Facebook’s Alleged New Data Breach : Nearly 120 Million Accounts claimed to be compromised

facebook new Data Breach

Facebook is once again alleged with a recent data breach and this time the user’s personal messages got affected and shared on the claimed platform as reported by BBC, almost 81,000 user’s personal messages are published on the Internet, To make money from it, the hacker’s allege that they have personal data of over 120 million Facebook account holders, which they are selling at nearly $0.10 per account. Facebook team claims that its services aren’t into any breach, and claiming that the data has been obtained by the hackers via malicious extensions.

As per the report, most of the compromised accounts are from Ukraine and Russia, however there are few accounts from US, UK and Brazil as well. As a listed advertisement they said online that the full access to personal messages can be obtained at $0.10 per account. 81,000 profiles are there as a sample for buyers to attract. For now the advertisement is no longer available.

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For now, Facebook maintains that its service hasn’t suffered any security breach either and the data has been obtained via malicious extensions. The publication also cited Digital Shadows to claim that 120 million was an unlikely figure for the number of victims, but Digital Shadows was also confirmed that the profiles in the sample contained those private messages were over 81,000.

“We have contacted browser-makers to ensure that known malicious extensions are no longer available to download in their stores, we have also contacted law-enforcement and also have worked with local authorities to remove the website that displayed information from Facebook accounts”, Facebook executive Guy Rosen told to the publication.

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Facebook explains that without the user’s knowledge the malicious extensions quietly monitored the user’s activity, so the data sent to the hackers. Upon further investigation, BBC learned that the new data breach was not linked with the Cambridge Analytica scandal either.

At the end, from all of us it’s a request to all the user’s to maintain security of their accounts and use only legit extensions from trusted and official companies.

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