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Top 8 Best Call Recorders for Android (2022)

Best Call Recorders for Android: Have you ever tried to record a call on your phone while in a conversation but at last ended up with no call recording apps installed on your device?

Sometimes when we are on a telephonic conversation and discuss a few important topics, but later in our busy schedule we forget the important things that we are about to do in a few hours, it may be an important address, a phone number, or even some common things that need to be remembered.

Don’t you think this problem is even a big one, assume in a condition with all the possibilities discussed above, information is more important than anything, even to record any fraud calls you to need a call recorder too.

Few Android smartphones come with in-built call recorders, but not all. This is where the other smartphone manufacturers lack.

Today in this topic we have discussed with 8 best call recorders for Android, which will help you to record, manage and share your recordings easily. stay tuned to the complete article.

Please note: All call recording apps have some limited functionalities, and we have not mentioned the numbers by any priority or choice, you are free to choose any of them from the below list as per your requirement & device compatibility.

Important: Recording a call without the knowledge of the caller may not be legal in some countries/ states. Please follow the guidelines for your country before starting anything.

Top 8 Best Call Recorders for Android:

1. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder for Android is a lightweight & hidden call recording app that can help you to record calls as well as voice recording also. It also has featured a cloud account where you can store your recordings.

This recording app is pretty simple to use and has a good user interface, the active installation of this application is nearly 100,000,000+, so it can be a pretty good choice for your recording needs.

Features of Automatic Call Recorder:

  • Set which calls to be recorded and which to be ignored.
  • Automatically save your call to your default storage on your phone.
  • Integration with Google Drive, Dropbox, and cloud accounts as well.
  • Save, listen, & share your recordings easily.
Automatic Call Recorder
Automatic Call Recorder
Developer: Appliqato
Price: Free

2. Truecaller

Truecaller is the most popular yet trusted call management app that recently rolled out the call recording feature. If you are a Truecaller user, then you can use its call recording features from now on.

Truecaller is a free app, but the call recording feature is not available in the free version, you have to purchase the premium plan to enable the recording features.

Features of Truecaller:

  • Smart messaging : Automatically identifies and blocks spam or telemarketing messages.
  • Caller ID : Displays caller name & information automatically for all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • UPI payments : Quick mobile recharges, bill payments and instant money transfers by using bank accounts with BHIM-UPI.
  • Call recorder : Record important phone calls & save them to your phone.
Truecaller: Block Spam Calls
Truecaller: Block Spam Calls
Developer: Truecaller
Price: Free

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3. Call Recorder – CallX

CallX is one of the best solutions for Android call recording, this call recorder app enables call recording features automatically when someone places a call on your smartphone.

With a beautiful & modern design, the application featured with caller ID to track unknown numbers as well.

Features of CallX:

  • Manual or auto call recording for both side voice.
  • Filter option available to record specific calls or for all calls.
  • Recording playback available easily for upload or share.
  • Caller ID in-built for identification of unknown numbers.
Call Recorder - callX
Call Recorder - callX
Price: Free

4. Call Recorder – (ACR)

Another Call Recorder (ACR) is a simple and powerful call recording application available in the play store.

It is one of the best and most advanced recorders with so many features included, such as password-protected recordings, delayed recordings, etc. This app is also available in a pro version which will let you access the cloud service integration feature.

Features of Call Recorder ACR:

  • List & search recordings by matching phone numbers, contact name, etc..
  • Automatically delete old recordings, also there is a recycle bin available in the app which helps you to restore deleted recordings.
  • Easily password-protect your recordings and mark them as important if any, so it won’t get deleted.
  • Different recording modes with delayed recording feature available.
Call Recorder - ACR
Call Recorder - ACR
Developer: NLL APPS
Price: Free

5. Cube Call Recorder ACR

This call recorder app for Android is an all-in-one recording application that not only supports incoming & outgoing phone call recordings but is also able to record WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook calls also.

With an easy-to-use and attractive user interface, the app is also powered with various features including cloud backup, pin lock, smart storage management, etc.

Features of Cube Call Recorder ACR:

  • Record phone calls along with VoIP calls.
  • Automatically starts recording for any call with customized option to exclude any number of your choice.
  • Crystal clear sound quality.
  • Smart storage management for switching storage devices.
  • The shake-to-mark option lets you mark a particular portion of the recording while there is an ongoing call.

Please note: The Cube Call Recorder ACR currently not supporting Jio4GVoice calls, Please choose from other apps available to check your device compatibility.

Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Call Recorder - Cube ACR
Developer: Cube Apps Ltd
Price: Free

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6. RMC – Android Call Recorder

RMC Android Call Recorder is a basic and hidden call recording app for Android smartphones. This app as mentioned earlier is a pretty basic app with some limited useful features like an automatic/ manual call recording feature, password-protected recording folder to protect your recordings, movable manual recording button, etc.

It supports MP3, AMR, MP4, 3gp, and WAV audio formats along with an option to easily upload the recordings to Dropbox or Google Drive.

features of RMC Android Call Recorder:

  • Movable manual recording button.
  • Auto delete recordings if not reach a certain time.
  • Customizable channel (mono/stereo) and sample rate, bit rate.
  • Support the trash folder to avoid accidental deletion of recordings.
  • Automatically uploads to Dropbox or Google Drive regularly in the background.
RMC: Android Call Recorder
RMC: Android Call Recorder
Developer: Coconatech
Price: Free

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7. Auto Call Recorder

This free call recorder application offers a unique set of features to its program, some features are, automatic call recording, calls blacklist, auto delete unsaved call recording, etc…

With an active download of 1million + users, this application is also can be a great choice for your call recording needs on any Android smartphone.

Features of Auto Call Recorder:

  • Automatic call recording, as the name suggests.
  • Calls blacklist/ whitelist.
  • Play, share or edit recorded items.
  • Password protected recordings for better security.
  • Supports lots of recording formats.

8. Super Call Recorder

Again a basic yet powerful voice recording application in the list with a simple user interface and features included like automatic professional voice recording for both side voices with clear sound, easy to manage recording list with added export option.

Ignore the list in-built to eliminate unwanted recordings for any specific contact. Easy to use with one tap disable/ enable button.

Features of Super Call Recorder:

  • Supports mp3 format recording outputs.
  • Two-sided voice recordings with a clear voice.
  • In-built app playback & export option available to SD card, E-mail, WhatsApp or any other means.
  • Automatic record your phone calls in real-time.
Super Call Recorder
Super Call Recorder
Developer: MeiHillMan
Price: Free

N.B.: Some phones do not support call recording properly due to the capabilities of different chipsets or Android OS versions for each brand/model.

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Final Words

All the call recording apps mentioned in this article are quite similar to one another, but compatibility with a particular brand and set of hardware is what makes the difference.

you can easily find thousands of free call recorders for android, but choosing the right one from there is a pretty hectic job, so we compiled the list for you to find the right one easily.

Do not forget to share the article with your friends, this way you can help them to find their specific app for recording needs.

Any questions? you can leave a comment below.

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