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This is Why you should Avoid using Covers for your Smartphone

Do you really need to put a cover on your smartphone? Is a phone case really important? If you are also getting similar thoughts in your mind, let’s discuss this topic further.

If you ask someone around they might tell you that, there are so many pros of using a cover for your device, and some others simply disagree.

Disadvantages of using a Smartphone Cover

So along with the advantages, you must be well aware of the disadvantages too. Now let’s discuss all the steps of whether you actually need a cover/ case for your device? If yes, then what you’re going to pay for this.

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Disadvantages of using a Smartphone Cover:

  • Decrease Performance
  • Too much lagging
  • Poor signal reception
  • Interfere sensor response
  • Too much dirt & dust
  • Unintended scratches
  • Bacteria/germ infection
  • Slow charging speed
  • Bad design & look
  • Excessive heating issues
  • Chances of battery explosion
  1. Smartphone covers can decrease the performance of your phone

Covering your phone up with a cover can decrease the actual performance of your phone which leads to lagging problems frequently. The heat that is generated from the phone will not emit properly due to which the internal circuits can be affected as well as it shortens the lifespan of the device.

If you are concerned about the effect that a cover may have on your phone’s performance, speed & heating issues, it is best to avoid using a cover. Alternatively, you can use a case that does not cover the whole phone.

2. Smartphone covers block the wireless signal

When you put a phone cover on your phone, you’re essentially cutting off the wireless signal. This can make it difficult to use your phone, especially if you’re in an area with poor reception of mobile signals.

It’s important to remember that a phone cover is not suitable for good wireless signal reception. If you’re having trouble receiving a good amount of signal in your phone, try removing the cover once.

3. Smartphone covers can decrease the amount of light that reaches your screen

Covering your smartphone screen with a cover can decrease the amount of light that reaches your screen, which can result in decreased visibility and poorer performance. Additionally, using a cover on an iPad or other tablet can obstruct critical viewing angles, which can hamper your ability to use the device effectively.

If you find that your smartphone performance is impacted by using a cover, it may be worth considering using a protective case instead.

4. Smartphone covers easily attract dust & other particles

Many people believe that a smartphone cover is helpful to protect your device from dust & scratches, but in reality, a device covered is most likely to get scratched and collect dust or other similar particles.

When you put a tight cover on your device, the external dust is actually stored inside the cover, and in the long run, it will leave a scratch mark. Which you definitely don’t want to be.

5. Smartphone covers can slow down the charging speed

Yes, you heard it right. When the heat produced inside your phone is not emitted properly, it will slow down the charging speed automatically to protect your device and maintain the overall heat balance.

A device in charging mode itself generates some amount of heat, combined with the internal spare parts temperature can actually increase the chances of a battery explosion. Which is very dangerous.

So when you are going to charge your smartphone, always make sure that you have removed the cover to effectively spread the heat and cool down your device properly.

6. Smartphone covers can attract bacterial infections

This is one of the most ignorant steps, having a smartphone covered for a long time may attract severe bacterial/germ infections because of the dirt present inside the corners.

Also on the other hand there are some cheap smartphone covers available in the market built with cheap-quality materials that are not good for health, especially when used for a long duration.

7. Smartphone covers may interfere with the device sensors

Every smartphone is equipped with some special kinds of sensors for a specific purpose, and if you are using an updated smartphone that you bought recently, you might be noticed that there are several sensors available e.g: Gyroscope, Proximity sensor, Accelerometer, Ambient light sensor, Magnetometer, GPS, etc.

When you use a smartphone cover, sometimes it blocked or interferes with the sensor performance as the sensor is not able to detect any movement. For this, if you are using a cover that already has a magnet, it will impact the GPS & Compass sensors to malfunction very easily.

8. Smartphone covers actually spoil the design

Imagine, you are planning to buy a stylish & cool-looking smartphone, and if you ever planning to add a cover to protect it from scratches, then the actual design of the product is hidden.

And the design of the device is actually more eye-catching compared to the 500 rs. phone cover.

9. Covered smartphones are not as safe as you think

Many people believe that using a cover for their smartphone is a safe way to protect it. However, this is not the case. There are so many real-world examples found that the use of covers can actually increase the risk of a fire occurring in a smartphone. This is because the cover prevents air pockets from forming and causing a fire.

Another reason is that covers can also increase the risk of a phone slipping out of your hands. This is because the cover can add weight to the phone, which can make it more difficult to hold onto.

10. Covered smartphones mostly require frequent charging & drain battery fast

when you wrap your device around a tight cover, the generated heat does not radiate properly due to which the performance drops and the phone requires more power & energy to meet the standards.

So the device apparatus like the Processor and RAM consume more energy resources which directly impacts the battery life and required frequent charging cycles, which is not good at all.


If you’re concerned about your device protection then you can try the following steps as an alternative:

  • Use a light-weight soft silicon case instead of a phone cover if required
  • Clean your case more frequently and clear the dust present
  • Remove the case while charging & cool down your phone
  • Remove the case while performing high-end activities/playing games
  • Change/ Replace your case more often in a couple of months
  • Let your device uncovered if wet/exposed to water accidentally, for a few hours
  • Uncover your device any time of the day, if you feel heating issues than normal


Using covers for your smartphone can help to protect it from scratches and other damage, but there are a few things you should know before doing so. For starters, covering your phone with a case or screen protector can impede its ability to receive calls and work properly.

Additionally, if the cover is too tight or restricts breathing, it could lead to over-heating issues or even a battery explosion.

If you have to use a cover, try to find one that is made out of something other than plastic or metal. These materials can easily heat up and create a dangerous environment for your device.

Remember: when in doubt, leave your phone uncovered!

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