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5 Smart and High-Tech Backpacks to Keep You Prepared All Day Long on your Commute

best Smart Backpacks

Whether you travel for 15 minutes or for hours, going for any vacation trip or in trekking through nature, the way you carry all your necessary gear can definitely affect your journey. So, you always have to ensure that you have an organized backpack which can handle all the stuff while keeping it in reach during your journey.

What is Backpack?

Today Backpack means not just sacks of canvas with straps on them anymore. The new era of world in this 21st century is full of smart, high technology backpacks as well as laptop bags which are capable enough of doing lots of modern digital activities including streaming videos, playing music, creating light, charging your mobile phone and even escaping airport security.

What type of Backpacks should you carry on your next trip?

The art of commute is something about which many of us never need to master. So, to carrying everything according to the purpose of your trip is the main highlight. Going for work, you probably need to carry of your lunch, some snacks, all workout gear and definitely something which will keep you entertained on public transportation. Again for another purpose of trip, the backpack should be in another way. So, all of this can really add up with the right backpack that will ultimately make or break your commute.

Take a look at the best Smart Backpacks with innovative technology that will keep everything safe and secure that you need.

Eceen Hydration Pack:

If you are going for a long trip where your phone can die before you have reached the spot, then this awesome solar powered hiking backpack from ECEEN would be the right choice for you. It has built in a solar panel that is woven into the main fabric which can even charges your phone, tablet, e-reader and many other electronic devices. If you are day hiking or travelling the whole day, you can maintain enough power that you can snap as many pictures as you want or can able to read about the nature of your trip through internet without any risk of running it to zero percent.  Price of this backpack is $59.


  1. Solar power hiking pack that can charge your electronic devices including mobile, tablet etc.
  2. Its integrated hydration pack can able to holds up to 1.8 liters of water.
  3. The bag has an 8 liter compartment to store food, cloths, books and other essential accessories.

As it is providing both water and power, so you can say that the backpack is a great addition as survival kit.

Voltaic Systems- converter 5 Watt Solar Panel Backpack:

This Voltaic backpack claims that it can able to charge your phone “as fast as home” that is really cool. It just needs three hours in direct sunlight which is enough to charge your most devices. The price of this backpack is about $129 that you can get in Amazon.


  1. It includes a small and lightweight removable high capacity battery pack that is able to store solar power so that you can utilize it whenever you need. It can able up to 1.5X smart phone charges from this V15 battery.
  2. It has 5 watt sun power black solar panel which can charge your phone as quick as it charges at home using Sun power high efficiency cells.
  3. The solar panel inside it coated ETFE coating, not PET so that it can withstand against any exploitation and last outside at least 3 times longer than any other competitor products.
  4. It is designed in such a way so that you can power thousands of different devices from USB including DSLR camera batteries, Android, Apple iPhone, iPads, Samsung Galaxy, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Tablets, GoPro digital camera and many more.
  5. The backpack is fully padded and dedicated for tablet/laptop sleeve fits with 15 inch Laptops and 10 inch tablet. Not only the main storage, it has also 2 interior pockets, front and side pockets for charging small electronic devices.

Trakk Shell:

If you are planning for trekking and love to listening music, then this backpack is perfect for you. Play music while trekking through the woods or may be resting in your campground with this rocking, rough and long-lasting Bluetooth speaker backpack. It has advanced connectivity technology with lighting fast Bluetooth that can pair it up to 65 feet away. This backpack is full with several features that makes it price to $199.


  1. The outer portion of this backpack is hard and rugged to protect everything inside it. It’s tough as nails speaker part I waterproof, dust proof and shock proof with an IPX5 rating. Suppose you are trekking in the rain all day long or drop into water but its outer material will protect everything without ruining the sound.
  2. Trakk Shell has lightning-fast Bluetooth to brag Advanced connectivity Technology so that you can pair it up to 65 feet away.
  3. It has powerful 20 watt output capable for playing upto 12 hours.
  4. It also consist sub woofer which utilizes max-bass technology.
  5. This weatherproof backpack has built in speaker, internal USB power bank with 5200 mAh battery which can provide full charges of any two of your devices.

This is Ground Venture 2:

However, it is not the cheapest one, but this laptop pack is one of the best. It has built in WiFi hotspot that is you can stay connected to the online world wherever you go. You will get high speed connections anywhere whether in train, in flight, in coffee shop, no matter wherever you are. With all its facilities, the price of this backpack is little high of around $925.


  1. This is Ground Venture 2 has a special pocket for the company’s Tile Slim that can tracks the bag. So you need not to worry about anyone sneaking off it without noticing.
  2. This laptop backpack has integrated WiFi hotspot facility so that anywhere you go, you can stay connected with high speed.
  3. The backpack is made with sophisticated vegetable tanned Italian leather and also offers a chic aesthetic with its innovative high technological features.

Mancro Business Laptop Bag:

This backpack is another modern yet simple in design backpack with a surprisingly roomy laptop sleeve and useful water resistance. You can easily get this bag from Amazon with only $25.99. This can be carried out by men and women both either for school, college or working area. It has USB charging port that can be fit less than 17 inch Laptop and Notebook.


  1. It has multi compartment that has been classified for different items. 3 main pockets with 9 inner small pockets and 2 sealed side pockets will provide separated space for each and every item like your laptop, iPad, iPhone, Keys, wallet, pen, clothes, books, bottle and more. Easy to find what you required.
  2. It included a theft proof combination lock and long lasting metal zippers that will protect your wallet and other costly items inside your backpack from thief.
  3. With built in USB charger in the outside and built in charging cable inside, this backpack offers you to charge up your phone while commute or traveling.


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