Top 5 Best Free Android Games of 2018

Best Free Android Games of 2018

Android devices were behind iOS when it came into the game, but it is rarely a problem. Yes, some games are successful on iOS first, but the Android version is now standard, is no exception and you have to be a serious player to spend part of the things currently offered by Android.

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This list is a healthy mix of free and paid games, but keep in mind that most free mobile games have optional microtrades that can range from cents to hundreds of pounds. We generally prefer to buy games, solve them, and instead of continuing to eliminate ‘freemium’ applications, but the quality of free games has increased rapidly by independent developers in recent years. However, if you only play free games in the past, try to spend a few pounds; If you are willing to spend a little money, then you will be surprised by the diversity and quality provided by Google Play.

Best Free Android Games of 2018 :-

1 Infinity OPS – Free

Formerly (and very briefly) known as Destiny: This epic multiplayer shooter of Warfare, Azer Interactive Games has been forced to change its name. Infinity Ops: FPS science fiction is not very interesting, but copyright infringement can not be done as a fate: war. Thanks a lot, Bungee! The original title of Infinity Ops gives you a clearer picture of the style of configuration, aesthetics and drama that developers are looking for, and they have been very successful in the effective spatial configuration of games like Mania Action breeding and Destiny and Halo.

You will do a double impression with high quality graphics and smooth game mechanics, but if you have a cell phone with fewer specifications, do not worry, because Infinity Ops has optimization settings for phones with less technical features; The game will not look good, but play well. The scope and depth of the game is impressive for mobile shooters, with three standard multiplayer options, special game hosting, tribal construction, and extensive character adjustment options. With various types of sections, low gravity map, jetpack and colour science-fi scenarios, Infinity OPS is the closest thing to Dissenty or Halo which you will get on a smartphone. Unfortunately, there is no single player mode, but this is the only drawback.

2 Mr. Gun – Free

Another addictive title of productive mobile game developer Ketchup, Mr. Gun is a simple touch-to-shoot game where your character (unknown first name, gun surname) shoots other gunmen, preferably in the head. Climb the endless stairs and remove the cap from the enemies as they appear at the top level. The trick is that the target of Mr. Gun is not as stable as before: His hands are constantly spinning up and down, which means that when you are in a series of angles that kill the enemy, you have to shoot quickly . Remember your goal, and it’s your turn to shoot. And they always reach the goal. The only opponent of this simple and addictive game is an attack of ads every time he wins or loses. Fortunately, when we go ahead in the game without making a purchase in the app, they actually become less frequent.

3 Player Unknown ‘Battleground Mobile-Free

Forget about the rules of Fortnight and Survival – PUBG is here! LightSpeed ??Quantum Studios has adapted its game Battle Royal, which has conquered the world for Android, and if you want to fight, you should have an internet network at the speed of light. Players of 100 players in the war zone, parachute players for death, but if you choose squadron mode, then you can be supported by a small group of team members who tactics (or chatter) through your cellphone microphone Can be better, you can add power to your teammates for the best team experience.

The choice of weapons, the improvements and the armor of the stealth collective and Stokpail store, or the cost of the shock with nothing but Macte’s panties, is up to you. Always stay in the game area of ??the explorer and kill the enemies while avoiding the same destination; If you tap Squadron mode, you still have the chance to recover before the last bullet ends. The graphics are very good, they control fluency and the interface is intuitive and easy to use. Although the default design of the controller is too far to the right, the position and size of each button can be reset in the main menu settings according to your preferences.

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Character optimization will take a long time, but unless you do not want to pay. Anyone who is familiar with pub consoles or PC games will be able to skip without tutorials, and many claim that the mobile version works best on the console. Unknown Player Battlefield Mobile Game Battle Royale is best available for Android without a doubt and the best, free.

4 Stranger Things: The Game – Free

While most of the binding intrusions in this game tend to seem completely unnecessary, this entangled single-player action game is a new level of experience for 80 (actually several levels) of Bonsakspi. Not only was he set up a new story in a colourful 32-bit rendering of the mysterious city of Hongkons, but it’s also true for the kind of game the characters will actually play on 1984.

Change players from the top down perspective with different Hawkins residents when they complete the hunt, track and solve many dangerous retro environments so far. The controls are simple and fun, while the story develops at a steady pace, with each new chapter increasing in complexity. This is a companion piece to the Netflix series, but strange things: the game itself is a serious Android game, because it is addictive because it is authentic.

5 Clash Royale – Free

The great success is derived from Clash Royale Clash of Clain, now on the most popular mobile game “Freemium” in the world. It combines the best elements of tower defense and works with a real-time strategy style to create a highly addictive and highly competitive gaming experience. Funny animations of Cartunish and light and funny sound effects of Python, and the correct combination of familiarity and originality in its game mechanics.

Clash Royale earned more than $ 1 billion in revenue during its first year, and now developers give supercell players the opportunity to earn a share of the money; Special conflicts have developed for the 2018 Escort League. Tested on 25 million players, and the winners, 36 million have been chosen to fight in the final competition for the one million dollar prize. Clash Royale may be several years old, but this continues to renew interest with this exciting community event. And, if you’re good enough, then it can be very interesting.

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