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FileHippo: Is FileHippo Safe to Download Free Software?

FileHippo Review: FileHippo is the online website that allows you and provides the easiest methods of downloading the latest software versions of the software. Users can download the software without any excessive popups or ads. It only focused on qualitative software. 

FileHippo vets all of the programs it features on its site and makes sure that none of them contain malware that could be harmful to your computer or could try to steal your information.

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What is FileHippo?

Website Name:FileHippo
Website Started(year):2004
Website Language:English
Website Type:Software / Application Downloading

Well-Known Media, a technology company based in the United Kingdom, founded FileHippo in 2004. In 2014, the site added a news section. The software contained by the website updates in different categories like browsers, anti-malware, messaging, system tuning, file transfer, desktop, and many more. This website also provides filtering features that permit users to view freeware and non-beta software.Β website provides RSS feeds for updates, categories, and different individual programs. Even if new updates come, it also keeps the record and files of the old version of the program. 

How FileHippo Work?

It has a file manager that scans the user’s device for application installation to check the version. Then it sends this data to FileHippo to determine if any new updates or releases are available. If any new updates are available, they are shown in the browser’s screen window to be downloaded and installed. 

It uses 59 technology products and services containing JQuery, Google Analytics, and HTML 5. It also dynamically uses various technologies for the website, and it includes the SSL, iPhone, or mobile compatible and viewport meta.

Disclaimer: This article is meant for educational/informational purposes only. We have no intention to promote piracy or illegal downloading of licensed products. The author and the writer of this article will not be responsible for any mishappenings, you must be well aware of what you are doing and how to protect yourself.

How to download the free software using FileHippo?

  • Open the browser and type FileHippo.Com
  • You will see the official site and click on that URL
  • On the next page, you will see the popular software list
  • Click on that list, and you will get several types of software
  • Also, on the right side of the website, you will see the different windows option at the top
  • You will see Windows, Mac, Web Applications, and Android
  • If you are using a Mac system, ensure that you click on the Mac option
  • Then after refreshing the page, you will get the Mac-related software
  • Click on any software tab you have to download then you will get the new page that shows all the information regarding that software
  • At the top of the right side, you will see the Download from Here tab. Click on it
  • In a few minutes, the software will get downloaded to your system
  • Install the software

You will also get the previous version of the software, so you can also download them based on your preferences. You can also use a filter to limit your search to only free software or exclude beta versions from the results.

List of the software categories available on the FileHippo Website:

You can choose from an extensive library of programs at FileHippo. On FileHippo, there are more programs than you could install on your computer.

You will get the following categories:

Browser, desktop, games, leisure, personalization, social and messaging, system tunning and utilities, maps and travel learning, file sharing, multimedia, security and VPN, office and news. These are the main categories provided by FileHippo.Β 

It contains a vast range of software: Wordle, PowerApps, SuperSaaS, Social Rebel, Avast Business Antivirus, FUT 22 Web Application, Smartsheet, Asana, Zoho Projects, and many more.Β 

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Is FileHippo safe to use?

Yes, it is safe to use. FileHippo thoroughly vets all of the programs it promotes on its website to ensure that none contain malware that could harm your computer or attempt to steal your personal information. 

FileHippo constantly updates itself to provide the most up-to-date products while also ensuring that they are all safe. As a result, FileHippo is one of the most trusted downloading sites online, with over three billion downloads. It also has a constantly updated thread of tech news on its homepage.

Risk of using FileHippo:

As the FileHippo application or online site is safe to use, you won’t face any malware attacks or glitches. FileHippo is a third-party website that allows you to download pre-compiled versions of programs. It’s impossible to tell if these programs have been altered from their original state or bundled with other software.

Alternative options of Filehippo:

  • Softpedia: 

Softpedia is a collection of over a million free and trial applications for Windows, Mac, Linux, and smartphones, as well as games and drivers, as well as tech-related news and reviews.

It has a sizable collection of valuable software. It is safe to use, but you must exercise extreme caution when installing any software, you obtain. Installers frequently include crapware, which pays the publisher for including it in the installer.

  • Software Informer:

Information Hunters can benefit from free software. Software Informer is a unique piece of software that keeps users up to date on the computer programs they are interested in. The software also ensures that installed software is kept up to date by automatically performing required updates.

  • Product hunt:

Product Hunt is a website where users can share and discover new technology products. New products can be posted or hunted by product makers and other users for other Product Hunt users to check out, upvote, review, discuss and share.

  • Uptodown:

Uptodown is focused on enhancing the value of this content. Uptodown is more than just an APK store; we also provide reliable information in the form of app reviews, videos, and other editorial content created in-house by our team of editors to assist users in making more informed decisions.

These are the topmost alternative application of the FileHippo, which work the same as FileHippo and has a massive range of audiences. 

Final Words:

The above data states that FileHippo is a safe and secure website that covers most of the software categories. You will get the detailed steps of downloading the software through FileHippo. This software does not cause any malware attacks, so it is safe to use for all operating systems and mobile applications. 

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