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Screen Time & its Impacts | How to Maintain a Healthy Screen Time

Screen time: A word that is becoming a buzz these days. The world has almost shifted completely towards digitalization. Everyone has some sort of digital equipment that they are using in their daily life.

Whether it is about making a phone call or one has to operate their electronic gadgets, we almost use digital gadgets everywhere.

Where the introduction of electronic gadgets has smoothened up our daily lives, to a greater extent, they are negatively affecting our lives as well.

So, it gets quite important for everyone to maintain a healthy screen time throughout to stay prevented from the negative impacts of the digital world.

This guide is designed to provide you with a proper explanation about what screen time is, what are its impacts and how to maintain a healthy screen time.

What is Screen Time?

Screen time is the total time spent on using a screen device such as a smartphone, video game console, television, computer system, and different others.

Yet it may seem to be quite interesting, but the larger screen time spent affects the physical and mental health of a person and the issues get almost doubled when it comes to children.

Children are the most who face the consequences of the screen time spent. Whether it is positive or it is negative the health effects of screen time are influenced by the content of exposure and its level.

So, if you are interested in lowering down the negative impact of screened devices on your health, it is always suggested to keep the exposure low.

Due to the rapid increase in the issues being caused by the higher screen time in the last few years, some governments have started placing regulations also on the usage of total screen time.

What are the impacts of higher screen time?

It is regardless of how larger screen time can affect the physical and mental health of a person. If you are interested in knowing exactly how just have a look at the consequences we are about to provide you below:

The strain on eyes and body

The eyes are one of the most affected parts of one’s body due to screen time. Spending out hours while staring at a screen can roll down your body and eyes. It not only stresses one’s eyes but also lets you feel them dry.

Excessive use of devices with screens can lead to retina damage and can further blur the vision as well.

Myopia is one of the biggest issues that is usually being caused by higher screen time. Moreover, staring consistently at our screen affects the body posture as well. It can cause stiffness in your back and may also cause your shoulders and neck pain. 

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is another one of the most common things that are being caused by excessive screen time. Higher will be the amount of screen time you are currently having, the higher will it affect your sleep.

The majority of the screen devices emit blue lights that further interfere with the production of the sleep hormone i.e. melatonin and cause sleep apnea.

It is always advisable for a person to avoid digital devices right before bedtime as it will make it harder for you to fall asleep. 


Obesity is one of the other most common side effects of the higher screen effect that one may face.

Higher will be the time of usage of digital devices, higher will be the possibility that you will deprive yourself of doing different physical activities and exercises.

Moreover, people used to snack more while looking at digital devices and that will further increase your body weight. 

Chronic health conditions

An increase in the level of obesity levels up the risk of different chronic diseases to a greater extent. The chances get doubled that one may face diseases like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Sitting for longer hours while using digital devices can spike up the insulin level in your body and can also further lead to the accumulation of fat in your bloodstream.

Lower mental health

The worst thing about higher screen time is that it affects mental health the worst. It affects the very structure of your brain by shrinking down the grey matter of your brain deforming the white matter.

It lowers down the concentration level, weakens memory and impulse control, and slows down information processing, etc.

Lower socializing

Excessive usage of digital devices has affected our social life as well. It not only improves real-time interactions but also may lead us towards anti-social tendencies. 

How to maintain a healthy screen time?

One can easily maintain a healthy screen time by just following up on some tips and these are:

  • Create some rules for screen usage and make sure you are following them
  • Make your daily physical schedule and try to follow it strictly
  • Ensure to aim at shorter screen time sessions always
  • Try to indulge your kids in extracurricular activities
  • Socialize yourself and try to widen up your friendship level
  • Spend quality time with your family regularly
  • Beware of using digital gadgets just before you go to the bed
  • Make sure to focus on your family time especially during meals

But in case you can’t avoid working on computers or smartphones for a long duration due to the nature of your profession, then you can try using a Bluelight filter application while working in front of a screen for a longer period, which will help you to reduce the effects to some extent.

You can check some recommended Blue light filter apps from the below link for your device.

Bluelight filter apps for Android devices

Bluelight filter Softwares for PC & Laptop

Final Words:

Digital gadgets have for sure smoothened up everyone’s life but it has affected our physical, mental, and social health as well. Everyone has become busier now while clocking at their different screen devices and that somewhere has to lead up to different issues.

We have tried above to introduce you to what actually is screen time and how it is badly affecting our life. Maintaining a healthier screen time is not for sure so difficult. Just some rules to follow up and that’s it.

We have also listed up some of the best tips for maintaining a healthy screen time. I hope this guide will resolve your different queries and will lead you towards a healthy lifestyle.

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