Top 6 Best TikTok Alternatives for Android (2020)

Best TikTok Alternatives for Android

Are you interested to find out some of those best TikTok alternatives for Android smartphones? Are you curious to create your favorite lip-sync or short video and showcase it to peoples with similar interests? then you are at the right place, follow this article to find out other similar apps like TikTok to create your … Read more

8 Best VPN Apps for Android to Unblock Any Websites

Best VPN Apps for Android smartphones

Are you looking to find out some best VPN apps for Android? then you are in the right place. Before we start selecting the right app for our smartphone let’s first discuss what a VPN actually is. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an application which lets you access a public network over a secure … Read more

The Top 9 Free & Best Android Apps for Youtubers (2020)

free and best android apps for youtubers

Are you looking forward to finding some information about those free and best Android apps for Youtubers ? if yes! then read this article completely, I assure you that, by the end of this article you will get enough ideas about what that most successful YouTubers use on their smartphone apps list. YouTube is the … Read more

Top 7 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android (HD)

Top 7 Best Video Streaming Apps for Android | Watch live tv on mobile | tv on smartphone | apps to watch tv on android free

While the new rule of TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India), shocked the whole Indian market especially for cable TV and DTH operators, with its new rules, few service providers got affected by this update. Some consumers find it beneficial and some not, mostly the rural region of India got affected with this somehow. However, … Read more

Top 6 Best Android Apps To Learn English | Apps For English Learners

best android apps to learn english

According to a survey, nearly 73% of the kids have access to using a smartphone for fun and entertainment purposes like playing games, watching videos, etc. As the upcoming generations are mostly based on technologies, it is surely a good opportunity for them to explore those at least started with a smartphone. But wait!! what … Read more

The Top 10 Best Video Editing Apps For Android

the top 10 best video editing apps for android

Smartphones are now-a-days the handiest tool that one can carry ever to anywhere they want, while the demands of these gadgets increasing day by day, the application developers are also trying to add value and user experience at its highest level to grab more user attention to their applications by providing high dynamic applications that can … Read more

Top 5 Android Apps to Protect your Eyes (2020)

android apps to protect your eyes from bluelight | eye protection app

With people using smartphones and laptops/PCs throughout the day, it’s a common sign that our eyes will lead to strain and dryness. Improper and excessive screen brightness settings, especially in the night can impact your eyes and affect your sleep patterns due to the emitted Bluelight from its screens. There are several apps available in … Read more