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6 Best Office Hoteling Softwares You Need to Try

The rise of the pandemic has incorporated a new normal into the lives of people. Employees these days are more and more indulged in working from home, and with these vibes in the industry, office hoteling software is gathering the stardust day after day.

An Office hoteling software formulates a special workspace that aids in creating a flexible environment for the users. It gathers all the resources and adapts to the dynamic work requirements of the employees.

This software also helps the employees to work together with the team, which helps in keeping the morale of team spirit high.

So if you are in the search of some exciting and helpful office hoteling software, you have landed in the right place. As we bring you the list of the top five office hoteling software.

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Best Office Hoteling Software:

1. iOffice office hoteling software

iOffice is among the top players in formulating office hoteling software. It helps employees in customizing a workspace online when they are struggling with physical or work-from-home issues. So how iOffice software is a good alternative for combining your workforce, let us see –

a) Desk hoteling – iOffice offers desk hoteling which supports the employees to book a workspace for themselves beforehand. They can easily set up their desks and work after they resume work in their office.

b) Activity-based operations – employees can manage, utilize, and optimize their activities and operations very easily. iOffice software helps in faster and more efficient use of workspaces and workflow every day.

iOffice blends MS Outlook/MS Exchange Integration just to secure all your reservations that can be organized in one place. It is considered that iOffice is also responsible for incorporating Outlook tracking. This is responsible for making tracking more scheduling and helps in making the reservation easier.

2. Skedda

Skedda combines everything you need to manage office hoteling for your workplace effectively. It leverages smart platform automation and customization to enable the self-service booking of your office’s desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces, and more.

Skedda automates the booking of space so that your people are free to focus on work that matters. It uses a number of features to provide this seamless experience:

  • Interactive, bookable maps to easily view availability and book office space in a few clicks
  • On-demand, reporting, and analytics dashboard to identify trends and utilization metrics as a driver for your space-management strategy
  • Powerful user management to assign custom roles and booking privileges to manage granular user behavior
  • Native iOS and Android apps so that users can book space from their mobile devices, on the go

Skedda combines all these features into an elegant platform designed to empower venues to manage their spaces effectively.

3. Deskflex office hoteling software

DeskFlex furnishes a relatively sculptured user interface that builds a loyal guest-centric system. However, DeskFlex operates on most internet browsers including Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox.

Its software is a full-pack combo of desk scheduling or desk booking solutions, room scheduling, shared workspaces, parking management, and equipment reservations.

All in all, Deskflex empowers resourcefulness by helping organizations make carefully guided solutions. This office hotelling software converts expenditures into well-organized solutions. Plus, it delivers an exceptional and customizable layout for a better user experience.

Now you can very easily simplify your conference room through reservations with Deskflex web-based hoteling software.

Let your workers check for workspace availability on their own, create reservations, as well as alter or cancel the bookings. It also furnishes built-in personalization features that let you modify the phases as per your requirements.

4. Office space office hoteling software

OfficeSpace aids you in creating a personalized shared desk strategy that operates for your workspace and your folks. Some special features of this office hoteling software are mentioned below –

1. You can easily search and book in real time. This gives employees an easy approach to shared tasks.

2. It supports eliminating real estate costs by maximizing your living everyday workspace. Preventing it from expanding earlier than requires.

3. If you love to experiment with new solutions and strategies then this is the best software for you. As it utilizes real-time data to attempt and improve your plans over time.

Through this, you can conserve fixed desks for permanent teams. Set up desk hoteling for permanent or traveling workers. Also, utilize impressive desks as a workspace for meetings and discussions. However, if you love your desks, OfficeSpace makes it easier to manage tasks.

5. ezee

Looking for the best office hotel software then go for eZee Absolute software. It has been said that it is one of the best software for this purpose. Many questions came into your mind while choosing any office hotel. Then you may search on the internet, many applications are also available on android.

You may find various software for this purpose, but none of them are the best. If you are in hurry! then don’t panic eZee Absolute software is there to help you.

The first question which arises in people’s minds is why to choose eZee Absolute software. Well for this question there are many advantages for this like some of them include:-

• This software has been awarded as one of the best trust-worthy staff.

• It contains the best leadership teams who are there to guide you everywhere.

• This software has been rewarded as the best oracle hospitality management system.

Next is what comes to our mind about why these things are important for us while booking the hotel.

Well, people don’t need to worry about the answer. People find it easy to understand. Any person interested to book any office hotel has the following thoughts in his/her mind which are:-

People want a proper dedicated account manager who can calculate their amount properly.


was established by a squad working in their own coworking space to automate boring tasks and support fellow coworking workspaces running flawlessly.

Apart from automated billing, invoicing, room booking, and software integrations, Cobot supports multiple languages, is fully mobile-optimized, and expands various spaces around the globe– from small community hubs to large, multi-centered business locations and networks. Cobot provides support that is free and personal from a team with experience in growing joyful and productive spaces.

It is a self-contained solution for coworking that goes just beyond managing the tenants. In supplement to various features, the app also has features for desk scheduling and wifi and network control: anything that many of the rivals in this workspace lack.

It’s also incorporated with a marketplace to aid you to fill your desks and rooms. all in all, it simplifies your tasks and makes your workspace more efficient and impactful. It is worth a try.


Office hoteling software is part of the new normal. It is needless to say, this software saves tons of valuable time and money. So if you have not bought the software that suits your needs fine, you may be lacking behind. Now it’s your turn to start rolling. Go grab your office hotelling software right now.

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