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Lost Airtel SIM | How to Report, Block & Reapply the Same Number?

Lost Airtel SIM: Have you ever been into a situation where you have accidentally lost your Airtel SIM card knowingly or unknowingly? Are you getting worried of to get the existing Airtel number that you have been using for so long?

In this article, we will be guiding you through the exact steps that you need to carry out immediately after your SIM card is lost/stolen and also will mention all the steps that you can follow to reapply for the same number.

Report your Issue:

The best and the most ethical way of gaining access to your existing Airtel number is to report the same to the nearest police station along with the Airtel service desk immediately after the threat.

This will protect you from further consequences if someone is trying to misuse the SIM card, also it will be easier to get your number back very soon.

Block Your SIM Card:

Another most effective way to prevent unauthorized usage of your SIM is to block your Airtel SIM instantly when you notice the hazard.

Blocking your SIM card will protect you from the misuse of your identity by other scammers. When you report your issue to the nearest authorities, they will ask you to block your Airtel SIM card instantly.

How to Get a New Airtel SIM With the Existing Mobile Number:

After you have successfully reported your issue, now it’s time to get your existing connection back. For that, you have to follow the below steps properly for quick approval.

You can opt for any of the offline or online procedures to get your Airtel SIM card back, although the actual activation time may vary in both cases.

(Note: Airtel currently supports only the offline activation process, the online options are very limited for now. Once you put your request for activation of a lost SIM, you can track the status of your application online by using the Airtel Thanks app.)

The mentioned steps will remain the same for both the Airtel prepaid & postpaid users.

Steps to Apply for the Existing Airtel SIM Replacement:

  • Visit the official website and click on the store locator
  • Provide your location details/area PIN code to find the nearest stores
  • Visit any of the preferred Airtel stores near to you with your ID proof and recent passport-sized photographs
  • Fill out the application form and complete the ID verification procedure
  • Ask and pay the new SIM charges (between 25 INR – 100 INR)
  • Grab your new SIM card and put it into your handset after a few hours
  • Dial 59059 to activate your SIM

It usually takes around 4 hrs. to activate your new SIM card, so have some patience before putting the card into any handset. Once your SIM card is activated you will get your existing balance and validity transferred to the recently owned new SIM card automatically.

Final Words:

Whenever you lost your SIM card, always keep in mind to report and block it immediately to save yourself from future troubles, when you report your lost SIM there are high chances of getting the existing number back to use it further. In today’s condition, securing your SIM card is one of the most important tasks you need to focus on if you are planning to secure your personal and financial details from being stolen.

In this article, we have mentioned the steps to follow for getting back your Airtel SIM card very easily, in case you have accidentally lost it due to any reasons.

Hope this article is useful for you, if you are having any difficulties getting back your old Airtel number after reporting the same to the nearest authority, please comment down your queries.

Can we unblock & get the connection back if we find the lost Airtel SIM card?

Yes, it is possible to unblock the blocked SIM card. Just dial the customer service desk 121 to proceed further with the required details.

How to block the Airtel SIM card instantly after the SIM is lost?

To instantly block your Airtel SIM connection, you can dial 121 and confirm your identity, and last recharge details; so that they can assist you further.

How can we contact the customer service desk from a non-Airtel number?

If you have lost access to your Airtel connection and want to report the threats to the customer service helpline, you can dial 1800-103-4444 and provide your details.

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    • You need to first contact the Airtel customer support help desk and discuss your issue, they will help you on blocking your SIM card.


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