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Starlink Internet Plans, Pricing, How to Apply?

Are you a big fan of Elon Musk? While SpaceX is the world’s most powerful and robust organization in terms of spacecraft, orbital movements, and launching satellites. It is helping other giant scientists and organizations in launching plus setting up their spacecraft in space with their extraordinary and highly advanced technology.

Now comes a piece of good news for all the internet lovers with a complementing high speed. SpaceX has launched its ultimate satellite internet service known as Starlink.

It will provide high-speed internet of up to 50–150 Mbps and that speed is a bang on to high speed. Starlink is going to break the geographical norms of delivering high-speed internet at places, not at the ground level or in between an ocean.

What is Starlink?

Starlink is an extraordinary internet satellite company that is powered by Elon Musk’s SpaceX. The satellites will furnish a fast internet speed of 50–150 Mbps. Starlink has already launched over 1,000 satellites since February 2021 as a part of their internet satellite program. The story just begins here as Starlink will launch over 42000 satellites in its constellation.

How Starlink will provide high-speed internet and working its plan?

After all, it is not that easy to create a network of thousands of satellites in space. Two main issues lie in between high-speed internet through satellites. Let us understand both issues-

1.)The first is if the satellite is launched at the usual distance like other satellites launched before, it will not provide the desired high speed. As the distance of satellites will increase multiple times that will affect the speed of transferring data.

2.) The second is if the distance of the satellite is reduced it will not cover the large chunk of the area as compared to other satellites at a considerable distance. It will only deliver the area to certain parts, and that’s why all the parts of the globe will not be able to enjoy the high-speed Starlink satellite internet.

So how Elon Musk’s Starlink solved this problem. Starlink will create a network of satellites that looks like a network of thousands of dots in space. To deliver high speed and to cover each area of the earth and for that –

“Thousands of satellites will be launched and installed in the constellation of Starlink. All these satellites will operate together very close to the earth. They will use the lower earth orbit that is just 540 km to 570 km above the Earth’s surface.” this is known as low latency of internet.

That is the reason why Starlink is the first-ever organization that is launching 42,000 satellites just for one single purpose. Latency means the distance traveled by data to reach the earth, Starlink is furnishing low latency of internet which is serving as the virtue of its technology.

How to get the Starlink internet and how much it will cost?

As all the satellites are still in a row to launch. However, Starlink is beginning the beta version of its space satellite mission. This will stay limited to some common areas just to test the service, speed, and to gather feedback. Soon the starting of next year the full-fledged fast satellite internet services will be available to all.

To enjoy the early beta version internet services follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the official website of Starlink.
  2. There on the site right on the landing page under the tag of order Starlink, you can see the box to enter your area code.
  3. Enter your area pin code and check if your area is included in the list to avail of the beta version.
  4. If yes then you can easily register for the program by paying $99 per month.
  5. However, if you can not find your area you have to wait till the year 2022 to avail fast-paced satellite internet services.

Please keep in mind the orders for utilizing the beta version will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis. So the biggest hindrance is the cut-throat cost of the services. That is you have to pay $99 per month plus have to invest $499 just for the satellite dish, modem, and other required hardware. These are the costs for the beta version and the cost after the beta version is not yet specified.

Way ahead for Starlink…

Starlink is the ultimate and huge project of its kind. It has the strategies to keep up the pace and launch 120 satellites per month. All thanks go to their reusable launch rockets, that are not spoiled after installing a satellite in space. These rockets come back on the earth’s surface after successful installation and can be reused.

Talking about pricing plans they are too heavy for the poor section of the society to afford it. To be fair and accomplish the ultimate goal of Starlink that is the internet for all, Elon Musk is seeking a way out to reduce the pricing. Here is what happened on – November 2, 2020, Elon Musk tweeted, “Lowering terminal equipment cost. . . is our most difficult technical challenge.” Let us hope for the best.

Furthermore, just for now, Starlink stays limited to stationary use. That is internet will be captured by the tied internet device to the satellite. However, soon Elon Musk is way ahead of others and is already planning to turn Starlink into a portable and use-in-motion internet service. In a way that users can carry their receivers anywhere to get consistent internet support. Also, deliver internet service to individual customers not only in RVs but also to trains, planes, buses, ships, etc.

The bottom line.

As per a recent study over 35% of people from developing countries are not able to purchase internet plans. This is consistently widening the gap between those having and not having internet. As those having greater access to the internet are getting wealthier day after day. Elon Musk has already initiated the biggest mission to cut down the equipment and purchasing cost of Starlink. Hence, allowing enjoying the internet to all.

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