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Groww App Not Working: Important Steps to Fix the Errors

Groww App Not Working: Are you facing issues while opening the Groww app on your phone or tablet? is the Groww app failing to load or frequently crashing while opening on your device?

If you are facing the same sort of issues, this article will help you figure out the reason and probably the solutions for it.

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What is Groww App?

Groww app is one of the most popular finance apps that provides its users the simplicity to trade and invest in the stock market, mutual funds, and also in digital gold. The Groww app has millions of user bases with a good customer support team to help the users with their queries.

It is important to fix any errors on our device related to the Groww app so that we can protect and monitor our financial details frequently and when needed in an emergency.

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Why Groww App is Not Working?

The reason the Groww app is not working can be caused due to any important factors such as the server being temporarily down or facing any technical issues, there might be some technical scheduled maintenance going on at the backend, or your device or the Groww app may have any sort of issues that needs to be fixed immediately from your side.

Let’s break it down step by step to understand the solutions further, for the errors you face while using the Groww app.

Groww App Not Working Solutions:

Groww app frequent crashing and not loading solutions

Follow these steps carefully, to fix the Groww app-related errors easily from your side.

  • Check the Playstore to confirm if there is an update available
  • Download the updated version & restart your device
  • Switch off & switch on the data settings to refresh the connectivity
  • Go to device settings and clear the app cache & data
  • Re-check your Internet connection properly
  • Reopen the app and wait for some time if necessary
  • Set your device date & time to the exact and updated
  • Update your device software

If the above steps work for you then you are good to go, but after following all the steps properly if you are still not able to open the app or have some errors ahead, then you need to wait for a few hours and check back if it is resolved.

Sometimes these kinds of situations occur when there is an emergency migration or maintenance needed at the back-end to protect the user data as well as privacy. So it is advisable to cooperate and let the process be completed fully.

Common Groww App Error Codes and Solutions:

Error CodePossible Scenarios and Solutions
500 Internal Server ErrorServer-side issue. Wait and try again; contact support if persistent.
Login/Authentication IssuesDouble-check credentials, reset password or contact customer support.
Connection ErrorsEnsure stable internet; switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data.
App CrashesUpdate to the latest version; uninstall and reinstall if needed.
Transaction FailuresCheck sufficient funds, verify transaction details, retry, or contact support.
404 Not FoundIncorrect links; update the app; check for correct URL.
401 UnauthorizedInvalid credentials; double-check login details; reset password.
Account LockedTemporarily locked; contact customer support to unlock.
Payment Gateway ErrorsVerify payment details; contact customer support or your bank if issues persist.
App Not CompatibleCheck device compatibility; update device software if necessary.

Please note that these are general scenarios, and the specific error messages and solutions may vary. Always refer to the official support channels or documentation of the specific app, for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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If you need any further assistance regarding your issues, you can directly contact the Groww app customer support team by visiting the official website to understand the problem better.

If you find the article related to the Groww app not working useful, then please share it with others in your circle. For any questions/queries, you can leave us a comment below.

Is Groww App Banned in India?

No, the Groww app is currently not banned in India. It is officially available and in operation.

Is Groww App Down?

No, the Groww app is currently working fine without any errors and crashes. If you have any issues please update the app to the latest version.

How Can I Contact the Groww App Customer Care?

To contact the Groww app customer support help desk, you can place a call on this number: 9108800604, or you can raise a support ticket from the official website by providing your query details.

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