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Easily Download Instagram Stories using inFlact: Here’s how?

Are you wondering how to download Instagram stories instantly to your Smartphone or Laptop? this article is going to help you with that. So stay tuned!

Instagram stories are a great medium to express your creativity and fun moments in front of millions of users. It helps you to get a better reach and also bag a lot of followers at the same time if you post your stories regularly.

Like any other video platform, Instagram also helps boost the short videos Β & stories to provide you more reach and to promote the trend of video content creation further.

But if anyone wants to download a specific story to reupload it or for any other purposes, they need to download the story by using an external Instagram story downloader application to complete that process, as the Instagram app doesn’t provide any download options to save a story on to any device like a smartphone or PC.

As many solo creators and brands regularly post a lot of beautiful & informational stories, you might be wondering how can you download and save those Insta stories further for some future works, and if you are still not able to figure out a valid way to download those stories instantly to your device, let’s continue this article further with the solutions.

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Why is it important to download IG stories?

Instagram(IG) stories have limited validity, which means once a story is published on any particular account, the story will remain active & visible only for 24 hours. Then it automatically disappears, which means there is no way out to find that story further if anyone wants to watch it again.

So it is always a wise idea to download Insta stories and save them on your device if you find a story useful for you.

How to Download Instagram Stories on your Smartphone:

To download Instagram stories and save them to your smartphone we need an additional app/website to do this job easily for you, as Instagram officially doesn’t have any download options. In this article let’s talk about how you can easily download an IG story using InFlact, which is a popular downloader web app.

InFlact is previously known as InGramer, a popular tool that allows downloading various video files from various social media websites e.g: Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Here we will discuss the steps to download Instagram stories using InFlact in a few seconds to your Smartphone or PC/Laptop.

By following these steps properly you can download any Insta story easily to your smartphone gallery:

  • Open the Instagram app on your smartphone.
  • Now, Find the profile from where you want to download the stories.
  • Just copy the username of that profile.
  • Open a new tab in your browser and go to: https://inflact.com/downloader/instagram/stories/
  • Paste the link of the profile to the input box of the above URL.
  • Click on the Search button and find the photo/ video story you wish.
  • Select and click the Download button.
  • Stories will be saved on your smartphone.
  • Now, you can find the downloaded story in your phone gallery/file manager app.

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Steps to Downoad Instagram Stories on your Computer:

  • Open any browser on your computer, and visit the link: https://inflact.com/downloader/instagram/stories/
  • Visit the IG profile from where you wish to download the story.
  • Copy the @username or an account URL on your computer(via any browser).
  • Now, just paste the copied username to the input box of the above URL.
  • Click on the Search/Download button on the page.
  • Now, you will see all the pic/video stories of that profile.
  • Scroll down to see all the stories, and select the one to begin the download.
  • Click the Download button & continue further.
  • The story will start appearing on your PC screen.

Note: This application limits your downloads due to certain restrictions and policies, which means you can only download the stories at a limited frequency.

* This is not a promotional article with InFlact(InGramer), we just introduced their services for your convenience. Also do read their policies and guidelines properly before using their services, to avoid any mishappenings in the near future.

Final Words:

Downloading any Instagram story has its own pros and cons, and you can easily download IG stories for your personal use by using any third-party downloader service. But remember, never try to harm any brand or business by re-uploading those stories with unfair usage. Make sure you must follow all the Instagram guidelines, on how to reupload or reshare a story legally, unless it may land you in a trouble in the future.

Note: This article is written for informational purposes only, we never insist any user download any unauthorized content without their written permission, and we are not responsible for any misleading activities carried out by any end-user in any manner.

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If you have any queries, don’t forget to write a comment. So that we can address your queries faster.

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