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GetintoPC: Best Website to Download Free Software

GetintoPC Review: People love free stuff, and it’s a human tendency that free things attract more eyeballs compared to paid ones. That’s why free digital products(e.g.: software, Media files, eBooks) are always in demand over the internet. Fortunately, there are so many websites that provide us with such digital products free of cost.

But is it safe to download those free kinds of stuff from those so-called popular websites? Are there any risks associated with it or not? Will your device malfunction if you download and install those software files?

Now, let’s discuss them one by one. But before that one of my favorite quotes, I want to remind you…

“Free Things, Always Cost You High.”

Now it’s time to unfold the dark secrets and the myths of free software download websites, For that, we have selected one of the most popular free software downloading websites named: GetintoPC, one of the oldest and most viewed websites around the globe, that we are going to review ahead.

Stay tuned!

What is GetintoPC?

Website Name:GetintoPC
Website Started(year):2013
Website Language:English
Website Type:Software / Application Downloading

GetintoPC is an online software downloading web portal, from where anyone can download their desired software from any category free of cost and can use it on their device without any limitations.

Currently, the GetintoPC website has more than 176+ categories available to choose your app/software to get for free. The GetintoPC website helps you to provide paid software free to download.

Starting in 2013, this website became extremely popular day by day and grabbed a huge amount of visitors from all around the world.

According to Vstat, a website ranking tracker app currently has 10M+ estimated monthly visitors and the majority of the audiences are from India, Do you remember the free things part I mentioned earlier at the beginning of the article?

GetintoPC Monthly Visitors Chart
GetintoPC Monthly Visitors Chart

So the things you can find on their website are free, and their mission statement is to provide easy, accessible, and single download links to their user without any survey or useless popup banners.

In a nutshell, if you are required to download a particular software or more than one; you can visit their website and download it for free. Got it?

Disclaimer: This article is meant for educational/informational purposes only. We have no intention to promote piracy or illegal downloading of licensed products. The author and the writer of this article will not be responsible for any mishappenings, you must be well aware of what you are doing and how to protect yourself.

How to Download a Software from GetintoPC?

Downloading your desired software from GetintoPC is very easy and will consume less time. All you need to do is:

  • Visit “or” search on Google to find the website
  • Choose the desired software from the available categories
  • Open the software downloading page and read the instructions
  • Follow the mentioned procedure to download the desired software
  • Remember/ note down the password if you are downloading a Zip/RAR file

While installing the software, extract it from the archive and open the readme.txt file(if present inside the folder) before beginning the installation. You may need a password to open the compressed file archive, you can get the password on the software download page.

Why GetintoPC is so Popular?

There are many software downloading websites you can find over the internet, but most of the sites will lead to multiple redirected pages several times in a loop where every page contains tons of unnecessary advertisements, popup banners, and spyware scripts. The GetintoPC website interface is simple, neatly designed, and easy to navigate.

So a person with minimum to no technical knowledge can also be able to find the right stuff she/he wants.

Another great reason is, that GetintoPC provides you with the software in a single downloadable link, which means you don’t need to care about downloading a large file in multiple parts and then combining it later.

Also, they don’t provide an online software installer like CNet. All of their hosted software/application files are standalone offline installation supported, which is another great thing that makes GetintoPC the visitor’s first choice.

Pros & Cons of GetintoPC:

Every website is made for a particular reason and to serve a specific set of audiences. For each website, there are some pros and cons present and they will always be there. Nothing is 100% perfect in this whole world.

Now let’s look at the pros & cons of GetintoPC

Large collection of SoftwareLack of registration certification
Free to downloadContains cracked software
Faster downloading speedIllegal to download from such websites
Offline installerPotential security risk
Direct downloading linkPossible data breach

How does the GetintoPC Website work?

GetintoPC collects a large number of cracked/ pre-activated software and games and uploads those into their dedicated cloud server in the backend. Whereas in the front end, you will find different web pages containing various software installation and compatibility details followed by a downloading link, once a user clicks on that link and opens it, the file will be downloaded to their device.

As the hosted software files are pre-activated or cracked, hence don’t require any license details at the time of installation. But it is completely illegal to download such software or products. You must follow your country’s guidelines before downloading anything from such websites.

The GetintoPC team not only uploads this information but other third-party contributors carry out the whole process of creating specific articles, and tutorials, uploading the EXE file, and other activities.

List of GetintoPC Alternatives:

There are several other alternatives to the GetintoPC website for software downloading. We have listed some of the popular websites for your reference only.

Get into PC Proxy / Mirror Sites List:

Now, let’s have a look at the proxy/mirror sites that are similar to the original Get into PC website in terms of operation.


Is GetintoPC Safe?

The website itself is safe to visit and there is no risk while browsing the site, but when you download and install cracked software from this website, it will make your system more vulnerable.

So try to avoid using cracked applications on your device to secure your private data. Also, you can use a VPN application to hide your identity while browsing similar websites to prevent trackers and spoofers.

Final Words:

No matter how good a software downloading site is, there are always some risks associated with it. If you are one of those who are looking for free software over the internet, you must be cautious about the forthcoming security threats.

Installing a cracked application will make your device more vulnerable, which will help malicious attackers execute malware and Trojans to steal your data.

Also in some countries, it is illegal to download and install pirated software copies, make sure you abide by your country’s laws to avoid future troubles.

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