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How to Cancel an Order on Meesho: A Step-by-Step Guide

Meesho, an increasingly popular online shopping destination, has positioned itself as a preferred alternative to the top e-commerce giants in the country. Boasting over 11 lakh sellers and a wide-reaching delivery network covering 19,000+ pincode destinations in India, Meesho offers a diverse range of products.

This guide is dedicated to navigating the process of canceling an order on the Meesho platform, ensuring a seamless experience for users.

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How to Cancel an Order on Meesho?

Meesho’s online shopping app, available for mobile devices, replicates the desktop site’s diverse product categories and dedicated seller section. Users can seamlessly shop, place orders, and manage their accounts through the app.

However, understanding the cancellation process becomes imperative in case the need arises.

Canceling Orders Using the Mobile App:

  • Open the Meesho app on your phone.
  • Login to your account with proper details.
    login to your profile and go to my orders section
  • Go to the “My orders” section.
    after opening the order section you will find all orders
  • Click on the order you want to cancel.
    after opening the order click on cancel order
  • Provide the cancellation reason and provide feedback.
    Select reason of cancellation and confirm
  • Tap on the “Cancel Product“.
    your order will be cancelled
  • You will receive a cancellation confirmation message.

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Canceling Orders Using the Website:

  • Visit the Meesho website, log in, and access your orders.
  • Select the order you want to cancel.
  • Click ‘Cancel,’ choose a reason, and tap ‘Cancel Product.’
  • Receive a confirmation notification.

Note: You can’t cancel an order once the product is shipped, instead you need not receive the order. In simple terms reject the order when delivery is attempted. It will be automatically canceled after that.

Canceling Shipped Orders via Customer Care:

  • Dial Meesho’s helpline number: 91 8061799600.
  • Provide the necessary details for the order cancellation.
  • Access the helpline number through the app or the ‘Help Centre‘ button available.

Note: After opening your profile you will find a Help Centre section. Open that and click on the specific order, then open the what issue are you facing section. after a new window opens, tap the chat with us or call me back option and share your preferred language and other details to continue.

Canceling Orders via Support Email:

  • Email Meesho at [email protected].
  • Include comprehensive order details for swift processing.
  • Receive a confirmation email upon successful cancellation.

Canceling Orders Through Twitter(X):

  • Tweet to Meesho via their official Twitter account: Meesho_Official.
  • Specify order details, your name, and email for a prompt response.
  • Twitter team confirmation on order cancellation.

How to Get a Refund from Meesho?

The refund process on Meesho requires adherence to specific rules. Refunds are granted if the product is returnable, with a 7-day window for returns from the date of receipt. Returned products must be unused, with labels and packaging intact. The refund process is initiated via the original payment method.

Meesho’s Return & Exchange Policy

Meesho prioritizes buyer satisfaction, offering a penalty-free cancellation policy. Sellers are not charged for order cancellations. If a shipped order is not delivered, it is converted to ‘Return to Origin,’ with the seller handling return shipping fees.

Returns and Replacements:

  • Wrong or damaged product: Free replacement provided.
  • Cost differences: Buyer pays for a higher-priced replacement or receives a refund for a lower-priced replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Can we cancel the order on Meesho?

Yes, buyers can cancel orders both before and after shipment using the Meesho app. Sellers can cancel received orders for valid reasons.

How do I contact Meesho for a refund?

Contact Meesho through their helpline number: +91 8061799600 or via email at [email protected], specifying order details.

Does Meesho deliver before the scheduled date?

In some cases, Meesho’s couriers may deliver before the mentioned scheduled date, particularly in well-connected urban areas.

Can I get a refund from Meesho without a bank account?

Meesho offers instant refunds for Cash on Delivery (COD) purchases, with the refund routed to the provided bank account details.

Final words:

Mastering the Meesho order cancellation process is key to a seamless online shopping experience. Follow these steps, stay informed, and make the most of the platform’s user-friendly features.

Whether canceling through the app, customer care, email, or Twitter, Meesho ensures a hassle-free journey for both buyers and sellers.

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