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Airtel SIM Block Online | How to Block Lost Airtel SIM Instantly (2022)

Airtel SIM Block Online: Have you just lost your smartphone with Airtel SIM inside? Are you not in the mood of using Airtel SIM anymore?

Whatever would be the reasons, blocking up the Airtel SIM would surely be the immediate response we can expect from anyone here. Blocking a SIM is surely not a big deal but still, if you are having some problems with the same, don’t worry we will provide you with an absolute solution for the same.

Bharti Airtel Limited is one of the most reputed and popular Indian International telecommunication services whose headquarters is situated in New Delhi, India. It is one of the oldest and more reliable telecommunication services in India that has been serving the nation for the last few decades.

It would regardless say the company has witnessed remarkable growth in the last 24 years. Airtel is the very first company in India that delivered 4G services. Despite being serving the nation with the best services, some loopholes sometimes affect the users’ access, and that further may lead one to discontinue the services.

This guide is specially designed to help people block Airtel SIM both through online and offline methods. So, stay connected with us to explore the different opportunities.

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How to block Airtel SIM? (Airtel SIM Block Online)

Blocking Airtel SIM is not a big deal. Just a very few clicks and you will be done with it. But in case you are facing some issues out there and are looking forward to some easiest solutions, just check out the few we are about to provide you below:

Block Airtel SIM by calling from Airtel number

The Airtel customers are being offered the facility of blocking their Airtel SIM by making a call from an Airtel number. In case you have accidentally lost your Airtel SIM you can easily block that one and can get a new SIM with the same number without making much effort. 

Airtel is one of the leading telecommunication Indian International companies that takes very well care of its customer needs and hence tries to provide the best services only.

Airtel provides a designated number to their customers that they can easily use for blocking up the Airtel SIM quite conveniently.

If you have lost your Airtel SIM and are looking forward to locking it, you can easily do it by following up on the process provided below.

Before going further, we would like to keep a very few things handy, and that are: recently dialed numbers, last recharge value, address or ID proof associated with the lost SIM card, etc. These are the very few things you may need while locking up your Airtel SIM card. Once you have done with it, just follow up with the process we are providing you below:

  • Take your phone and dial 121 or 9849098490 from it. 
  • Once done, you will be asked to verify the details we just have mentioned to you above. Make sure you are adding the details very carefully, to avoid any chances of the hassle out there.
  • Once verified, your Airtel SIM will be blocked immediately.

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Block Airtel SIM by calling from a Non-Airtel Number

One doesn’t need to have an Airtel number only for blocking up an Airtel SIM. You can easily do it by using a Non-Airtel number as well. If you are willing to know how just check out the detailed process we are providing you below:

  • Take out your phone and then open up its dialer.
  • Now you have to make a call on the toll-free number 1800-103-4444.
  • Just follow up on the instructions being provided to you. Once done, you will be now asked for verifying recently dialed numbers, the last recharge value, and the address of ID proof. The asked details will be verified through call only.
  • Once done, your preferred Airtel SIM will get deactivated just within a few seconds.

The process we have provided you above works well for both prepaid and postpaid Airtel numbers. Do you know what is the best thing here? Well…

You can easily unblock or unlock your preferred Airtel SIM just by following up the same process without any hassle. 

Block Airtel SIM by contacting Airtel Customer Care

In case you have tried up both the provided solutions but didn’t have to get the absolute answer for your queries yet, you can easily contact the Airtel Customer Care services for enjoying seamless blocking up of Airtel number Airtel provides 24 x 7 complimentary client care helpline number that one can easily use for getting a solution for their problems. It is usually a toll-free number that makes access easier. 

Moreover, Airtel users can also get live chat support for resolving any query or for blocking up their Airtel SIM anytime. One can easily discover the live chat support by visiting the official website of Airtel.

Along with the above-mentioned two different services, Airtel offers absolute support to its users through email services as well. Anyone can ask for a solution for their queries or can block up their preferable Airtel number by sending up an email on their official website at URL: [email protected].

What is the reason for blocking an Airtel SIM?

When it comes to blocking an Airtel SIM card, the very first question that strikes everyone’s mind is why do it. The reason behind the same may be multiple. One can opt for blocking an Airtel SIM because he or she is not satisfied with the service providers.

Or the people residing in the areas with poor connection services may also opt for blocking up the SIM process. One can also apply for the SIM blocking services in case of theft or SIM loss. Moreover, entering up the wrong PIN consistently three to five times may also lead to the blocking of the SIM itself. 

Blocking up an Airtel SIM may seem to be an annoying thing but it protects you from different ongoing scams and frauds. It prevents one from trying access to your phone or your personal information without your knowledge.

So, if you are not interested in the mood of continuing your Airtel services or just have lost your SIM card, just opt for blocking up your Airtel SIM card immediately to keep yourself safe throughout.

How to get a new Airtel SIM with the same mobile number?

If you have blocked up your Airtel SIM and are now looking forward to unblocking it, we are here with the simplest process for you. One can easily get a new Airtel SIM card with the same number once you have blocked it without any hassle. The only things you have to do in the league are:

  • Launch your web browser and then go to the official website of Airtel.
  • Now go to the Airtel Store Locator option to move further with the process.
  • Once done, you now have to enter your city’s name here along with your area Pincode. 
  • The Airtel Store Locator will collect your information and will find out the nearest Airtel Stores for you.
  • You can easily check those stores and visit your nearest one along with your ID proof and two passport-sized photographs.
  • The next thing you have to do in the league is to fill in the required application form very carefully. Make sure that you have completed your ID verification very carefully and have paid the new SIM charges as well. The new Airtel SIM charges may vary from Rs. 25 to Rs. 100.
  • Once you have done with it, you next have to insert your new Airtel SIM card into your phone and then have to dial the number 59059 from the same. It will activate your Airtel SIM card in just a few minutes.
  • Make sure to verify the details like address, date of birth, and different others to enjoy secure access in the future. 

Final Words:

Doesn’t matter what your reasons are, but blocking up an Airtel SIM is not a big deal. Just a very few simple steps and you will be done with the things. The guide is specially designed to help all those who are currently facing some issues in blocking their Airtel SIM card and hopefully we would have succeeded in that.

We have added up the different methods here for blocking up your Airtel SIM card here. We also have provided some of the toll-free numbers here that you can use for making a call to the customer care services of Airtel.

Moreover, we also have tried to resolve the very few FAQs related to the same here as well so that our readers could easily get the best solution for their queries. 

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Can we unblock our Airtel SIM card if found again?

Yes, you can easily unblock the Airtel SIM card just by going through some formalities. Just report to the customer service executive with your details to obtain the existing number, once you find the lost SIM

How can I stop annoying calls on my Airtel SIM?

If you have gone fed up with those promotional calls or SMS sent at your Airtel SIM you can easily stop them by using the Airtel’s Do Not Disturb Registry through your registered mobile number. Once done, such calls and SMS will automatically get blocked.

My Airtel SIM is not working. What could be the reasons?

Multiple reasons can affect the performance of your Airtel SIM card. Improperly embedded SIM cards can be one of the reasons or the reason might be that you haven’t selected the preferable network mode on your device yet.

How to call a customer care number for blocking an Airtel SIM card?

For blocking up your Airtel SIM card you can easily make a call on toll-free number 121 or can make a call on numbers 9810012345 or 98101980101 as well.

My Airtel SIM card has been lost. What to do now?

You don’t need to panic if your Airtel SIM card has been lost. You can simply make a call at 121 and can report your complaint there and can block it immediately. The airtel executive will ask some queries from you just to verify that you are the real SIM owner of that number. Once done, the executive will follow up on the procedure for blocking your Airtel SIM card.

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