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Airtel Xstream Fiber: Plans, Pricing & Availability Details

Looking, for a new DTH connection along with a high-speed internet connection for your home? Then there is nothing better than the airtel XStream Fiber. In this package, you will get the advantage of several offers combined in one place.

All these offers play a big role in your everyday life. You can choose the one which suits you the best. In India, Airtel is considered one of the best telecom service providers. Airtel is popularly known to deliver the best recharge offers, DTH offers, and many more.

Well as we know that Reliance Jio fiber is in wide use. At this point in time, Airtel has also come up with some great offers to beat its rivals. Airtel is out in the field with Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband plans in India.

It consists of several offers which start from Rs. 499 per month. This offer is available with five plans which belong to different categories.

What is Airtel Xstream Fiber Broadband?

Well, the Airtel Xstream Fiber is a powerful network that connects fiber with the home. It is based on fiber technology. It is popularly known as fiber-to-the-home known as FTTH.

This technology is available around all the cities of the country. Airtel launched this technology in the year 2019. Recently, it has expanded to ten more new cities for this technology. There are different-different prices available for this service.

The first thing that users should have is to get to know about the Airtel Xstream Fiber router and its prices. According to the Airtel official website, this plan is free. But, it depends on the plan which you have chosen for. This is available in all the cities except Dehradun. For people reciting in Dehradun will be noticed Airtel regarding more router charges.

The second thing is Airtel Xstream Fiber broadband charges. When we talk about plans, Airtel charges you with a minimum amount of money. All the plans are set according to your budget. There are different-different plans available to you.

Now let’s discuss these plans more deeply.

Plan NameMonthly PriceInternet usage
Unlimited499 INRUp to 40Mbps speed (unlimited internet)
Premium799 INRUp to 100Mbps speed (unlimited internet)
Entertainment999 INRUp to 200Mbps speed (unlimited internet)
Ultra1499 INRUp to 300Mbps speed (unlimited internet)
VIP3999 INRUp to 1Gbps speed (unlimited internet)
Airtel XStream Fiber Plans

Airtel Xstream Unlimited Plan

If you are looking for the base plan available in the lowest budget. Then, there is none other better plan than this one. The Airtel XStream Fiber Unlimited plan provides you with a good data speed of 40Mps.

However, the speed is low, but the type of quality which it provides is the best. In this, you can get an extra feature of FUP which is a fair usage policy. This is the policy that is used to hold the capacity of 3.3TB. This plan can hold the FUP limit. once the limit is over then the plan expires.

As the FUP gets exhausted then the speed of the plan starts to decrease. the speed gets reduced to 1,024Kbps. In this plan, the user gets the benefit of unlimited calls. There is no time limit for the call, one can talk for around one hour at a single time.

Airtel Xstream Premium Plan

If you want some more benefits on a low budget then you should go for the Premium plan. In this plan, you may get all the benefits that are available in the Unlimited plan.

In addition to the features of an unlimited plan, you will get an internet speed of up to 100Mbps. In addition to these features, you can also get a free subscription to DTH Xstream Box.

It is your choice if you want then you can get it. You can also get some other benefits like free subscription calling for and year. It depends on the membership category which you have chosen for. With this benefit, you can also get some special voucher codes. These codes can be used for some other place like in restaurants, fun parks, movie halls, etc.

Airtel Xstream Entertainment Plan

Like to watch movies, and love to watch web series, etc. Then, this is the plan which is just made for you. This plan provides you with a massive speed of up to 200Mbps.

Get all the benefits of the Unlimited and Premium plans. You will get additional features in this plan. You can get free voucher codes for calls, tourism, shopping, and various activities are also included. In addition to all these benefits, a free subscription for DTH is provided.

Along with a free subscription to DTH you also get some subscriptions to popular apps. This includes Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Hulu, etc. Free calling is available to you for a longer period.

Airtel Xstream Ultra Plan

Forget about all the buffering and net chunks due to low-speed internet. As with the Airtel Xstream ultra plan, you get the internet speed up to 300 Mbps. With the pack of unlimited data, it delivers the benefits like DTH Xstream Box with streaming app subscriptions.

In this plan, you get an extra feature to pay online. You can pay online through Google pay, Phonepay, Paytm, or any other transaction application. Like other plans in this also you get extra voucher codes. These voucher codes can be used for any purpose anytime.

Mostly, the voucher codes are made for entertainment, shopping, or mobile recharge purpose. You can get a feature to make the call for an unlimited time.

Airtel Xstream VIP plan

Want all the benefits in a single plan. Then, go for the VIP plan, in this plan you can get everything in a single plan. Starting from a normal call to free vouchers. All the things are included in this plan.

You can get an advantage to get the highest internet speed available in Airtel. You will get the benefit of the internet speed up to 1 Gbps. There are no other limits to this plan. You can use enough amount of internet in a single day.

If we talk about calls, then you can get unlimited free calling for a year. This also provides you with free voucher codes. These codes can be used anywhere anytime you want to use them.

Benefits of Airtel Xstream:

There are plenty of benefits of using the Airtel Xstream application on your device. Following are the benefits of using Airtel Xstream:-

1. Availability of Airtel Xstream Fiber

If we talk about the connectivity of Airtel Xstream. Then, it possesses a wide range of connectivity. It is available in almost all the major parts of the country.

Cities in which Airtel Xstream is available to include Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Agra, Ajmer, Bahadurgarh, and Mumbai. For more information, you can go through the official Airtel website. There you can even find the broadband availability in your areas by just selecting the name of your city from the drop-down list.

2. Airtel Xstream fiber OTT Subscription

Airtel provides some of the special features which are free subscriptions for OTT platforms. Along with a free DTH subscription, you get this feature.

Airtel Xstream Fiber provides you with a free subscription to the most popular OTT platforms. This includes subscriptions to Amazon Prime Videos, Disney+ Hotstar, and Zee5. All these plans are available at a good amount of price. This is available for Rs. 999.

Along with OTT platforms. You can even get the premium version of some of the popular music applications. This includes Wynk Music and Shaw Academy.

3. Free Voucher Codes

With the Airtel Xstream Fiber plans you can also get some coupon cards. These cards can be used for various purposes. This includes entertainment, shopping, mobile recharge, etc…

You can use these voucher cards anywhere anytime you want to use them. These cards are provided to you at the time of recharge.

4. Availability of Airtel Xstream Plan

The Airtel Xstream plan gives you the best availability of 24X7 hours. For any query, you can dial customer service. The customer service is available 24X7 hours.

You can get the number of customer services through the official Airtel Xstream application website. Most of the time the people face one kind of problem and that is price issues.

The above given are the benefits of using the Airtel Xstream application. This is not the case that these benefits are only for people with smartphones. People who don’t have smartphones can also enjoy these benefits.

recently, the Airtel Xstream has made a new announcement. The announcement includes availing of free 1 Gbps speed through fast Wi-Fi connectivity. With this, the Airtel users can get the chance to use their Airtel Xstream plan for a long period.

Not only, Wi-Fi connection, they can also get the benefit to have free LAN services on their nearby devices. You can connect to the LAN through any of the devices available to you. LAN provides free data of Airtel with a great speed of up to 1 Gbps.

All these facilities you can get in the best plan of Airtel Xstream. This plan is available to you in Rs. 3,999. Now Airtel has announced that they can get one complimentary router. It has been noticed that this router can be used for any purpose.

You can use this router to connect to any device. This is the router that has been used to connect various LAN services. The router is a 4×4 Wi-Fi router. This router can provide you a fast speed of 1 Gbps. You can use this to enable fast internet connections. You can use this connection for online gaming purposes, animation, and for various works for study purposes or various office works.

So, this is all about this article. I hope, this article will help you to explore more about Airtel Xstream Fiber.

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