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Best Fantasy Cricket Apps to Play Online on your Smartphone (2024)

Can you make money if you keep up your cricket knowledge? Yes, you can now utilize your Cricket expertise to play online virtual tournaments and earn real money. We will teach you about the most popular and best fantasy cricket apps and tournament sites in India.

Fantasy cricket is a subgenre of Fantasy Sports. It’s an online game in which you construct a virtual team of actual cricketers and earn points based on how your selected players perform in real matches. To succeed in a tournament, you must aim for the most points and the top spot on the leaderboard like IPL 2022 Fantasy League, ICC IPL Fantasy League, etc. These internet multiplayer gaming websites and apps are entirely dedicated to your fun, and you may also earn money regularly from them. So let us learn more about them.

Disclaimer: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.

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Top 15 Best Fantasy Cricket Apps in 2022

1. Dream 11

Whenever we hear the phrase “best fantasy cricket app,” we immediately think of Dream11. Yes, it is the greatest and most popular fantasy cricket software. However, it is ranked fifth due to excessive competition. If you have a lucky streak, you will almost certainly win in this app. However, it is quite difficult in comparison to other programs such as My11Kings, My11Circle, Fantasy Power 11, and so on.

You may play basketball, cricket, football, baseball, handball, and more sports with this app. You will receive a Rs 100 cash incentive for downloading and another Rs 100 for referring and earning. The referral bonus received from this app cannot be withdrawn from your bank. The monetary incentive may only be used in paid contests. You may play Small League, Head to Head, Private Contest, Grand League, and more fantasy cricket games with this app.

Dream 11 Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 100
Dream 11 Referral Code:
Minimum Withdrawal Amount:Rs. 200
Dream 11 App Download Link:Download Now

2. MPL

Who doesn’t want to make some additional money, especially when it can be done while having fun by playing some entertaining games?

Hundreds of “Make Money” applications will appear on your smartphone from time to time. However, (MPL) is one such legal application that is available on the Google Play Store.

MPL App has a tournament for everyone, whether you play fantasy basketball, fantasy cricket, fantasy football, or any other fantasy sport. And you don’t have to be an expert to play fantasy on MPL. MPL makes it simple to identify who you’re competing against, ensuring a fair matchup every time, and there are also tournaments particularly for newbies, allowing you to gain experience at your own pace.

Select your fantasy team in just a few simple steps. Winnings are added to your bank account when the match concludes. The nicest aspect is that withdrawals are immediate. You may withdraw funds using any bank account, PayTM, or UPI ID.

MPL Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 25
MPL Referral Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
MPL App Download Link:Download Now

3. Winzo

Winzo is a popular online sports platform where players may play virtual games for cash rewards. Every player who enjoys playing money-making games is familiar with the term winzo. It is one of the most popular earning applications in India. This software’s features are all quite appealing, and the app is incredibly user-friendly.

You may select from a variety of games on it. It is completely legal and adheres to all of the criteria established by the Indian government for popular online sports. Simply play your game with the necessary abilities to win, and you may earn a large sum of money. This app is only available to Indian nationals.

Winzo Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 100
Winzo Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
Winzo App Download Link:Download Now

4. PayTM First Games

Paytm First Game is an old app. It was first introduced a year ago. However, Fantasy Cricket is a recent addition to this Paytm First Game. When your colleagues deposit money into their wallets, you will receive up to Rs 5000 in your wallet of Paytm First Game. You may also play poker, rummy, call break, and fantasy games here. When your buddy signs up, you both earn an Rs. 20 bonus. Following that, each of you will receive Rs. 15 and Rs. 10 deposit cash if they play rummy.

You will also receive an extra deposit bonus of up to Rs. 5,000 dependent on your mate’s total rummy wagering. This app also includes a surprise contest. Every week, the top 25 referrers will each get Rs. 100 in Paytm currency. This offer is only available to people whose friends have participated in at least 1 rummy game. Sachin Tendulkar is Paytm first gaming app brand ambassador.

PayTM First Game Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 50
PayTM First Game Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
PayTM First Game Download Link:Download Now

5. My11Circle

My11Circle is the greatest fantasy team app for cricket and other sports, where users can participate in fantasy sports like cricket, kabaddi, and football, where players must build teams & join available pots to earn real cash. There are several fantasy forms accessible in the app where users may enjoy fantasy fever.

If you do not wish to take any chances and want to play in tiny leagues, My11Circle is a wonderful alternative for you. Because anytime there is a significant tournament or series, this app begins a beat the specialist, beat the score competition. You just need to defeat a specific score or an elite team like VVS Laxman, Shubhman Gill, Ruturaj Gaikwad, or Sourav Ganguly.

If you accomplish this, you will receive a 2X, 3X, or 5X multiplier in your winning sum.

You will receive Rs 51 immediately after your referral participates in a sponsored contest. After that, you will receive Rs 4 every time they participate in a Rs 40 contest. If they play a 10-match every day, you will receive Rs 4 on day 4. The nicest aspect of this software is that you can instantly deposit all of your referral amounts to your bank account.

My11Circle Signup/Referal Bonus:
My11Circle Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
My11Circle App Download Link:Download Now

6. Ballebazzi

We included the Ballebazzi app in our list of all fantasy apps since millions of individuals earn money each day by using it, and it also offers a large bonus and a big winning amount. The app is one of the most popular fantasy applications in India. Users only need to form a team before they can win a match using their cricket talents. Registration bounce is also an option.

This is yet another excellent program for playing fantasy cricket, football, and other sports. Yuvraj Singh, the legendary Indian all-rounder, is the brand ambassador for this BalleBaazi Fantasy Sports Application. For downloading, you will receive a Rs 50 cash incentive.

This mobile application has an excellent referral scheme. For your initial investment, you will receive 100 bonuses, 200 BB Coins, and Rs 50 actual cash. BalleBaazi The Fantasy Cricket App includes a Rewards Store feature. You may use BB Coins to buy anything, such as a bag, T-shirt, or jersey.

Ballebazzi App Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 50
Ballebazzi App Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:Rs. 200
Ballebazzi App Download Link:Download Now

7. Howzat

Howzat understands the enthusiasm for cricket in India and translates that emotion into something tangible, such as real money. The 100% legal fantasy cricket mobile application is just too simple to use. Simply establish an account and utilize all of your cricking talents to form a unique squad that will provide you actual cash that you can withdraw from your bank accounts.

Only fantasy cricket & fantasy football are available in this app. The applications Jungle Rummy & Howzat are the same. You can select any choice from a single app.

After signing up, you will receive Rs. 50 in cashback in your Howzat wallet. If you recommend your friends, you will receive Rs. 600 in your wallet.

In this program, you may compete in a variety of events, including beating the expert. If you enter this contest and defeat any of the Howzat team’s experts (Suresh Raina, Yuvraj Singh, or Irfan Pathan), you will win twice your entrance money. Your winnings can be withdrawn from your UPI ID and bank account.

Howzat Signup/Referral Bonus:Rs. 500
Howzat Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:Rs. 200
Howzat App Download Link:Download Now

8. Real 11

Real11 is a new market where users may play a variety of fantasy games and earn real cash rewards! Real11 Fantasy’s objective is to encourage fantasy cricket in actual fantasy players. Show off your cricket skills and you may earn more money!

Real11 is among the best fantasy applications for beginning users. It has a decent UI and a referral offer. In this new fantasy mobile application, you will receive Rs. 50 for installation and up to Rs. 5000 for referring others. Gautam Gambhir, the LSG IPL Team’s mentor, is a famous Indian-Hindi commentator. He is the fantasy app’s brand spokesperson.

You may earn up to Rs. 5,000 if you introduce a new member to Real11. If your recommendation wins a cash game worth Rs. 30,000, you will receive 3000 extra cash & your referral will receive 100 extra cash.

The Real11 Fantasy mobile App has a minimum withdrawal limit of Rs. 200. Your winnings can be withdrawn from your bank account. The withdrawal will take approximately 2-3 working days to complete.

Real11 Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 50
Real11 Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
Real11 App Download Link:Download Now

9. Gamezy

Gameskraft’s current offering is Gamezy, India’s fastest-growing sporting platform. Gamezy strives to become the most lucrative fantasy game, offering more benefits to players who want to earn money. The fantasy game will make its debut during this year’s IPL Cricket season, to provide a fun and seamless experience for gamers searching for engagement and participation throughout the matches.

This year is the 15th season of the IPL, which includes the addition of two new teams. With 10 teams, more games, and more enthusiasm, Indian cricket fans have great hopes. Indian cricket, and particularly the IPL, has seen its fair share of drama, however, what makes the season more intriguing is ‘fantasy cricket.’

You may withdraw your winnings from the GameZy wallet for as little as Rs 25 into your Paytm wallet. The nicest feature of GameZy withdrawal is that you do not have to validate your Pan or Banking Information. This new GameZy App does not support KYC Bank withdrawals.

Gamezy Signup/Referal Bonus:
Gamezy Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
Gamezy App Download Link:Download Now

10. BatBall11

While BatBall11 is among the Top Fantasy Cricket Mobile Apps, their goal has stayed constant: to provide users with a wonderful experience in every aspect of interaction – on and away from the field – resulting in engaged fans and better Fantasy sports with a register bonus of Rs 50 as well as the Batball11 Refer and Earn Program.

Batball11 Refer & Earn, while being relatively new to the market, is gaining a large number of users, and you may also participate in the fun by making a few clicks on the Batball11 Fantasy App.

It’s a cricket fantasy game. There is no additional sport involved. People that utilize the referral code can earn incentives. It’s a great app for cricket fans.

BatBall11 Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 100
BatBall11 Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
BatBall11 App Download Link:Download Now

11. Nostra Pro App

Nostra Pro is a cricket fantasy app in which the user may predict the outcome of a match and win money by doing so. The player must participate in the match to predict the outcome. Finally, the league winner receives cash incentives, which may be withdrawn through Paytm without the requirement for national verification.

This program includes games such as basketball, hockey, tennis, badminton, and f1 races in addition to cricket, Kabbadi, and football.

Nostra Pro App Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 100
Nostra Pro App Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:Rs. 200
Nostra Pro App Download Link:Download Now

12. Halaplay

Halaplay Is A Fantasy Sports platform that enables Serious & Informal Sports Fans To Participate In Cash-Based Quick, Simple, & Fascinating Games. The quickest & quickest edition of daily fantasy, where users can build their teams, enter league teams, & win cash rewards at the end of each game. The sign-up reward on Halaplay is Rupees 50, while you can earn an additional Rs 100 by referring friends.

This is a free fantasy cricket mobile application in which you will receive 100 Bonus Use, allowing you to play some league teams for free. It’s a fantasy sports game in which players can earn more than 2 crores per day by using their athletic abilities. The app has a 4.7/5 rating, which is commendable.

Halaplay Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 100
Halaplay Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:Rs. 300
Halaplay App Download Link:Download Now

13. Sportasy

It’s a popular and excellent fantasy cricket mobile application because it offers cheap leagues and allows you to earn thousands of rupees by playing games on it. Cricket, football, and other sports are viable options. The app contains a plethora of bonus payments, which distinguishes it from others.

Sportasy is a new fantasy cricket application that offers Rs 500 upon signup. My11Circle is another fantasy app that offers a good signup bonus. In addition to that, you can withdraw your prize money to a Paytm wallet of your preference, with the least payout of only 100.

Sportasy Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 500
Sportasy Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:Rs. 100
Sportasy App Download Link:Download Now

14. Probo

Probo is a prediction trading app where users may make assumptions & win real money. Probo allows users to exchange forecasts as trades by answering yes or no questions. On the site, there are hundreds of event queries ranging from cricket tournaments such as the World Cup, IPL, and Bollywood to Cryptocurrencies, OTT releases, and anything else you can imagine of. On the mobile app, over 25 lakh individuals are exchanging ideas and trading. Probo helps its users to obtain knowledge.

Apart from cricket, you’ll be able to forecast other major sporting events at Probo, such as football, basketball, and Formula One, and put your sports knowledge to work. The greatest thing is that the app gives you a Rs. 25 sign-up bonus and another Rs. 25 for promoting your friends and relatives. Furthermore, after completing the KYC, you may withdraw all of your profits instantaneously using UPI.

Probo Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 25
Probo Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
Probo App Download Link:Download Now

15. Vision11

If you are a newbie to the Vision11 Fantasy mobile App, you may get a Rs 100 Cash incentive just for signing up. Because there are so many Bonus, useable leagues, in this program to play & convert this reward to Real Money, this deal is beneficial for Fantasy Lovers.

Vision11 has just altered its referral program. If you recommend a friend to join & play Vision11, you will receive an Rs. 100 bonus payment and the buddy will receive an Rs. 300 bonus payment. At the same time, you will get 20% real cash in your winning amount for the rest of your life.

You may also receive an infinite time cash bonus by recommending friends. However, don’t forget to notify your friends about the referral code. You do not receive any cash incentive until they input the Vision11 Referral Code.

Vision11’s app now has a new function. Every user may now receive a lifelong 20% share from their referred buddy. For instance, if your suggested buddy invests Rs. 100, you will receive Rs. 20 in your winnings. The best aspect is that you will have it for life and you’ll be able to make withdrawals to your bank account.

Vision11 Signup/Referal Bonus:Rs. 100
Vision11 Referal Code:
Minimum Withdrawl Amount:
Vision11 App Download Link:Download Now

Final Words

As we conclude our discussion on the greatest yet best fantasy cricket apps in India for fantasy cricket & sports lovers, we recommend that you play on the reputable fantasy sites listed in the post for real money & real pleasure. Refer more, earn more to win extra, have any questions, or need assistance? You can leave your comment below and we will respond to your comment at our earliest.

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