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Top 5 Best LIVE Wallpaper Apps for Android Phones (3D/4K/4D)

When you put a beautiful live wallpaper on your smartphone screen, it looks stunning and beautiful. This is why LIVE wallpaper apps are always in demand.

Although there are hundreds of 3D Live wallpaper apps available on various app stores to choose from, it is indeed a difficult job to find the best one around there.

In this article we have suggested the top 5 best 3D LIVE Wallpaper apps for Android smartphone users, that will bring a stunning look and feel on your display instantly whenever you try it.

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Things to note before using live wallpaper on your smartphone:

  • Live wallpapers consume a good amount of hardware resources along with power, so if your device configuration is low or you have very few memory spaces left on your device, then just don’t go for it.
  • Live wallpaper apps will drain your battery fast, you might face a low-battery issue almost frequently.
  • Performs well with a high amount of free space availability environment for both physical memory (storage) & virtual memory (RAM). If your device is full of a high volume of heavy applications like utility and gaming apps, better avoid it.
  • Most of the wallpaper apps are not developed by highly skilled professionals or from a well-trusted company, so there are most chances of security risks. Make sure you’re using it with your proper knowledge and information about the app. Don’t provide unnecessary permissions like Camera, contacts, etc.. to the app, if the app is requesting for such permissions then delete and uninstall it immediately and clear the cache.

Best 3D Live Wallpaper Apps for Android :

  1. Pixel 4D
  2. Walloop
  3. Parallax Live Wallpapers
  4. Water Garden Live Wallpaper
  5. Parallax Background HD

Note: The applications listed below are not in order, feel free to choose any one of those as per your choice.

1. Pixel 4D

Pixel 4D comes with 250+ High-quality AMOLED display wallpapers with 3D & 4D effects. The quality of the wallpapers is super amazing and when applied to your smartphone display, the phone looks stunning and totally different.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the wallpapers are available from different categories from animals, space, characters, superheroes, flowers, fish, and so many other categories to choose from according to your interest.

Features of Pixel 4D :

  • Easy to apply on home screen and lock screen for any device types.
  • 3D Holograms & animated backgrounds from many different categories.
  • Fully customizable and Battery efficient AMOLED Live wallpapers.
  • Embedded search engine to search your favorites from the app itself.
  • New collections added frequently.
Pixel 4D™ Live Wallpapers
Pixel 4D™ Live Wallpapers
Developer: TarrySoft
Price: Free

2. Walloop

This is another good app with some beautiful & seriously stunning live wallpapers collection in 4k quality, which means the quality of the wallpaper and lock screen resolution will be awesome just like real objects.

This app features various categories of wallpapers from Anime, Abstract, 3D, Amoled, Animals, Artwork, Blur, Bokeh, Dark, Legends (TV series, Super Heroes), Material, Minimal, Mountains, Polyscapes, Quotes, Scenic, Space, Universe and other 30+ categories.

Features of Walloop (W.Engine) :

  • Thousands of exclusive HD wallpapers with Live lock screen feature.
  • Real 4K and 8K wallpapers with low battery consumption-optimized.
  • You can choose your videos as live wallpapers easily.
  • Auto wallpaper changer to change your wallpaper randomly from 30+ premium categories.
  • Available with ringtones and sound notifications.
Wall.Engine Live Wallpapers 4K
Wall.Engine Live Wallpapers 4K
Developer: Walloop
Price: Free

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3. Parallax Live Wallpapers

This wallpaper application has featured some of the best parallax 3D backgrounds for your live wallpaper needs in various categories. Most of the wallpapers available in this application are of 2K & 4K quality.

The mixture of uniquely crafted 3D, static, and parallax wallpapers is seriously amazing and comes with some best features like an auto wallpaper changer along with 2-time frames that you can customize yourself.

Features of Parallax Live Wallpapers :

  • The images are designed in such a way that gives you amazing hologram effect, while you tilt your device.
  • Auto wallpaper changer let you set your specific time, so that you can change to any random wallpapers available automatically.
  • More than 25+ popular categories of wallpapers available for all kind of users.
  • Both home screen and lock screen supported 3D wallpapers.
Parallax 3D Wallpapers
Parallax 3D Wallpapers
Developer: HD Pro Walls
Price: Free

4. Water Garden Live Wallpaper (Koi Pond)

A marvelous 3D wallpaper with beautiful live fishes in a water pond looks ultra-realistic when applied over your smartphone screen. This creates unique water ripples and waves with your finger gestures on the screen.

A collection of truly rich & beautiful natural scenes with every pixel clearly polished just for your amusement.

Features of Water Garden Live Wallpaper :

  • Top-class water ripple effects with almost zero extra power consumption save your battery.
  • The Koi-fish bodies are made of true 3D models to provide expressive animation effects.
  • High-definition graphics with high visual quality for all sizes of device displays.
  • Advanced features to personalize your live water garden.
Water Garden Live Wallpaper
Water Garden Live Wallpaper

5. Parallax Background HD

If you are a fan of superheroes or those cartoon characters, then this application is the one for you. This app has a decent collection of 3D characters and superheroes with some stunning parallax effects.

It can be used for both home screen and lock screen purposes & packed with real 3D depth effect with motion-controlled multi-layered parallax images.

Features of Parallax Background HD :

  • From space wallpapers to superheroes, a wide variety of collections.
  • Parallax, 3D, and 4K wallpapers with smooth rendering designed for both phones & tablets.
  • Battery efficient and works with gyroscope, accelerometer.
  • No advertisements. Also, you can add your own customized wallpapers to the list and share it.
Parallax 3D Live Wallpapers
Parallax 3D Live Wallpapers
Developer: TarrySoft
Price: Free

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Final words :

So these were some of the cool collections of 3D Parallax Live wallpapers for Android. All of these apps are available in the Google Play Store to download and use for free, some of the apps have paid listings or advertisements there too.

If you have any suggestions to add to the list you can mention them in the comments section.

Leave us your queries, and don’t forget to share the article with others.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs):

Are the live wallpaper apps safe to use?

There is no potential risk associated while using a live wallpaper app, but make sure you download and install it from the official app store.

Do live wallpaper apps drain the battery fast?

Yes, live wallpaper apps can lead to drain the battery fast as compared to a static wallpaper.

Which is the best 3D live wallpaper app?

You can select the Pixel 4D app, it has some stunning & beautiful live wallpapers.

Do live wallpaper apps steal user data?

There is no exact-fact related to this, it may. But you must be aware of what permissions you are allowing while the installation of the app.

Do live wallpaper apps slow down the mobile?

Well, it depends upon your usage pattern and device type. If you have a lot of device resources available, you can use them without any worries.

But if you are using an older device with fewer resources(RAM/Processor/Storage) you may experience some lags.

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