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How to Lock WhatsApp on Android & iOS

WhatsApp is the world’s most popular instant messaging application with almost 5 Billion+ downloads worldwide.

WhatsApp Messenger is free to use messaging app available for both Android & iOS, the application uses your device’s internet connection to send or receive messages, place calls to your friends and family easily with individual or group call facility along with video calling functions.

As it is a widely used app, so the security risk factor is so high. When your WhatsApp inbox is filled with so many private stuff like, messages, pictures, videos, or recordings, you need to protect those stuff from being available for all other people’s including your kids or even other family members in some cases.

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WhatsApp Messenger
WhatsApp Messenger
Developer: WhatsApp LLC
Price: Free

How To Lock Your WhatsApp Application :

There are several ways to protect your WhatsApp chats by using a third-party security lock software that allows you to put a screen lock or password for such problems, but it is not always a great idea unless the third-party application is from a trusted developer.

Most security lock applications monitor your activities behind your attention and work silently to steal your personal data and send it to a remote server, so in this case you’re at high risk.

Here I mentioned a trusted security lock application, you can use it as an alternative on your device to protect your applications and files by putting your own random pattern or passcode easily.

You can check all of its features by visiting the official app page, clicking the below link.

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Lock WhatsApp without any App:

Now the most awaited question comes here, can we lock our WhatsApp without installing any other app?

And thankfully the answer is yes, now we have such strong features available officially by WhatsApp Team on its last update and the feature is publicly available for both Android and iOS platforms but with some limitations there.

Let’s talk about that!

How To Lock WhatsApp on Android :

To enable this feature on your Android device, follow the steps below :

Note: You can only enable the Fingerprint lock on an Android device. If your device is not having the below options, please update your application and then try again.

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Click on the three dots, on the top-right corner.
  • Go to settings > Account > Privacy > Fingerprint lock.
  • Turn on Unlock with Fingerprint toggle.
  • Set the Timer as your desired intervals.
  • Press the Back button and Exit the app, now you’re done.

How To Lock WhatsApp on iOS :

For iOS devices, you have to follow the below steps to enable Face ID/ Touch ID lock.

  • Open WhatsApp Messenger.
  • Go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Screen lock.
  • Turn on Require Face ID.
  • Set the Time interval.
  • Exit the app, now it’s done.

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Conclusion :

However for a strong security setup, I suggest you try the default lock along with the security app lock if possible, it might be irritated for you to unlock it again & again but in the end, your private data are at risk.

So think twice before letting such things be granted. Protect your private/ personal data from those peeping toms and stay safe.

Now, if you have any questions/ queries drop me a comment below. If you think this article is informative and useful, share it with others too.

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