural color adjusts the screen color to reduce eye strain.
  • Easily turn On/Off the screen filter according to the scheduled time automatically.
  • The image-processing AI technology lets you take screenshots without a screen filter.
  • Simple & easy to use screen filter with 7 different filter modes.
Bluelight Filter for Eye Care
Bluelight Filter for Eye Care

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3. Easy Eyes

Easy Eyes app is just one click away to reduce the blue lights from your device. This app mainly focuses on simplicity, that’s why not much customization and settings are added to set up for the user at the time of installation.

You can set the timings and the app will automatically start its work, according to that time format to protect your eyes from those harmful rays by changing the screen’s color temperature to protect your eyes from strain.

Features of Easy Eyes:

  • The lightweight screen filter app activates with just one click.
  • Temperature & brightness filter to adjust the screen brightness.
  • Schedule the sunrise and sunset timing to start the app automatically.
  • Simplicity is maintained to On/Off the filter with just a single Tap.
  • Easy to adjust the filter intensity from the notification bar while activated.
Developer: PalmerinTech
Price: Free

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4. Night Shift

Night Shift (Bluelight filter for Good Sleep) eye protection app protects your eyes 24 hours with its auto-timer, to maintain healthy eye habits.

The night filter in this app adjusts your screen to natural warm light, which helps you fight lower eye strain and saves your battery 15% more.

Features of Night Shift:

  • Care for your eyes & relieve eye strain with night mode.
  • Saves battery consumption by at least 15%.
  • Helps to maintain healthy eye habits.
  • Helps to get better sleep by reducing fatigue.
  • Many colors to choose from.

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5. Lux Lite

Lux Lite intelligently adjusts the screen brightness based on the environment you’re in. When you step into a dimly lit room the app automatically lowers the screen brightness to make you comfortable to read and also helps you to preserve the battery power of your device.

Simply open the dashboard of the app, to set up your light profile as per your need by adjusting the brightness slider. After that click on the ‘link‘ button, Lux will now use this new link as a reference for the future.

The free version of the Lux Lite is recently discontinued. However, there is a premium paid version available, that you can use if you want.

Features of Lux Lite:

  • Stable, custom & auto brightness features.
  • Subzero brightness for night viewing.
  • Auto night mode to change the color temperature of the display for comfortable night viewing.
  • Battery efficient.
  • Multiple profiles to choose between auto, day, night, cinema, etc.
Lux Auto Brightness
Lux Auto Brightness
Developer: Vito Cassisi
Price: $2.99

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Final Words:

To maintain a healthy vision, while working for long hours in front of a screen, along with protecting yourself from these harmful radiations, you have to follow some set of rules:

  • Start using a Bluelight filter application and also if possible, try using a protection glass in addition.
  • Try to lower the screen brightness, while not doing any highly detailed work.
  • Take little breaks in between. Such as work for a few times in front of the screen, and trying to avoid the screen for a couple of minutes by doing some other work not related to this.
  • Wash your eyes with normal water often, to keep them hydrated and clean.
  • Exercise can help you to improve the Blood flow properly, you can try a few exercises regularly. It will help you to have better eyesight.
  • Avoid computers or smartphones as much as possible, while not doing any important work. Don’t use such devices unnecessarily.
  • Maintain a minimum distance while working on a computer, and don’t get too close to the screen.
  • Eating healthy diets can help you a lot while maintaining good eye health.

Excessive exposure to digital screens may seriously land you in big trouble in the long run. You must educate your children not to perform such intensive tasks for a long time restlessly, cause most kids and teenagers are nowadays addicted to smartphones for no good reason.

Have a better Vision. πŸ™‚

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is a Bluelight filter app?

Bluelight is a specific kind of light that is emitted from our Computer/ Laptop and Mobile screens that seriously affect our vision, a Bluelight filter app simply acts as a filter between the screen & the human eye, by adding an extra layer of a filter with some customized changes to brightness, contrast & temperature settings of the screen light itself.

Is Bluelight dangerous for human eyes?

Blue light may seriously affect the vision, cause eye strain, and other disorders of the eyes, but some research says that it also has some good impacts as well, while excessive Blue light is definitely very very dangerous in the long run, it may cause permanent blindness too.

How to protect eyes from Bluelight?

One can stay away and protect themselves from Blue light by using Bluelight filters: Both Blue light filter apps & Blue light filter glasses combined can be a best practice, also try to minimize the excessive usage of mobile phones (mostly smartphones), and Computers/Laptops.

Take sufficient breaks while using these gadgets for a long session & perform healthy eye exercises to improve your vision.

Can Bluelight filters improve vision?

Please keep in mind that a Blue light filter cannot be able to improve your vision; if your vision is already affected, but to some extent, it will surely help you to prevent eye fatigue, blurry vision & headaches, that cause sleeplessness, cataracts, macular degeneration, etc…

Does the Blue light filter save battery?

Yes, a Bluelight filter can save your device battery power as it lowers the screen brightness in real-time.

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