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Plagiarism is a severe issue in academia and online content creation, as it has far-reaching consequences for individuals and organizations. So, to avoid those consequences, organizations and individuals use plagiarism detection tools to find any plagiarism traces in their work before its publication. And among those plagiarism checkers, one of the most popular tools is

In this guide, we’ll take an in-depth look at the different aspects of this tool. We’ll discuss its working mechanism, advantages, and disadvantages, which will help you decide whether to use this tool or not. So, without any further ado, let’s begin this honest review guide. Shall we? – An Introduction

As the name depicts, Check-Plagiarism helps users to check the uniqueness and plagiarism of their work in no time. The tool compares the given text with all resources available on the internet to find the plagiarism traces in it (if any).

This online checker allows writers, teachers, and students to perform a content originality test on their text quickly. This way, they can quickly identify whether or not their text contains content duplication. And if it does, they can remove that duplication before getting into trouble.
This plagiarism detection tool is a freemium utility. Therefore, visitors and unregistered users or people registered with its free plan can only check the plagiarism of 1000 words in one shot for free. But if you have purchased its premium plan, you can check the plagiarism of up to 20000 words.

Note: You can get more detail about the pricing plan of this tool by reading the ‘Available Pricing Plans’ section.

Working Mechanism of This Tool

When it comes to determining the originality status, this tool compares the entered text with billions of pages and documents available on the internet. It uses advanced AI algorithms to scan each sentence in the uploaded text and compare it with online resources. That’s how this tool determines the traces of plagiarism in the entered text.
Thus, once this tool has completed the scan for plagiarism, it will provide the users with a detailed report. The detailed report will contain the following tabs:

• The ‘Sentence-wise results’ tab will list all the sentences of uploaded text and show their originality status. If a sentence contains a text box (along with the text ‘Compare’), this indicates an unoriginal sentence. On the other hand, the absence of such a text box indicates the original sentence.
• The ‘Matched Sources’ tab will contain all the sources of the plagiarized text.

Real-Time Testing

Since we are discussing an honest review of Check-Plagiarism here, we’ll also perform a real-time test on this tool. Doing so will help you understand the worth of this list.
Here, we’ll use one of our already published content to perform a real-time test in order to check the accuracy of this tool. After running the content, we’ve got the following results:

The checker has accurately detected the plagiarism (100%) as it was copied from our published article. It highlights the plagiarized sentences and provides the sources of matched content.

As you can see in the above images, this tool has determined that the sample text is completely plagiarized. So, the results of this tool are accurate.

Key Features of Using This Tool

Now that you’ve understood the working and output presenting mechanism of, it’s time to discuss the key benefits of this tool. So, here is a complete list of benefits we’ve found while testing this tool:

1. User-Friendly UI has a simple user interface, which makes it easier to operate. So, anybody can upload the documents into this tool and quickly determine their originality.

2. Sentence-Wise Checking

As we’ve already mentioned, this tool is a sentence-wise plagiarism detector. So, when users input the text into this tool, it parses text into sentences and then compares each sentence against billions of online resources.

3. Fast Results

This tool has one of the fastest plagiarism-checking engines we’ve ever seen. In fact, it has completed the plagiarism scan of the above-specified sample text in under 10 seconds.

4. Exclude a Resource

This plagiarism checker is one of the few tools that has a dedicated section for excluding the URL of a specific web page. To exclude the URL, add any particular web page URL to the ‘URL that you want to exclude’ box.

Thus, once you’ve added a link in the specified box, this tool will not compare the entered text against the text of that web page.

5. Integration Support

Suppose you run an organization or education institute. In that case, you don’t have to build your own plagiarism checker. Instead, you can use this tool’s integration support (API integration or WordPress plugin).

Thus, whether your institute has a WordPress website or not, you can integrate this tool’s plagiarism detection capability into your website.

6. Plagiarism Report Generation

After the completion of a plagiarism scan, you can click on the ‘Download Plagiarism Report’ button to download the stats of your plagiarism scan in the form of a report.

This way, you can share the stats of a plagiarism session with your colleagues, teachers, and others. However, this feature is only available for premium members.

Available Pricing Plans

As we’ve mentioned earlier, this tool is a freemium web utility. So, if its free mode is not enough for you, you can purchase its premium plan, which revolves around four methods:

• Weekly

This pricing plan is suitable for students because it starts at $7/week. So, if you purchase it, the word count limit of this tool will increase to 7000.

• Monthly

Suppose you need to check 7000+ words in one try, or you don’t like paying every week. In that case, you can choose this pricing plan, which starts at $20/month.
In this pricing plan, the word count limit of this tool will increase to 20000.

• Semi-Annual and Annual

Both these pricing plans suit content writers because they have to write a huge chunk of words daily. So, you will get 50000-100000 queries and the permission to check 20000 words in one go with these pricing plans.
If you want more detail about these pricing plans, you can check the following image:


In light of the above-specified key benefits, let’s discuss some pros of using this tool.

  • Due to this tool’s simple UI, users will not need any training to operate this tool. So, the learning curve is zero here.
  • Unlike some other online tools, Check-Plagiarism is available in 14 popular languages. So, this tool is a good option for organizations operating in different countries because they can use one license to run it in multiple languages. And here is the complete list of supported languages in this tool:
  • Despite having a faster plagiarism detection engine, the results of this tool are pretty accurate. In fact, the outcomes specified in the ‘Real-Time Testing’ section prove this claim.
  • Since this tool highlights the plagiarized portions in the output, identifying plagiarized fragments in lengthy documents is easier here.
  • Although the name ‘Check-Plagiarism’ indicates that it is a plagiarism checker, this platform can do more than that. It has some additional valuable modules. So, you can also use those tools and completely benefit from this web utility.


As we’ve mentioned earlier, this is an honest review guide. Therefore, after discussing the benefits, it is essential to mention the drawbacks. And here are a few disadvantages of using this tool:

  • Ads are running in the free version of this tool.
  • The word count limit in the free version might be an issue for some people.
  • The official website also mentions that this tool can determine the originality status of documents in real-time. But that’s not the case. It can only perform a check for content duplication upon hitting the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button. So, this statement is another lousy marketing trap.

Some Additional Modules Associated With

As we’ve already mentioned, is a web utility of six tools. So, besides performing a scan for plagiarism, here is the complete list of modules associated with this website:

• Text Summarizer

As the name depicts, this module will generate the text summary with the help of AI algorithms.

• Grammar Checker

The ‘Grammar Checker’ will check the content (written in multiple languages) for grammatical errors.

• Citation Generator

Suppose this web utility’s plagiarism detector module finds some plagiarism traces. In that case, you can cite the sources of those traces in APA, Chicago, and MLA styles with one click using its citation generator.

• Plagiarism Comparison Search

As the name depicts, this tool will compare two URLs or files against each other to determine the claims of self-plagiarism or accidental plagiarism.

Final Words:

Check-Plagiarism is a valuable tool for people who write daily and need a plagiarism checker for free. It is fast, mostly accurate, and provides a detailed plagiarism report. Besides, the user-friendly interface and support for multiple languages make it an accessible and practical solution for people with different backgrounds.

You can even purchase its premium plan if the free plan’s limitations are insufficient for you. But before purchasing its premium plan, we recommend reading the details of different pricing plans. And if you need a helping hand, you can read the above discussion. This way, you can identify which pricing plan suits your need.

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