WhatsApp Red Tick Update? what it really means!

WhatsApp red tick update
Written by Chinmay kumar

Like the other social media platforms, WhatsApp is also a source of news & information for some of its users. Now-a-days it is very easy to spread some sort of viral news by using social media platforms, while most of those are unverified and leads to fake information.

Some people who blindly believe these kinds of messages and information start forwarding these messages restlessly almost everywhere they can, so that the message going viral in just a few minutes.

Recently one such news is circulating all over the social media platforms called the WhatsApp Red Tick Update, where you will find red ticks along with those old blue ticks the application already has before.

The red tick means your messages are being monitored by the government officials and you will very soon get some sort of legal action by the police.

  • Three blue ticks – the government has taken note
  • Two blue and one red tick – the government can take action against the sender
  • One blue and two red ticks – the government is screening the sender’s data
  • Three red ticks – the government has initiated action and the sender will be receiving a summons from the court

While verifying this news, what we found that there is no such official updates as of now from the WhatsApp team, also all your personal information like messages, media and other private conversations are still safe. They never provide any monitoring access to the government yet .

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As of the recent tweet by the PIB ( Press Information Bureau ) a government agency : This is fake, and the government is doing nothing of such kind.

Please note that WhatsApp is providing end-to-end encryption for its users, by which means no one (including the Government officials or the WhatsApp team) can read or view your messages in between.

To overcome the spread of such fake news, WhatsApp has taken some major steps, especially at this crucial time while the Coronavirus Pandemic has swept the entire world. The message forwarding services are now limited to one person for highly forwarded messages so that it can be able to slow down the spread of such viral, unverified fake alerts.

At the end of this topic, we ensure you that this is not the first time such messages are going viral, already thousands of messages are circulated before in social media and marked as fake. So don’t believe such messages and always refer to official or authoritative media sources for news and information always.

Stay away from rumors !!

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