Top 7 music player apps for android devices

top music player apps for android

If you closely search for peoples all over the world, you will hardly find a person who is not interested in music , however as of my knowledge there is not such persons exists either , each and every guy likes music , may be it is of his/her own test regarding to regional, classical, Remixes or else any other specific genre , Music is a very common hobby that  not only relaxes our brain from stress and anxiety but also boosts our mental disorder to heal naturally, so that we can be more productive as always. From time to time Music changes its existence from physical media to digital media, to decode those musical recordings into any electronic readable format , all we need is a music player application for our device to run it properly. in this article we are going to discuss about those top 7 music player apps for android devices.

We are discussing about the Android operating system here, cause all of us know that android is the most used and most popular operating system the world got so far for smart devices yet. Android has developed the best Eco-system for developers and end users for its flexible properties present there too.

Top 7 music player apps for android :-

1. Poweramp Music Player For Android

A widely used music player available on the app store, Poweramp has seen many downloads over the time. It’s famed amongst the Android users for its musical offering. The app has a nice intuitive interference, which comes with solid feature and high support system.

It can play all the formats as you desire. It also offers audio enhancements and a host of other features like equalizer, bass and treble, mono mixing and stereo expansion mode.

PowerAmp Media player

PowerAmp Music player


2. BlackPlayer Music Player For Android

An utterly blended music player in the offerings, BlackPlayer offers an excellent balance of interference and feature. The app comes with tabbed layout paired with minimal of theme lines.

The users retain the right to change the styles and all, though. The app has support for almost all the musical formats available in the market. It also offers bass boost option along with gapless playback, sleep timer, crossfading and more options.

Black Player

Black Player


3. Phonograph Music Player For Android

One of the new music players in the block, phonograph is quite appealing to use. The app comes with a gorgeous looking interference that offers great customization options.

It comes with features like gapless playback, equalizer, FM support, tag editor and sleep timer to name a few. The app is quite surreal for those seeking an excellent looking music player without any clutters.




4. Pulsar Music Player For Android

A lightweight yet an intuitive piece of the offering, Pulsar Music player is a nice one to have. It comes with cool interference that offers features like gapless playback, sleep timer, embedded lyrics and more.
It also offers built-in tag editor that helps the app to manage and sync the album images. Add, artist images to that one too.

5. JetAudio Music Player For Android

One to look for if you’re seeking an enlarge offering within the free version of musical players around, JetAudio is ranked next up on our list. It has great bits of offerings which allow you to do away with the free edition too.

The app comes with 10-band equalizer option that has 32 presets and offers lossless musical support. It also has playback speed control and offers automatic gain control.

6. Pi Music Player For Android

A keen looking interference supporting the audio playback options, Pi Music player might be the one you’ve been looking for so long. The app comes with great audio playback options like bass boost, built-in 5 band equalizer, virtualize option and 3D reverb effects.

It further offers features like a sleep timer, gesture support, edit options, themes and more. The app also has a ringtone cutter to use for.

pi music player

pi music player


7. Musicolet

Musicolet is an ad-free, lightweight music player with a lot of features. It allows you to control your music player using your earphone button; a single click for pause/play, double click plays the next track, and triple click takes you to the previous song. Also, you can fast-Forward the song with 4 or more repeated clicks. It claims to be the only music player for Android that supports multiple playing queues. Musicolet has an intuitive GUI with easy to access tabs for folders, albums, artists, and playlists.

Moreover, it has an equalizer, lyrics support, tag editor, sleep timer, widgets and more. It is one of the best Android music players in terms of functionality and provides an unparalleled experience.




BONUS to the list :-

8. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is a feature loaded Android music player. Its library can be browsed according to albums, audiobooks, podcasts, artists, tracks, genres and even composers. The folder view is available for a trial period of 15 days. Its search algorithm is fast and predictively displays both artist and tracks. There is a five-band equalizer with stereo balance.

MediaMonkey can download your missing album art and lyrics. It also has Android Auto support. You can sync your Android player with MediaMonkey for Windows. You can also view the seek bar of a track in Notification panel by enabling it in Settings. Additional features include, but not limited to, sleep timer, Chromecasting, tag editor, and home-screen widgets. It is one of the best music players for Android that can cater to your needs.




Did you find this list of best music player apps for Android to be helpful ? Share your suggestions in the comments below.



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