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List Of Top 5 Best Gadgets for College Students

best gadgets for college students
Written by Chinmaya kumar

Life at college/University can be pretty hectic as well as curious, at that point of time everyone feels bored surrounded by textbooks and notes which is often stressful, but study is the key to success, in fact knowledge. But what if we have some cool gadgets for an added advantage with those heavy study notes ? sounds interesting, right ? let’s explore some of the cool collection of gadgets that can be pretty much useful for college students with their studies as well as in the leisure time.

Now a days technology and its related products are currently in the boom globally, as the whole world is growing fast with the advantage of technologies. To fit yourself with the tech trend, some tech gadgets are a must need for your needs. In this topic we are going to discuss about few such best gadgets for college students.


I put this one first in the list because it is the most needed and most useful gadget for a college student, while travelling sometimes we have to read a lot of things, its not always possible to carry tons of books to our travel kit always, so here comes the magic of this gadget. This device can store thousands of books inside it in digital format, so you don’t have to carry even a single piece of book next time while you’re moving.

Investing on a Kindle is a very good idea, because its sleek, lightweight and attractive. can contain thousand of digital copies or books you have purchased already. Lastly, there are some added educational apps also there for your convenience.

Amazon Kindle fire new

Power Bank

Power bank’s are usually a portable charger, which helps you to charge your digital devices on the go. most of the time it is very difficult to charge our smartphone and tablet when we are on a commute. So to avoid such problems portable charger’s with high battery capacity are introduced that can charge a device at least 2-3 times as per the capacity of the battery. This gadget can help you a lot even in worst situations and it is a must have accessory you must have.

Anker portable charger

USB Laptop Backpack

for carrying our daily stuffs like books, notes, other educational equipment, we always need a backpack, but have you ever think that a backpack can be more interesting if it has few added advantage like charging your phone or other devices,we called them Smart Backpacks. There are lots of varieties of smart backpacks with charging facility, solar panel, and anti – theft protection too, but those are costs you higher, if you don’t have any problems with your budget, then you can surely check our list of top smart and hi-tech backpacks. In this category we are going to cover the Matein Laptop Backpack with USB charging and anti-theft protection too. this is a waterproof backpack for both boys and girls with spacious compartment and laptop storage.

USB laptop backpack

Foldable Keyboard

Assume that you have a laptop, and you need to do some imortant typing works in anytime, but having it on your lap, and getting the work done properly is little bit tough, you can easily get rid of such situations with this foldable laptop keyboard. this keyboard is fold-able , means when you fold it, its more shorter to carry inside a pocket of a backpack. It is almost compatible to all major devices, even you can connect it to your phone and tablet with the Bluetooth.

foldable keyboard for students

Portable Hard Drive

It is always a better idea to backup your Digital lecture notes, video tutorials and other important information even musics, videos to an external portable hard drive easily. with this approach if your device get malfunction ever due to any reason the data are still safe. losing huge amount of data are surely a great loss in comparison to investing a few dollars into this portable device, its storage capacity is higher, even you can opt for any size as per your requirement. Slim and light weight, can be connected to any device like smartphone, tablet, laptop or even to the desktop PCs as and when needed through the USB data cable.

portable hard drive

Digital Notebook

While studying, making hand written little notes are quietly useful later for easy understanding of topics further. Most of the time we make notes of different topics for hint and example purposes to find it easier after certain time when we read it again for better understanding. Instead carrying a notebook with you if we can opt for a digital notebook, the whole process will be much easier, if anytime you forget the notebook at home, then you can easily access the uploaded files to any cloud platforms like Google Drive, Evernote or Dropbox. It’s a more efficient way to organize the records of the notes easily. All you have to do that upload the files to the cloud platform when making a note, most cloud platforms allow auto synchronization facilities with certain applications that can help backup every data in a certain time interval.  The most powerful advantage of this device is that,it is environment friendly and reusable too.

In this topic we are going to discuss about a notebook which will surely amaze you. Its not a complete digital notebook though, but can perform very well of your jobs. This single tiny notebook can be used 1000 times, its papers are erasable, all you have to do is write, capture the pic and upload it any supported cloud platform mentioned above and just move on. you can access all your notes from the cloud host anytime anywhere through any Internet connected device. You can also share those notes with other friends faster easily.


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