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List of Top Online Shopping Websites in India(2024)

Online shopping websites or technically known as e-commerce websites are the new trend of shopping of current internet users. These sites are able to grab people’s attention because of the convenience of shopping just by sitting at your home.

The other things that majorly contribute towards these online shopping trends are the ease of product selection, wide product varieties, all popular brands at one place, and the most important thing; the offers and deals you can’t resist avoiding.

The popular online shopping websites are very efficiently attracting more and more buyers towards their portal by using smart psychological marketing strategies based on FOMO(Fear of missing out).

If you are a frequent online shopper or planning to buy some of your favorite products online, then you must know which websites are best for you to choose your product from. Because no one wants to visit a fake website and in the end lose their money.

So in this article, we are going to discuss the 10 best and popular online shopping websites that you can visit anytime and bag your favorite product within seconds. But before that let’s understand first that why online shopping is getting popular day by day?

Why online shopping websites?

There are many pros and cons for each industry, and this is also applicable to the e-commerce sector as well. Here are some of the great advantages of why millennials prefer to buy things online.

  • Online shopping requires no travel
  • Wide variety of products catalogue
  • Multiple colors and designs to choose
  • Free home delivery
  • Comparatively cheaper than offline stores
  • Multiple brands at one place
  • Shop now pay later facility
  • Easy EMI options available
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Latest products
  • Best deals & discounts
  • Automated reminder & alerts
  • Multiple product categories

and the list goes on like this… Aren’t these things cool to try out? now let’s understand where to start your online shopping journey and how to find out the best websites.

So here are the most popular and authentic online shopping websites in India that you can visit for your preferred products often.

Top Online Shopping Websites in India:

1. Amazon

Amazon is popularly known as the global e-commerce leader worldwide, also they have a huge buyer base inside the Indian region as well. From fashion to electronics, home decor to household stuff, you can find everything you have ever heard of on their website.

Another most important thing to frequently check the Amazon portal is to find out their best seller section, where you can easily find the required and the best selling products instantly without just searching the whole site to decide what to buy? Also, they come up with new offers and the best deals every day; so you can get a chance to save a good amount of money by selecting the products you want in that offer period.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is India’s most preferred, loved, and home-grown e-commerce giant, which is later acquired by Walmart, USA. If we talk about the competitor of Amazon, Flipkart stands almost near to Amazon. But in terms of a wide range of product portfolios, Amazon is still at the No.1 position globally.

Flipkart also offers you various product categories like fashion, home decor, electronics, daily essentials, utility tools, fitness equipment, and other popular products. They are also upgrading themselves at a fast pace to beat Amazon by adding multiple product categories.

Another important positive point of Flipkart is, they are trying to build exclusive partnership deals with many popular brands in almost all categories, so that you can only find a specific product on their own website, else nowhere ever. That’s the competitive advantage of Flipkart.

In terms of best deals, you will find some sort of exclusive deals every other day. They also have so many sales seasons each year as Amazon has.

3. Myntra

Next on our list is Myntra, the favorite fashion e-commerce platform of Indians. Myntra was earlier positioned itself as a soled startup, which was later acquired by Flipkart; and they have combined changed the whole e-commerce sector of the new India, and created a lot more business opportunities.

If you want to buy some fashion accessories like jackets, shoes, sunglasses, etc.. or maybe you want to have a pair of jeans or t-shirts, Myntra is the go-to portal, you definitely need to check out. They also featured their product catalogs for every age group and any gender. So give them a try.

As it is parently owned by Walmart(Flipkart), you will see great deals and discount offers every time as Flipkart does. If you are a fashion-focused buyer and trying to find out some best deals on fashion-related products every time, then you can check the list of best fashion eCommerce websites in India for clothes as well.

4. Ajio

Ajio was brought into the limelight in 2016 by Reliance Industries as its e-retail online portal. As we are all very familiar with the business strategies of Reliance, it started growing big day by day and positioned itself as the best competitor to Myntra in the online fashion segment.

Ajio also deals with various home decor products but is not majorly focused on them. Like all other shopping websites, you will also notice some deals and discount offers during the sales season.

5. Snapdeal

Snapdeal was also another competitor to Flipkart & Amazon for a long time, but due to some business execution issues, they had to slow down their expansion. But now they are back again with a rebranding of Snapdeal V2, with so many features and services.

Snapdeal deals with multiple product categories, you can check out their website to get various products at the lowest possible prices.

6. Meesho

Meesho started their journey a few years ago as a mobile-based e-commerce shopping platform, to support local sellers and they provide everyone the facilities to become an affiliate; in which people share their products with their friends and families and whenever an order is placed, in return, they get a small commission.

This business strategy helped them grow faster in the e-commerce space, as many women became solopreneur without any investment and expertise to start their business.

If you want to buy products on their website you can check their listings and place your order easily. Also, Meesho provides all the products directly to the consumer at a very affordable price, as compared to the other eCommerce players.

7. Nykka

Nykka is different, they introduced themselves as a beauty store at the beginning of their journey, but when they found more opportunities in the different sectors they started expanding in fashion products and electronics as well.

Their website and app are having a very rich user experience, and you will find a lot of deals every time when you visit their portal.

They only deal with the most prominent brands and positioned themselves as an authentic source to deliver premium branded products to their consumer. If you are looking for any cosmetic or fashion essentials, do check out their website to find some good deals for yourself.

8. JioMart

JioMart was introduced as a retail eCommerce store(along with offline stores) under the Jio umbrella. This e-commerce portal deals with groceries and household products, also they have started to list some of the fashion wear & accessories these days.

JioMart is one of the values for money stores, where you can find various deals on home essentials, if you have a local JioMart store near to you, you can visit them otherwise their web portal is available for you to shop anything easily.

Final words:

Like other countries, India is no less than having a lot of online stores and this number is growing rapidly. But one thing to keep in mind is that one has to shop from authentic stores only to secure themselves from fraudulent transactions.

Here we have listed only the most popular and authentic stores list(top online shopping websites) in this article, but this is not all we know, there are a lot more new listings yet to be added in the near future. So if you are a frequent online shopper, do check out this space often to know more.

If you like this article, please do share this amazing information with others. Any queries? drop us a comment below.

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