7 Best HD Smart TVs Under 15000 Rupees in India

Finding a budget Smart TV at the price bracket of under 15,000 INR in India might be a little difficult for you if you want the best deal.

There are so many brands available who manufactures various models in different price and configuration ranges, that definitely create a confusion in your mind to what to buy.

We have featured such 7 Best models for your needs to fulfill your buying option so that you can get the best one within your price bracket easily.

So Let’s get started, and explore all the available models one by one along with the configuration & features in detail.

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Top 7 Best Smart TVs Under 15000 INR in India:

In this article we have covered the 7 best yet popular LED Smart TVs within the price range of 15,000 INR, that is available to purchase online for Indian consumers.

1. Mi TV 4A PRO 80 cm (32 inches) Android TV

Xiaomi has conquered the Indian market with a good audience base in just a couple of years by providing their high-quality and affordable consumer electronics goods.

Xiaomi Mi TV 4A PRO is one of the best seller products available to buy for a price below 15,000 INR, in the Indian market. This model is available at various popular online E-commerce sites like Amazon or Flipkart.

The Mi TV 4A PRO is a 32 inches (HD Ready) LED smart Android TV that comes with the version of Android 9.0 and Patchwall 3.0 which includes 20+ of almost all the popular content streaming apps like Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+Hotstar, Zee5, JIO Cinema, Voot, Alt Balaji, EROS Now and more to the list.

More to that, this model is also equipped with a powerful 64-bit A53 Quad-core processor coupled with 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. This TV is built-in with Google Chromecast & also powered with Google Assistant.

Features & Specs. of Mi TV 4A PRO 80 cm:

  • 32 inch Display
  • HD Ready Screen resolution
  • Android OS
  • Quad core processor
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • 20w * 2 Speaker Output

2. OnePlus Y Series 80 cm (HD Ready) LED Android TV

OnePlus has dominated the global market with its mid to premium range smartphones and other consumer electronics from the past few years.

OnePlus Y Series Android TV 32Y1 has launched its 2020 variant with more cool & advanced features like Bezel-less design, more connectivity options, Google Assistant support, Double Audio output, and more.

Android 9.0 along with OxygenPlay makes it a one-stop product for all your favorite content streaming purposes with just one click.

The gamma correction engine also provides Noise Reduction, Dynamic Contrast, and color space mapping with real-time optimization that delivers an unmatched visual quality to bring your experience alive.

Features & Specs. of OnePlus Y Series 80 cm:

OnePlus Y Series 32Y1 HD Android LED TV
  • 32 inch Display
  • HD Ready
  • Android 9.0 OS
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Mali470 Triple core Processor
  • 20w Dolby Audio Output

3. Samsung 80 cm Wondertainment Series LED Smart TV

We don’t need to talk more about the product quality and brand value of Samsung, as it has been served with their superior products for a long decade.

This Product is slightly overpriced according to your budget, but as compared to the price & product quality from a popular brand like Samsung, you definitely need to try this one.

While talking about the features of Samsung Wondertainment LED Smart TV UA32TE40AAKXXL, it comes with stunning picture quality HDR supported Ultra Clean view along with Contrast Enhancer to provide you outstanding picture quality with deeper depth.

This smart device is also supported by multiple voice assistants such as Google Assistant, Alexa & Bixby to power your voice search controls easily.

Features & Specs. of Samsung Wondertainment 80 cm LED Smart TV:

Samsung Wondertainment 80 cm smart TV
  • HDR Display with Contrast Enhancer
  • 32 inch Display
  • Tizen OS
  • Wi-Fi, HDMI, USB connectivity
  • Mali400 Graphics Processor
  • 20w Dolby Digital Plus Audio output

4. TCL 81.3 cm S6500 Series HD Ready LED Smart TV

TCL is another popular electronics manufacturer and has already offered several good products in consumer electronics domain.

TCL S6500 series Televisions also got a good response for a budget-friendly yet added with some latest features as well.

Talking about the TCL S6500 series 32S6500S HD Ready LED Smart TV, this one comes with some best features as built-in Wi-Fi, Dolby DTS audio output of 16 watts with 2 integrated speakers, and also with A+ grade display panel.

Features & Specs. of TCL S6500 32 inches LED Smart TV:

TCL S6500 32 inches Smart LED TV
  • A+ Grade Display Panel
  • HD Ready
  • Google certified Android 9.0
  • Mali470 Dual Graphics Processor
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, USB & HDMI
  • 16 watts DTS Audio output

5. VU 32 inches UltraAndroid LED TV 32GA

VU TV 32GA is another alternative brand that provides a great product of Smart Television within the discussed price range, it may sounds new about the popularity of the brand, but still it has some good reviews everywhere.

VU TV 32GA is an UltraAndroid Smart TV with Google-certified Android Pie 9.0 pre-installed along with various popular content streaming apps like Netflix, Hotstar, YouTube & other OTT platforms.

This device is built using the pure Prism panel that delivers you the high-intensity color definition for a best viewing experience. The other amazing features are Dolby Audio output, Google Chromecast support, multiple connectivity options, Digital Noise reduction technology, etc.

Features & Specs. of VU UltraAndroid TV 32GA:

VU UltraAndroid 32GA
  • 64 bit Quad-core Processor
  • Dual Core mali 470 MP GPU
  • DTS Surround sound
  • Android Pie 9.0
  • OTT Hotkeys in Remote
  • Built-in Wi-fi, hdmi, USB

6. Micromax 81cm HD Ready Smart Android TV (32CAM6SHD)

Micromax is a popular Indian brand for electronics goods & accessories, they have launched this Smart Tv with a good set of features you need to check below.

Micromax Android TV 32CAM6SHD is a budget-friendly product with features like Google Assistant & Chromecast support, DTS Audio output, Powerful Mali470 Graphics processor with 1 GB of RAM, and 8 GB storage.

You can easily control this television and also can access all your social media platforms, browse through your media files, from your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Features & Specs. of Micromax 32CAM6SHD Android TV:

Micromax Android TV
  • HD Ready (1366 x 768 Pixels)
  • A+ Grade Display panel
  • Android OS with Google Assistant & Chromecast
  • Mali470 Graphics processor
  • 20w Dolby Audio output
  • Control with Smartphone Via Bluetooth

7. Thomson B9 Pro 102cm (40 inches) Full HD LED Smart TV (40M4099 PRO)

Thomson B9 Pro model is a slightly overpriced one around your budget, but it’s a really good deal to go for. But if your budget is strictly below 15k INR then you need to check the lower end model where you can get the 32 inches variant with HD Ready display, Android based OS and 20w Speaker output.

B9 Pro comes with a more higher configurations such as 40 inches Full HD LED Display, Android OS & 20w Speaker output. The most highlighted feature compared to both of the models is the display size.

Features & Specs. of Thomson B9 Pro LED Smart TV:

Thomson B9 PRO Smart TV
  • 40 inches A+ IPS Display
  • Android OS
  • 1920*1080 Pixels Full-HD
  • Miracast Screen mirroring
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • 20w Speaker output

So, we have covered all the above models for you with their top features and specifications. Now let’s talk about few other factors that need to be focused while buying a Smart TV for your home or office.

Important Things to Consider While Buying a Smart TV:

In this section we have covered some of the important things to consider while buying your next smart TV, this section will help you as a mini buying-guide for your Smart TV purchase, to choose the right one according to your requirements.

1. Display

You are just buying a TV just for some entertainment purposes and imagine the picture quality of the device is seriously worst! how can it will satisfy your needs?

so always look for a high quality display panel first, this is the most important step and should never be ignored at any cost.

A good display with high-resolution not only provides good quality pictures, but also provide you a better viewing experience and comfort your eyes.

You can also check for the HDR availability, the HDR engine helps you to experience high contrast pictures and videos that will add more value to your unique viewing experience.

Display Size : More wider the TV screen more entertainment you have. But as we are more focused on our specific budget, then we can’t expect such a big screen product in this price range of 15,000 INR.

2. Sound

The second step is to looking for the sound output of the Television, the more clear the audio it delivers the better viewing experience we get.

Usually sound of a TV is majorly categorized in to 3 sections.

  • The in-built speakers sound output.
  • The sound engine or amplifier inside the product used for filter the audio.
  • External Audio output features, if available.

In-built Speakers : Let’s assume that the TV consists of 2 speakers which are usually front-firing or might be down-firing in nature. Now it is time to look for the total audio output it produces combining both of the speakers (e.g.- 20 Watts, 40 Watts). The more powerful speakers it have, the more louder audio you can get.

Audio clarity : Imagine a device with 40 watts of audio output, but it’s too much noisy while you increase the volume, you will never gonna be satisfied with such a product. For that, we need good quality and crystal clear sound output.

Most of the latest television models comes with DTS audio output, which is a good measure if your TV has such powerful sound engine, if not it’s the right time to change the model.

There are also other high-quality sound processors available in the market, but for our price range considered, we can’t expect more such high audio configurations.

External Audio output : Now the next part is to look for the external audio output ports your Television have, this is important if you ever try to install a home-theater system in future for powerful audio outputs.

There are several type of ports currently being used by various manufacturers like Digital audio out, Aux audio out, etc. look for what your product contains and also if possible, try to test the external audio quality by connecting an external speaker system.

3. Operating System

Pre-installed OS is another major thing to notice while buying a Smart TV.

A Television is only called a Smart TV due to its software availability which helps us to perform several tasks.

Most of the recent TVs comes with the Android OS, which is more familiar and portable operating system out there since a long time.

You can access and install almost any apps available on the Google Play Store easily, but always make sure to check if your device comes with the most updated version possible.

Apart from the OS, you can also check for the OTT platforms available for your model, if its support most such platforms, you should definitely go for it.

4. Connectivity

Well, talking about connectivity actually means, the availability of various ports or wireless modules. These can be audio ports, video ports, HDMI ports, USB ports, RJ45 port etc.

These ports makes your TV more convenient to use and also helps you to use it for so many other purposes like gaming, media files management, Internet usage and so on by connecting additional external devices.

Most recent version products features Wi-Fi and Chromecast (for screen-mirroring) support too. Check it if your selected model has such features.

5. Build-Quality

You can skip this step, it is not a mandatory option either. But a good build quality product always lasts longer.

You can check for overall build of the body, the materials used, display panel quality and other such features too.

Wrapping Up:

So we have covered some of the most popular Smart TVs below 15,000 INR available for Indian consumers, in this article.

If you have any other products, that should be in the list, you can recommend us too.

we will be happy, if you share this post with other people. 🙂

Any questions/suggestions? Comment down below.

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