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SIM Card Not Working? 100% Working Solutions

Network issues are quite common these days. We all know when network support is not there, we will not be able to make the calls or send SMS to our loved ones or to important ones too. But apart from that, the major issue people are facing is the SIM card not working problem.

It is quite common these days that suddenly the SIM stop working, and there is no network coverage around. Whenever a user looks out for the solutions, they majorly reboot the device and are still not able to get it back.

Interestingly this is not a big issue because just by following a few steps, the same can be resolved easily. If you are facing trouble and ways to fix it, understand the reasons behind it and also the solutions that will be suitable.

In this read, you will have an encounter with the best solution that helps you to fix the SIM card not working problem easily. Browse through all of them and be ready to use your device seamlessly.

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Solutions for SIM card, not working problem:

Reboot the device:

Rebooting the device is the primary solution. After inserting a new SIM card, restart your device and check out whether the issue has been resolved or not. In some devices, just by pressing the power button restart option will appear and do it immediately. If you encounter the same problem with an old SIM card, at that point, too, this can be resolved.

Adjust the SIM card:

Sometimes when you insert the SIM card, it is not seated properly. At that moment, you need to reinsert it again. In most cases, when you drop the device, accidentally the same may become misaligned due to which problem happens. If the same has happened and no network error is detected, just reinsert the SIM card again and turn on the device.

Insert the battery again:

If you have a phone with a removable battery, then we suggest you insert the battery again. Remove your device from the power source and remove the battery as well. Wait for 60 seconds, and then insert it. This method majorly power cycles the device and also fixes the SIM card issues. This is also helpful in fixing the glitches that might be interfering with the activity of the device.

Choose APN and APN protocol manually:

Choosing the APN and APN protocol manually can also help you to fix the problem. Move to the settings and hit the mobile network or wireless network options. In to the access point names, the APN setting can be added from the mobile career website. Make sure to fix the APN protocol at IPV4 during the same.

Clean SIM card and insert it again:

You might feel like we are kidding, but yes, this could be the problem with SIM cards as well. If the SIM had exposure to dust or any foreign particle, it would stop working. Examine the SIM card and look at the gold side. Remove all the dirt or debris from it and clean the slots and connectors of the SIM card. Make sure both of them are dry and handle them with care. If you are not handling the SIM card with care, the chances of damage will be high.

Check out with a SIM card reader:

Sometimes the problem is with your mobile. If the SIM card reader is not working properly, then it will not work for you at all. Try to check out the other SIM card on the same device and see whether the problem has been resolved or not. If the problem has been resolved, then the problem is with the SIM card and not with the SIM card reader.

Reinsert the SIM card:

It is a suggestion that if the SIM card is clean, just reinsert it again. In most cases, the SIM card is not inserted properly, and the problem is happening. At that moment, turn off your Android device and install the SIM card again. Also, do not scratch or bend the SIM card during insertion because if the same has happened, it will not work in your favor. After inserting the SIM restart your device and check out whether the problem has been resolved or not.

Check out the SIM tray:

Thanks to modern technology, right now, a SIM tray is available in the devices. Check it out and have a look at whether it is broken or in an inappropriate condition. If you notice the no SIM card detected error, then you need to have a look at the SIM tray as well. After fixing it out, just reinsert the SIM card again.

Uninstall Third-party applications:

Some third-party applications are there which interfere with the network of your device. If you have recently installed certain applications which contribute to such issues, just uninstall them and reboot your device. After rebooting your device, you can see that the problem has been resolved, and you can use it easily.

Try factory reset:

Trying factory reset can also be the option and help you to fix the SIM not working error. But we suggest you get the full backup in advance before trying it out. The factory reset will clear all the data from your device. It is right there in settings, and from there, you can have access to this particular option after factory reset, set up the account, and check out whether it has started working or not.

Put your phone on airplane mode for a while:

Airplane mode is also there that can be the life savior for you. If you see that no network is detected in the SIM card, just put your phone on airplane mode and wait for a while. Turn off the airplane mode and see whether the issue has been resolved or not.

Check out for Android updates:

Well, there is no doubt whenever an update is there for Android, chances are there your device may appear inappropriate and will not function in the best possible manner. If the same is happening, then updating the device is important. Updated to the latest Android version of software installed on your system and then check out whether it has been resolved or not.

Reset network settings:

Resetting the network settings will also be the solution. If your device is accommodated with the network settings reset option, then you must try the same. You will find out this option in the backup and reset menu available on your device.

Clear cache data:

Clearing Cache data will also help you out. Sometimes the cache data let you face unintentional problems, and the major effect is on the SIM card activity. You can’t avoid it. Just clear all the data and see whether it has been resolved or not. After clearing it out, restart your device to see the differences.

Replace your SIM card:

If there is no solution that is working in your favor, the last solution you can adapt is replacing the SIM card you are having. Sometimes there are manufacturing defects in the SIM card, which leads to the SIM card not working error. Within no time after replacing the SIM card, you can see that it is working properly.

Replace your phone:

If replacing the SIM card has not worked out for you then the only solution left is to replace your phone. Right now, the problem is not with the SIM card. The problem is with the phone you are using. Just replace it and insert the same in some other device to have a look at the network setting.

Contact customer care:

Last but not least you can have a conversation with a customer care executive as well. If the no SIM card detected error is a rising b suggest you call the customer care and ask for the issue and solutions to resolve it. You can take some other number from the same operator and call on the helpline. The executives are right there to help you and suggest a possible solution. When you call the customer executive, just tell them the contact number on which you are facing the problem so that they can check out the complete detail and let you know about the best possible solutions.

We hope these solutions can help you to fix the error. Also, pay attention to the reasons that might be causing the same error. After noticing the errors, you can fix that.

Reasons behind SIM card not working:

Before diving into any of the solutions, understand the major reason contributing to the SIM card not working problem. These are as follows:-

  • Problem with the manufacturing of the phone, and it causes a short circuit that prevents from accessing the SIM card.
  • Manufacturing defect with the SIM card, which restricts receiving or making the calls through the phone.
  • Exposure of SIM has been done to more than an ambient temperature.
  • Physical damage to the SIM.
  • Installation of SIM card has not been done properly.
  • The memory of the device is not operating correctly.
  • Exposure of SIM cards to dust or any foreign particle contributes to short-circuiting in the bridges.
  • Some sort of virus may occupy a place on your device.

Well, these issues are common, and sometimes you may also notice that even after checking them out, you are not able to use the SIM card properly. If the same is happening, you need to look out for SIM change as well. 

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Final Words:

Following are the best methods that a user can adapt when no SIM card detected error arises. It is integral to check out the best solution because if the same is not happening, you will not be able to use your device properly.

Also, in most cases, there is hardware and software, both the issues are happening, so pay attention to both and then reach any conclusion.

For sure, after checking all these solutions, the error will get fixed, and you will not have an encounter with it again. If you wish to know something more, do let us know so that we can focus on the same issue too and help you to know the best solutions.


What to do if the SIM card reader is not reading the SIM?

If the SIM card reader is not reading SIM, then this is the hardware fault, and you need to get in touch with any mobile service provider. They will look at it out and fix the problem and remove the dirt or debris or any sort of junk from it. But, in some cases, there is a need to replace the SIM card reader.

Is it possible for me to get the SIM card of the same number again and again?

Yes, it is possible to get the SIM card of the same number again and again but don’t forget you can’t use the same SIM card on two devices simultaneously.

What if the golden plate on my SIM card is broken?

If the golden plate on the SIM card is broken, it will not function properly, and the SIM card not detected error will arise. You need to replace it immediately to enjoy further services.

How will I be able to block the SIM card?

If you wish to block the SIM card you were using previously, just call customer care and seek help from them. If they are not helping you, approach any nearby service provider and submit the asking documents for blocking the SIM card.

What to do if the SIM slot is loose?

Chances are there, the SIM slot is loose, and due to this, the SIM card slips in or comes out too easily. It is a suggestion to fix it. Just put some pressure over the slot and hold the SIM card properly to cross-check it.

After cross-checking it out, turn on your device and see whether the network problem issue has been resolved or not. Additionally, you can go to any nearest mobile repairing shop and ask them to replace the broken SIM slot.

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