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Top 5 Best Bluelight Filter Softwares For PC/Laptop

best bluelight filter softwares for PC and laptop

Do you spend most of your time clocking on electronic gadgets? Are you currently facing issues like eye strain, occasional headaches, and dry eyes? If yes, it is always advisable for the person to reduce the total screen time. But we know that it is not possible in all cases, especially when you have to … Read more

Screen Time & its Impacts | How to Maintain a Healthy Screen Time

screen time health impacts and solutions

Screen time: A word that is becoming a buzz these days. The world has almost shifted completely towards digitalization. Everyone has some sort of digital equipment that they are using in their daily life. Whether it is about making a phone call or one has to operate their electronic gadgets, we almost use digital gadgets … Read more

Bluelight Filter Apps | Top 5 Android Apps to Protect your Eyes

android apps to protect your eyes from bluelight | eye protection app

Bluelight filter for Android: Are you in the search of some Android apps to protect your eyes? Read this article in detail, to find out some of the best Bluelight filter apps for your device. Bluelight filter apps are a must need today to protect our eyes and improve our vision quality, as people use … Read more