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Top 6 Best TikTok Alternatives for Android (2021)

Are you interested to find out some of the best TikTok alternatives for Android smartphones?

Are you curious to create your favorite lip-sync or short video and showcase it to people with similar interests? then you are at the right place, follow this article to find out about other similar apps like TikTok to create your short video stories.

Finding the right app similar to TikTok is not hard if you carefully follow this article and move forward with the steps.

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What is TikTok? An introduction.

TikTok is the most popular video content creating a platform for short video stories or lip-sync videos. one can create his/a similar kind of video with any background music/ dialogues from any soundtrack of their choice.

TikTok is free to use and you can create your unique videos by using their free-to-use & powerful video editor with some awesome special effects added.

Once you create your short video you can share it with the community inside the app in front of millions of people to get fame & earn royalty.

One can also use other social sharing apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. to share those videos outside the community also.

A few days back TikTok ( is owned by TikTok) got banned in some countries like India, for some violations of their policies, and from then the other alternative applications started growing big, if your country banned TikTok for any reason, you can choose the best TikTok Alternatives for Android from the below list.

Top 6 Best TikTok Alternatives for Android :

Please note: The applications listed below are from my own review and not in priority order, please choose your favorite app according to the features of your own.

TikTok Alternative Indian Apps List

1. Likee

Formerly known as Like video, this application is still now known as the best alternative to TikTok. The application has grown very big in the past couple of years. People started using the Likee application mostly on a big scale when TikTok got banned in a few countries earlier than a few days.

With countless special effects and beautiful filters, you can create some amazing videos on this platform by using its free video editor. The application has a number of best features to create some creative content on your own with just a 1-tap.

Features of Likee :

  • Thousands of stickers and magic video filters to make your ideas come to life.
  • Meet millions of talented artists & celebrities from around the world, and make new friends from your nearest city.
  • Beautify filters and unique video effects let you create stunning videos instantly to share.
  • Add countless stickers, emoticons & music magic filters to your short video, and build a good fanbase.

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2. Vigo Video

Vigo Video is the next best alternative to TikTok on our list, this application got a huge fan followers in the last couple of years. The current active installation of the Vigo application in the play store is 100,000,000+ globally.

This is also a social video platform where you can share your daily lives with your friends and with the community worldwide. With tons of cute stickers & special effects crate your stunning short video easily.

Features of Vigo Video :

  • Turn your life moments into a 15-sec cool & artistic video with an all-in-one free video editor.
  • Variety of cute stickers & special effects to add to your videos.
  • A real-time beautify camera can enhance your look and skin tones along with magically smooth out your skin.
  • Meet new people with similar interests and show them your video, collaborate with them to build your fan base.
Vigo Video

3. Kwai

Kwai is another popular video-sharing platform for short video creators with a fan base of over 60 million globally. This application is also quite similar to TikTok.

This app (Kwai) provides free video editing features where you can capture, edit & share your videos with some 3D Kmoji and stickers available. Apart from that, this application supports cross-platform sharing where you can share your video contents outside the Kwai community too.

Features of Kwai :

  • Exclusive limited edition & motion-sensitive 3D Kmoji’s.
  • Lip-sync & dubbing with other video features like trim, cut & merge.
  • Add multiple face filters in one clip.
  • Free professional video tools make your video flawless.
  • Share to the kwai community, or share to other social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. with just one click.
Kwai - download & share video
Kwai - download & share video
Price: To be announced

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4. Dubsmash

Dubsmash has the world’s largest collection of sounds from your favorite songs, movies, or shows so that you can create your lip-sync videos & dance videos with your favorite music.

You can join, try, or even start a dance challenge and share it to get trending results within the community.

Features of Dubsmash :

  • Create lip-sync or dance videos with your favorite music, quote, or dialog.
  • Share with other friends to get views on your profile, you can also share on Instagram, Facebook, or WhatsApp.
  • Follow other Dubsmash users and get followings too.
  • Try or join a dance challenge to get trending.

5. Funimate

Another similar app like TikTok is the Funimate, where you find the music video editor to compose your videos with great video & text effects to get featured and show off your creativity.

Funimate instantly transforms your everyday life moments into creative & cool videos with unique real-time effects added with text, emoji & stickers.

Features of Funimate :

  • More than 100 video effects to choose from for your videos with the free video editor.
  • Easily add favorite music to your videos from the collections.
  • Add emojis, text, and stickers to enhance your creativity with slow-motion or lip-sync videos.
  • Create collab videos with your best friends and share them with others.
  • Show your creativity and get featured to grow your fan base inside the community.

6. MuStar

MuStar is a lip-sync short video maker & editor with some amazing effects and filters added to it. There are millions of songs available to choose from to create your amazing video using your phone camera.

Add beautiful special effects like slow motion, fast, reverse, fade with unique lip-sync and dance clips mechanism developed by the team, create beautiful videos, and share those to gain subscribers & become famous.

Features of MuStar :

  • A huge database of songs and movie excerpts available.
  • Powered with cool video effects.
  • Create your own lip-sync or dance video with just one 1-click, no registration is needed.
  • Participate in contests to compete with others in the community.
  • Easily share your videos with other friends on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok & WhatsApp.
MuStar Lip Sync Battle Tik TT
MuStar Lip Sync Battle Tik TT

Similar Apps Like TikTok Made in India:

The below-mentioned apps are some of the Indian alternatives to the popular short-video creation app TikTok, which you can try to use also.

  1. Moj by ShareChat
  2. Trell
  3. Roposo
  4. Bolo Indya
  5. Chingari
  6. Josh
  7. MX TakaTak

Don’t forget to comment your opinion about this post on Best TikTok Alternatives for Android, if you like it, don’t hesitate to share it with others by using your favorite social media platforms.

Keep grooving !! 🙂

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