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Best Short Video Creator Platforms that Most Digital Influencers Use in 2022

Short video platforms are now capturing the content marketing sector in unprecedented ways. These new-age video platforms are altering the traditional ways of storytelling, selling, and advertising, as well as producing online celebrities.

Every year, the mobile video consumption rate increases by 100% due to the guaranteed growth in engagement, exposure, and conversion. Recognizing that mobile devices account for the vast bulk of brief video consumption. Furthermore, the latest pandemic outbreak has increased the popularity of these video services.

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Popularity reason behind these Platforms:

There are several reasons behind the popularity of this platform, but the main reason behind its popularity Is a ‘less time-oriented platform’.

In today’s world when everyone is busy in their own world. Then most of us don’t have time to watch a full-fledged video. So, a short video platform becomes an excellent option.

Because we get knowledge in less than one minute, it will save our time and also add value to our life.

The benefit of using short video Platforms :

There are several benefits of using this platform for both creator and user. Let’s discuss a few:-

  1. Help in building a Brand: Short Video platform has excellent reach, so the creator can take advantage of this reach by uploading their videos. Later, they can build their profile as a Brand.
  2. Huge Reach: As we discussed above, these platforms have a crazy reach. Creators can viral their content in a night. Later on, they shift these engagements to other platforms, which will help them in the future.
  3. Knowledge in One minute: The length of one video is nearby one minute. So, the creator is adding some knowledge to the user’s life in one minute. This will save time for both the person.
  4. Less time consuming: If the person has very less time to consume the content, then this platform is one of the best places for them.
  5. Easy to Export: The high-resolution video of 5min-10 min take time to export. But on the Other Hand, the maximum length of a short video is nearly 60 sec. So, it takes less time in comparison to a full-fledged video.
  6. Low investment for a creator: Whereas full-fledged video on YouTube required a high-end setup and premium high-quality equipment. Which is very expensive for a normal person.

On the other hand, for creating a short, you do not require a high-end setup or premium-quality equipment.

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Best Short Video Creator Platforms :

There are several short video platform in India, which has a high number of user and also provide good engagement to the creator.


TikTok is regarded as one of the greatest short video apps for creating and sharing short films. TikTok is one of the biggest platforms for content providers to show their abilities.

TikTok is a popular short-video platform that is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It has been used by a wide user base from many countries since it was initially made accessible in 2016.

TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese business ByteDance, lets users create short and exciting hilarious, lip-sync, and dance videos. Millions of people have used the built-in features to edit, change, merge numerous movies, and make them more entertaining.

This app is banned by the Indian government in 2020. After that, so many short video creator platforms have come into the market. But, no one matches the legacy of Tiktok.

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Instagram reels

Developer: Instagram
Price: Free

Instagram is a picture and video-sharing platform that allows users to edit, share, and upload photos and short films. Instagram is one of the most famous social media platforms in the world.

On 5 Aug 2020, Instagram launch new features named ‘Reels’. ‘Reels’ is very famous in today’s world. Not only social media creators, but big celebrity and famous also uses the reels feature.

Reels provide some extraordinary reach to the creator, it also helps in profile engagement.

The benefit of Reels to the creator :

  • Help in high engagement.
  • Help in profile exploration.
  • Frequent uploading of videos.

YouTube Shorts

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

YouTube has also launched its short video platform known as ‘shorts’. This is a great platform for exploring the content and maximizing the reach.

Youtube shorts help the YouTuber explore their content to new audiences. This will provide some crazy reach to them.

The benefit of YouTube Shorts :

  • Help the Creator to get a new audience.
  • Help to explore their content with a new range of audiences.
  • YouTube Shorts does not require any professional setup to create.
  • Easy to export.
  • Creators can easily upload 2-3 videos in a Day.
  • Easy to Edit


Triller: Social Video Platform
Triller: Social Video Platform

It was created specifically for content creators and launched in 2015. Triller is a social networking and video-sharing software. Create short movies for fun sessions with your fans, friends, and other app users. It enables users to modify and synchronize videos in a matter of seconds.

After the TikTok prohibition, the Triller saw a surge in popularity, particularly in India. Many Indian producers and influencers have gone to triller in order to network and show off their video-making skills.


Mitron - India's Original Shor
Mitron - India's Original Shor

Another software that was created in-house for short videos. In its own nation, the Mitron app has gained popularity as a replacement for TikTok.

Mitron can create short videos, lip-sync videos, and funny dubbing videos to raise and use the TikTokmarket.With a variety of built-in capabilities, the short-format video app offers a unique opportunity to create entertaining content.

The Mitron user base in India is still growing. The development is taking longer than expected. Specifically, it was removed from the Google Play Store for violating privacy terms and rules. However, following the T&C update, it was quickly restored and is again attempting to develop roots in the Indian market.


Chingari : Live conversations
Chingari : Live conversations
Developer: Chingari
Price: Free

Chingari is a short video platform based in India. Chingari is a 2018 game that is accessible in 20 languages. It will be offered in 50 countries around the world by 2020.

To encourage the Make in India movement, this Short Video app was created in India.

In India, the Chingari App has received a lot of traction. The platform has about 38 million users. Because it is mostly used for status videos, its user base is still growing, and people are eager to learn more about Chingari. However, it is expected that the topic will continue to struggle for attention.


ShareChat Trends Videos & Live
ShareChat Trends Videos & Live
Developer: ShareChat
Price: Free

ShareChat is a free video streaming and content development tool.

It has been in operation since October 2015 and is a completely free site for watching videos from popular content creators. With a user base of 160 million and a community of more than 50 million creators. This short video app has become one of the greatest short video apps in India. It has also been shown to be a source of income for participants.

It has features like private texting, video sharing, and video saving. It has over 4-star reviews on both Google and the Apple store, indicating that it is widely used.


Price: To be announced

Roposo, a video platform developed by an Indian firm, wins all the privacy and security tests.

Roposo has seen a surge in popularity in video genres like comedy and dance. The ability to search for videos in a specific genre has long been a valuable feature of an app.

It has been in use since July 2014 and is available in 15 languages. It is a superior choice for those looking for video because it has an easy and interesting user experience.


Developer: Josh Team
Price: Free

Josh, previously known as Munch, was a famous short video creator platform in India and in other countries.

Josh has invested big chunks of money in Google, Alphabet, and Microsoft to help India’s digital economy, despite the fact that he is still battling to gain enough exposure. However, Josh is improvised to make it more interesting and entertaining, based on numerous recommendations and critiques.

Josh is working well with Instagram creators and Bollywood stars for their social media campaign.


Developer: ShareChat
Price: Free

The Bangalore-based Mohalla Tech Pvt Ltd owns Moj, an Indian video-sharing social networking website.

It includes special effects, short videos, emoticons stickers, and genres such as dancing, travel, singing, acting, comedy, and education, with videos ranging from 15 seconds to one minute in length. Users can download videos from Moj, which is available on 15 different language websites.

Moj was released nearly immediately after the Indian government banned TikTok, and it has been downloaded by more than 100 million people in a short period of time.

Snapchat (Spotlight)

Developer: Snap Inc
Price: Free

Spotlight is a short video creator platform of Snapchat. It is very fun to crate and watch those videos.

Snapchat also awards prize money to the best creator for their best video.

The winner on this platform is decided by the Snapchat algorithm.

The algorithm of Snapchat work on factor like;

Spotlight doesn’t offer a comments section to the creator and your profile is only visible if you are above 18.


Zili Short Video App for India
Zili Short Video App for India
Developer: Zili
Price: To be announced

Zili was another famous short video creator platform. In 2022, the audience of Zili has reached 10 crores.

Zili allows users to produce online content using a variety of editing tools and features such as puzzle films, boomerangs, and superzooms. These video editing tools are designed to assist users in quickly creating videos. Users of the Zili app can also watch videos in other languages of their choice and post them on their WhatsApp status.

Mx TakaTak

Moj Lite +
Moj Lite +
Developer: ShareChat
Price: To be announced

When 2020, Tiktok is banned by the Indian government. Then many new players entered the market, and MxTakaTak is one of them.

Mx Takatak is a free video creation platform that allows the user to make funny short videos.

For reaching out to a large audience, MX Takatak runs various campaigns with Bollywood singers like Badshah and many other Instagram influencers.

Now Mx Takatak is hosting the reality show, and capturing the market intensively.

Final Words:

The short video platform is one of the best platforms for a creator who wants to increase their exposure to new audiences. These platforms have several in which, creators get benefitted, like;

  • They help the creator to get new audiences.
  • Cost-effective: This platform does not require any high expensive setups.
  • Easy to upload on a daily basis.
  • Does not require a big team to manage.

Now, just talk about the benefits which the user/ audience gets;

  • They have to spend less time getting knowledge.
  • Variety of content, they watch in less time.

 If a newbie wants to become a Creator then this is the right place. Because they don’t have to spend hours shooting and editing. So, in every aspect, these platforms have their own benefit.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Ques.1- Can you earn money from the Short Video Platform??

Ans. Yes, you can earn money from these Creator App.

Ques.2- What are the revenue sources for creators on this platform??

Ans. The revenue source of every app may vary. But, the main two are;

  • Directly from App.
  • Brand Promotion.

 Ques.3- How many videos do a creator upload in One Day ??

Ans. There is no fixed number that how many videos can one Creator upload in a Day. But, a creator can upload 2-3 videos per day.

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