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Top 11 Free Online Movie Streaming Websites(Legal)

High-speed internet is introduced in thousands of regions across the world, and cable internet service has gotten cheaper. The broadband companies started to offer higher upload and download to the customers, which opened the new gate for streaming.

Most Television networks started their streaming services online, and they want to grab the attention of the people and retain the audience. Fortunately, we have seen some existing platforms offering a wide range of movies collection for free of charge.

Free Online Movie Streaming Websites:

Note: Please follow all the guidelines for different websites before streaming or downloading any content, the site authors or administrators are not responsible for any misleading activities. This content is only meant for informational purposes only. We never promote piracy by any means.


The Archive is a Way Back Machine project, where you can find content that is older than two decades. Overall, it is a robust platform that can be used in many ways. The Archive has an active audience coming from professional internet marketers and digital media experts because it offers a look back at the domain and content. However, you can use it to find media content and download movies or stream them online.

Step 1: Go to Archive to click on “Videos” and then click on “All Video” from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Type the movie name in the search and hit the enter button. Once the search results show up, then click on the movie title.

Step 3: You can download the movie file locally or watch it.

Either way, you can find movies that are no longer available in mainstream services. We have looked for this movie for a long time on official websites but failed. Finding the movie in Archive is a surprise, which makes it a fruitful source to check out for online movie streaming absolutely free of charge.

Visit Archive

2. Sony LIV

Sony LIV is operated by Sony Network India, which has a massive library of paid movies and free movies. The collection of new Indian cinemas and shows won’t leave you disappointed. Viewers can find tons of free media content on the platform, including movies. You have to pay for premium content, such as newly released movies.

Visit Sony LIV

3. Hotstar

Hotstar operated by Walt Disney Company offers free media content and paid media content on the platform. You can watch a massive collection of Disney movies and Bollywood movies in different languages. Disney acquired the streaming platform in 2019 to expand the services, but the free content is available without limitations.

Visit Hotstar

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4. Sony Crackle

Crackle is available in the USA and Australia and is not available outside of the two countries. You can watch tons of free movies and originals series from the Sony network. Crackle also has a wide range of anime collections that you can watch for free of charge. Unfortunately, it is restricted to two countries only, but accessing is not a problem with a VPN service.

Sony added a premium section to generate income from subscriptions, but free movies are available to watch without limitations.

Visit Sony Crackle

5. Kanopy

Kanopy is a free-to-view portal designed for freebies, and they do have a business model to generate income out of the service. If you are a university student or part of a university with a public library card, then you are good to go. By filling up the small requirements, you can watch critically acclaimed movies under the “free” category.

Kanopy has plenty of critically acclaimed movies such as Momento, Room, Donnie Darko Ex Machina, Seven Samurai, Modern Times, Let the Right One in, and more. The library is not restricted to young teens, and it is open for all ages and watches movies like The Great Dictator, Lady Bird, Moonlight, M, and the list keep goes on.

Visit Kanopy

6. Vudu

Vudu is an American company that is in the lending industry but later switched digital lending as time passed by. Fortunately, Vudu did not give up on the freebies and added 5000+ free movies in the library. Vudu did not miss out on TV Shows and Kids, which is one of the things that we appreciate. In the free content, you can view thousands of shows, movies, and cartoons.

In movies, you can watch popular titles like Scream, Dusk Dawn, Dark Tide, Sundown, Agent Fox, Daughter of the Wolf, and more. However, Vudu implemented advertisements on the free content to monetize it, and earn back a few bucks to service going.

Regardless of the advertisements, you can access old movies and a massive collection of free media content. You won’t find the latest releases on the platform because Vudu cannot purchase expense copyrights of the movies.

Visit Vudu

7. Dailymotion

Dailymotion is a second popular video-sharing platform that has millions of audiences across the platform. We would not say that it is an excellent platform to find free movies, but it is an excellent secondary source. The video-sharing website could not grab the limelight due to the immense rise of Google acquired YouTube, but we believe it has the potential to offer movies.

The French-based video-sharing site is plagued by display advertisements to generate income. Viewers have to watch video advertisements coming from third-party advertisers and bear it. We did spot some inappropriate display ads, and you have to look out for them. Dailymotion does not have a vast library, but it is an excellent source to find free movies.

Visit Dailymotion

8. Tubi TV

Tubi is operated by Fox Corporation and is available in the USA, Mexico, United Kingdom, and Australia. Since Fox is not available across the world, it has been restricted to countries based on availability. Tubi is a powerful portal to find free Hollywood movies, including TV Shows, Original series, and other genres.

Viewers don’t have to sign up for a free account and watch free content in one click. Fox is a brand that has responsive servers and high-level caching performance that will leave you stunned. Viewers can watch a wide range of genres, such as Anime, Documentary, Comedy, Drama, Faith, Family movies, Crime, Classic, Action, and more. We have noticed that there are movies with English subtitles in the video, and that’s ideal for media consumers.

Visit Tubi TV

9. IMDb TV

IMDb TV is new to streaming but is an excellent source to find free movies online. The popular portal operated by Amazon, which is expanding its services in the United States of America and is available for free. You won’t be bored by the IMDb because they have a massive collection of movies available at your disposal.

Watch the video media content in 1080p, 720p, and 480p, and lower are available depending on the movie selected. If you are outside of the USA, then a good VPN might do the job for you. The responsive servers won’t allow your connection to buffer and enjoy a smooth experience.

Visit IMDb TV

10. YouTube

YouTube is acquired by Google from a decade, but they kept working on the platform for years to make it the best video search engine in the world. YouTube launched a paid “Movies” section for the world, but you can browse through dubbed video content for free.

Of course, YouTube is a Google product that has to comply with country-based copyright laws. You won’t get every new release on the platform due to strict copyright policies. However, we do recommend checking out free movies uploaded by the users, which does not come under the violation. For instance, Dragon Ball movies are available on the platform and view them without paying for them. Browse through Anime, Drama, Comedy, Dubbed, and more on the YouTube video-sharing platform.

Apart from the other services, YouTube is still considered the best free online movie streaming website globally, there are tons of movies uploaded on a daily basis, by respective channel owners.

Visit YouTube

11. Stremio

Stremio is not a website to watch movies, but it is an executable Windows, macOS, and Linux program. You have to download the program and install add-ons from the store. We have watched hundreds of movies, shows, and media content that is not available in our country. It is not illegal to use Stremio in any country, but you have to be careful to choose the correct add-ons.

The streaming service has torrent add-ons that enable you to watch the latest movies from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and another portal for free of charge.

Stremio has a massive library of TV Shows, Movies, and Netflix & Amazon Prime content. Select the correct add-ons, or you might get prosecuted by the court of law. But, there’s no way to regulate such programs due to the complicated technology used in the making. Do not let Stremio install “JSNode” Javascript because it is unnecessary.

Visit Stremio

Final Words:

In this article, We have compiled a list of free online movie streaming sources to watch and don’t have to worry about lawsuits. We do recommend checking out the sources and find the movie that you want to watch without hiccups. Let us know which one has worked for you in the comment section below.

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